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  2. There were a couple other images I considered, but there were too many uniforms and turn-out gear involved . . . I mean, there are those that may recall the SSR "lead bike" being passed on the right by >lights&sirens< I admit, I did not see (or hear) that coming . . . These things can get edgy, even with our best intentions . . .
  3. Just curious if any if you listen to "Love from Here"? Chris Thile. It's the show that took over Garrison Keillor's "Prairie Home Companion" on Saturday late afternoon on many public radio stations. I'll admit that I don't like it as well as the original but it's still pretty good, certainly more music and much less stories and comedy. I don't miss it when I am around the radio.
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  5. Thanks guys ... sale not confirmed just yet, but this will always be a special place to visit - not just for bike stuff, but for also the people and stories behind them ... hope it's ok if I stick around for a while! Keep those offers on the "extra" items coming ... Cheers! Gio
  6. I looked for a representative image of MGTD-III and settled on this one. Thanks, Bill, for hosting this event and sharing it with those of us who pine to be there . . .
  7. Ok , I take back the whole Sandra Dee thing. Pretty sure I'm a legit fan . . . this even looks like Italy!
  8. I love this one too! Heard both on outlaw country/xm sirrius radio! Really like offbeat interpretations of mainstream music
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  10. Happy for you Gio . . . not so much for our little community. Your being here with us will always be welcome and invited! (Gio joined May, 2003!) Don't wander too far off, buddy!
  11. Congrats on the sale. Tell the new owner about the board.
  12. I feel regret, and i’m not even selling it
  13. Canadian sale pending (of bike as-is) so am planning to "release" some of additional "extra" items for sale - specifically the flyscreen (several offers already on-hand), original LaFranconis, stock mirrors / bars and odometer (in miles) - will contact prior PM's accordingly.
  14. Lovely bike, Carrillo dont make Titanium rods though. Steel or Aluminium only as far as I was aware so I checked their website to see if they had diversified. No mention of Titanium rods though. Ciao
  15. Second the "like Sandra Dee" motion, tho not sure enough to join this: https://www.fanpop.com/clubs/sandra-dee As I recall -- tho that is occasionally the problem! -- there are bacchanalian moments during every SSR that rival the best of MGTD. Kathi is now home and wandering about the house muttering. And, here I thought I had engineered a stupendous recovery operation following MGTD-III. I get the impression that there will be "consequences." Bill
  16. ChrisCol1967


  17. I am selling my most precious V11 SCURA. It is in PRISTINE condition with only 16,505 miles on the odometer. It's has brand a new Leo Vince Carbon Fiber Exhaust, brand new BREMBO rotors, tuned and fueled at GuzziTech. It is #379 of only 600 made. Also has Red Powder Coated rims, CRG Bar end mirrors and adjustable levers, plus extra after market carbon parts. The motor has had some upgrades as well with the addition of Carrillo Titanium Rods. Comes with what you see here +all original parts and an extra stock seat. $6700 OBO/Solid offer. All low-ball offers will be ignored.
  18. Thanks Lucky Phil, mine has the roll pin so that makes it the earlier styled one not sure of the part number.
  19. Not yet docc but we're close. Limited time at present but you know that's often a good thing with this sort of project as it gives you time to consider things. These projects where you are modifying stuff take a lot of working out if you want it to come out looking professional plus I like the slow and considered approach. Standard restorations are easy because all the design work has been done for you its just a matter of getting the finishing work in order and assembling all the components in sequence. The last big issue is steering stops which means pulling the tripples etc. Ciao
  20. 02 was a changeover from the old style plate with the roll pin over travel stop for the ratchet arm to the eccentric adjustable stop. Does your plate have a 10mm nut on the external side about half way up on the rear edge? If so its the later style 01 20 16 41 plate. Ciao
  21. Anyone have a spare gearbox selector plate for sale? Black wrinkle finish to suit a 2002 manufactured bike. I cracked mine while refitting it to fix leak after fitting new spring. Thanks, Rob
  22. Bit pricey but if you need. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2004-03-05-Moto-Guzzi-V11-Cafe-Sport-OEM-Front-Timing-Cover-Case-Bolts-Assembly/333526403269?hash=item4da7b908c5:g:SJsAAOSwADReVLoc Ciao
  23. po18guy

    Decent Tune-up

    Well, at 5300 miles everything seems pretty good. Being a perennial rider of twins, I am sensitive to throttle imbalance. It seems that Big Red does quite well in that regard. New Iridium plugs already and the air filter is more old than dirty. The valves are not terribly noisy, which is a concern… ;-)
  24. Fixin' season done right! Good times Bill. I do like Sandra Dee Docc....
  25. docc

    Decent Tune-up

    Progress! For best outcome, perform the entire "Decent Tune-up" . . .
  26. po18guy

    Decent Tune-up

    As to idle speed adjustment, I backed out the left throttle plate stop screw a turn or so. No change. Applying "slight" counter-clockwise (anti-clockwise) torque to the cable attachment "spindle" atop the left throttle body slowed the idle. Thus, I went to the other side. That screw is not as out-in-the-open as the left side, but it is doable. However, it was rather tight from not being moved for 15 years as well as the electrolytic activity between the steel screw and alloy throttle body. The Eklind 2.5mm ball-end wrench was a so-so fit, slightly on the loose side to suit me. Scanning my eclectic assortment of otherwise useless sockets and bits, I spied a WIHA T10 hex bit. Torx bits have essentially the same contact surface as a standard hex wrench, so why not give it a try. Aha! And, using it with a Pittsburgh (Harbor Freight) right angle ratcheting screwdriver (an exorbitant $2.99) did the trick. Idle now being too low, I brought it up to 1050 +/- using the left throttle body screw. All is right with the world once again** **A few notable exceptions, but all-in-all rather good. *
  27. Brian, are the clip-on pars included?
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