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  2. Well, Kremmen, a Guzzi 1100i is a very, very rare eagle in the States. Only slightly less rare than an OHC Daytona. Guzzi 1100is aren't exactly growing on trees like throwaway GSX-R 600s...
  3. Can you tell me more Tim? What was your decision and why?
  4. I went on Hyperpro's site and for a V11, all I found were front and rear fork springs and fluid. Do you have a link for a rear shock with the remote reservoir that just bolts up?
  5. I vote for an upgrade to a Sport1100i. ;p No seriously - more oomph, even better looks, and if the V11 is like riding a biplane, the Sporti is like riding a steam locomotive. I'm still as in love as I was in 1997.
  6. probably because I can't have it ... but.. I want it
  7. Hyperpro is an affordable shock if you get one without the reservoir. I upgraded a 2003 LeMans Sachs unit with that. It was a big improvement. As I recall, the Ohlins has a slightly taller spring than the Sachs unit, and Hypro asked if I'd rather have the shock made to match the Sachs specs or the Ohlins specs. Easy decision. If you want to go next level, try Penske or Wilbers. And it's not going to be $800. It's will be more.
  8. Would have really loved a Greenie or silver one...and black is NOT my color, but I accept it on this bike. It looks great in any color.
  9. ..... and the process has begun! My money's on Dec. 24th. Nice bike VtStorm. Black is rare and beautiful
  10. Happy with the Bellagio. Dodged the tappet issue, far superior range, seat is fantastically comfortable and power suits the Tonti frame. Never ridden a Griso but not many Griso owners may have ridden a Bellagio. Chris.
  11. As much as that sounds like something I would do...unless I came across a minty LeMans with low miles for an insane give it away price I couldn't ignore ($4k or less), I'm done buying bikes. I have 5 now, an MG, and two daily cars (one is a winter beater). So, 8 vehicles total...and in the Spring, I will sell my Monster 696 because I've had it 7 years, and I don't really ride her as much compared to my other bikes. ...And yes, the V11 bug has bitten me bad. I knew I'd enjoy a V11, but now that I actually got seat time, I "get it". I understand why Guzzis are a cult, especially the V11 Sport/LeMans, which I view as one of Moto Guzzi's watermark machines. I'm in love with mine. It's just simultaneously a rumbly, burbly, torquey, hairy-chested machine, but it is also svelt in some ways, elegant, almost feminine in others. My Ducati 900s have heavier clutches and brakes, though. You get a real workout working the gears and brakes with gusto on one of those. I can see you get a workout on a V11 just trying to hustle it through turns with the extra heft and torque effect of the shaft which I felt when moving along switchbacks. Both bikes demand physical exertion, just in different ways. A V11 really is a man's motorcycle.
  12. Thank you, Scud! Also, do you know a model I can buy new off the shelf to replace it with? Please doesn't say an $800.00 Ohlins unit.
  13. Heads up, in case nobody has mentioned it. The original Sachs shock (which it looks like your bike still has) is prone to failure at the rear mount. It's worth taking a close look where it connects to the swingarm for the tell-tale hairline cracks that precede failure.
  14. Please let us know what they say! I’m down for a few tins!What an interesting place. I bet those sardines are darn good.
  15. The V11 bug has bit you hard. Gentlemen... place your wagers for date he buys a second V11. I'm putting a dollar down on February 14, 2022.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I love them all, friend. I may sell my Monster 696 next year, though. Had her since new, the other bikes take up more of my saddle time...I know the V11 will handily dethrone the 696 next Spring.
  18. This bike, the V11 Sport, is milled out of a solid chunk of motorcycle dreams. It ticks so many boxes the Japan Inc. machines still don't even know exist. It is the stuff of which dreams are made. I took a gamble, a leap of faith (not even riding a V11, buying a bike 1900 miles away without seeing it in person first), and I was handsomely rewarded. I am also relieved and grateful. Spring can't get here fast enough, Docc!!!
  19. Sweeeeet, buddy! It actually had occurred to me how distraught I would be with so much enthusiasm for a bike, then dropping it at a shop not to be experienced until after a looooooong winter. I was feeling for you, there. So, glad you got a good ride in! A really insightful report. The actual weight bias is 45/55, so not as extreme as you would think. Most of the weight transfer is down to getting your springs and sags set for your weight and preferences. That can be dialed in. and I paraphrase: " . . . smooth . . . eager . . . carmel-like . . . . wingless bi-plane . . ."
