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1. Registered members can post personal ads here.
2. You can't reply to the ads!. For more info contact the seller through email or PM.
3. Don't write your emailaddress in your ad; this prevents SPAM.
4. Use pictures! It sells easier and that's what you want, isn't it?
5. All ads disappear after 60 days.
6. Don't overdo it: describe your product as is and keep the humbug for yourself...
7. If you put a price on your stuff, don't forget to mention if it's €, $, ¥ or £ (or else)
8. The forum administration team can in no way be held responsible for incomplete or late deliveries, damaged or fawlty goods sold by members of this forum using the Classifieds forum.
8. There is no forum setting to edit your ads yourself... Contact a classifieds moderator with your changes.


Personal Ads

Sell your stuff here

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Commercial Ads

Dealers can flog their V11 stuff here.

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V11- Custom Seat- $200 - last post by rockers


Looking for stuff? Ask away!

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