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  2. I think I have found a source for the TPS connector seals . www.customconnectorkits.com Look through til you see the AMP section. I hope this will work w/the price WAY less than $5.00 ea.
  3. Thank you, running on little sleep...loopy
  4. Okay...it's in and aligned with the mounting bracket...so it should be okay? Haven't done brake stuff in years...
  5. I don't feel the "hole" for it to return into???
  6. OOOhhhh the rod , yeah it will just drop out , put it back in , you're good !
  7. Geez...was a simple job...now...man...
  8. Maybe you dropped piston only . can you reinstall ?
  9. The piston rod can fall out, but if no brake fluid follows, then just put it back. If fluid comes out then you have a different problem
  10. Today
  11. The rod fell out of my rear slave cyl ... how do I get it back in????
  12. Hmmmm. Explain . did you lose brake fluid too ?
  13. I used a 8mm hex socket & it broke loose w/no trouble. Use a good ratchet & cheater pipe if you need it .
  14. Well, piston fell out...how do I get her back in???
  15. Nevermind....got here loose...breaker bar it was! Love this bike!
  16. Hey all, took a tumble in December on the right side, replacing mirrors, engine head crash guards and my rear brake lever...and boy, is it ON! Even after CRC Freeze-off! Brake bar? What am I missing here?
  17. Oh yeah , what are the dates for this pow-wow ?
  18. Is this a form of extortion / kidnapping ? I don't remember us putting the finishing touches on your bike and comparing the Guzzidiag to a TPS reading ? BTW , the SnapOn scanner has a 4 channel scope too !
  19. Bring it to the Nineteenth South'n Spine Raid !
  20. Art , you are at the right place . Feel free to post as much as you want . Everyone is here to help .
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