  20. Finally, an update. It has been about 3 hours since I got to actually ride the V11, and I haven't come down yet. Oh my word, what a machine. She's a bit unrefined, but still...dignified and graceful. I confirmed before setting off all the lights, horn, brakes, etc. all were functional. No smoke on startup again, no terrifying and expensive noises within the sump telling me to replace bottom end bearings...just the normal V11 noises I'm told to expect. Again, hold the clutch in...rattle, rattle, rattle...Love it. There were a few idle surges while things warmed up for 5 mins or so before I set off. While riding, I confirmed the speedo and odo BOTH work...simultaneously...on the same V11...and the ODO reset knob is still present and works. One less thing, right? I arrived on a 900SS, a stark contrast to the V11. I don't have to address the elephant in the room, the style of the V11. She is sexy and elegant. Enough said. The ergos on the V11 are more standard than sport, in spite of the clip-ons. Lots of vibration through the grips at nearly all RPM (hands got numb after 20 mins. I have to address this), I got zero vibration through the stock footpegs, which is exactly opposite of what I was told to expect. Strange. The saddle was very wide but firm and comfy. I expected to be punished with the stock saddle, but I was pleasantly surprised! AF1 Racing in Austin, Tx. got me a NOS black seat cowl and all the fasteners and washers (still waiting to be shipped to me when the fasteners arrive). I am waiting on the cowl "moon" pad from a gent in Italy. No rush, as I won't ride her again until Spring of 2022. The gearbox was BUTTER! Click-click-click...effortless shifting, just effortless. I was beside myself in the refinement of the gearbox. Better than even my 900SS...blasphemy! No false neutrals, no matter how many times I tried---and I tried to upset the gearbox. But, firm, deliberate shifts are what worked best as many wise members of this forum informed me. I stopped, clicked up, never popped out of gear under any scenario. Just a sweet gearbox. Great work, Guzzi! I wasn't on bad roads, but the suspension felt firm and slightly bouncy over undulating pavement. About what I expected, but it wasn't bad. Steering was pretty average, or more, of the wide turning radius type. One thing I will need to get used to, is that super forward kickstand. Wow! I know it is for clearance issues, but it is going to take me a LONG time to get used to the kickstand location when I want to park the bike or set off at first. Guzzi does everything differently. The brakes were adequate. They just did the job, but a lot of lever input was required to get the machine stopped effectively. The tires were hardly used but old Dunlop SportMaxes, and I wasn't going to dump my baby and grind the side of a cylinder head pretending I was qualifying for the Isle of Mann TT, so I kept the leans to a casual tempo. Turn in was still excellent and composed. Tracing a line and cliping apexes was so smooth and effortless, belying the weight of this bigger lady. As many told me about the torque-effect of the shaft drive, and the V11 didn't disappoint. At a stop, a few blips of the throttle leaned the bike slightly to the right repeatedly giving me a chuckle. The stock cans as I understand are a bit muted, so thankfully the previous owner had great taste and donated a set of Mistral conical upswept cans for my listening pleasure. They are boomy, baritone, but perhaps 7/10ths the sound put out by my 900SS's carbon Termis. It's not fair for me to say which I prefer, they are just both their own personality. That said, the Mistrals are NOT quiet. They just boom along as the engine hums underneath you. They fit the more laid back/standard ergos and personality of the V11. What a machine! You hit the wall of torque at 2k and it just keeps pulling and pulling. You have to rev this engine to get the most out of it, but it spins up pretty fast. The engine is eager to deliver a smooth helping of carmel-like torque. She really is industrial in her own way. Rear weight bias is evident once underway...wow. Truly, more of the weight is on that back wheel, and you feel it when you go WOT, the front suspension lets up, and you feel the front end starting to rise two or more inches. It is a very different balance than I am used to. On the plus side, the weight feels so much lower than I would have thought! You just have these two giant aluminum cylinders sticking out in front of your knees in the airstream. I feel like I am riding a wingless WWI biplane. Ha ha!!! I stopped by a gas station after legally touching an indicated 80mph on the highway, impressed. I topped the plastic/nylon acerbis tank with sta-bil to at least minimize the damage of the ethanol while it is stored until I get her back in April '22...and I was sad to end the ride. I wanted to keep on going, and the big Guzzi certainly felt obliged to please me. FINAL THOUGHT: These machines are like flying a WWI wingless biplane. The V11 is still an underappreciated jewel in the motorcycle world, and I am fortunate to have gotten (a NICE one, lots of junker V11s out there!!!) before too many people discover them and make them cost new bike money. Physically small, yet feeling big and agricultural in some ways, nevertheless, this sultry Italian lady has class, curves, style and is full of brio. Bellissima! What a damned fine motorcycle. I only regret not getting one a LOT sooner! I finally got to officially drink the kool-aid and join the cult! Now, where are the cookies?
  21. That black one is "the BOMB" might as well put the covers on the rest of them.
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