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  2. Don't get me started on sensor foolers! You'll be wiping spittle off the inside of your device or desktop screen for a week!😂
  3. Very nice! I will ruffle some feathers, but I never liked the LeMans V11 fairing. Now the 850 version (in red with orange sides) would llook so nice on a red V11. Hey, I have one in my garage! But, I would need LeMans bars to complete the look, but the Ballabio bars might just work. (mind racing...).
  4. Thank you! I don't know exactly because the job was done by my mechanic, but i believe he used the original parts except the turn signal brackets, which he built by hand; i bought the windshield on the german site Steine Dinse
  5. footgoose


    I think the "boss" or reinforcement is on all of them. So they can be drilled and safely used. (at least the later ones) I will check. I'm sure the '03 has them.
  6. SkidMarks


    Top triple tree bracket drilled for bar risers. To fit 2003 V11LeMans 720 244 1915 Colorado USA
  7. If you just put a 1400 motor in it won't run due to the different phase sensor/phonic wheel set up. You'd also end up with the weedy little 1400 ports in the heads and spare plugs and plug tunnels necessitating the use of the ugly 1400 rocker covers which on the 1400 are hidden by the vast rocker cover 'Covers'. While some people are saying that the 1400 combustion chamber in the head is larger I don't think it is appreciably. The added. Volume to drop the CR, or keep it acceptable, is done by the machining of the pistons. Cant remember offhand how much bigger the bore is but it
  8. Ok Pete. Just thought I saw in the 1200 engine training manual an image of a scissor/double gear on the crank and assumed it was a backlash gear. Ciao
  9. Okla Campout, usually Columbus Day weekend. Talihina OK. Bigfoot country, Talimena Scenic Dr. I wish that Guzzi had a European Delivery Program and a bike worth getting there.
  10. When you have posted that 1400 Griso before, I wrongly assumed you had put a Guzzi 1400 motor in. Very interesting that it is a complicated matter of installing the 1400 pistons (and cylinders and cams?) into the 1200 motor. How much does this increase the bore? And change the compression?
  11. Best idea if you want to get an idea how it all works is to look at the parts diagrams. Oh, and if you wanted to see a 1400 Griso? Here's Mark's bike with the first 1400 motor I built. Compare it to the other two in the next pic and you'll see it's indistinguishable.
  12. Well It'll be easy for me as I raise a glass of red to something or someone almost every hour according to my wife:) Ciao
  13. Exactly Pete. Brad Black did the base map for my bike with a Centy map from a 16M to a base 15M V11 map. It was OKish when at operating temp but hard to start and warm up and a few other issues. I was subsequently given 4 pretty much std .bin files from Karsten in Germany and Will Creedon in the states and I could see why. Brad had simply transposed the fuel, ignition and offset maps straight to the std base V11 maps but left the engine temp and AOT break points as per the std V11 map. This didn't work. The Daytona/Centy engine requires totally different fuel and ignition trimming during the w
  14. I've been looking for an image of what the inside of a 1200 timing chest looks like, but then I see Pete say gears in the front, chains on the rear of the cylinders. This is the case even for the 2-valve per cylinder 1200? I did find this image on thisoldtractor. I reckon this shows the two cam located on the inside of the heads?
  15. That's a great plan, Bill! It turns out Mandello del Lario's September celebration is at the same time as our Seventeenth South'n Spine Raid. Beginning on March 15 (next week), the anniversary of Moto Guzzi's incorporation, I intend to celebrate the centenary with each kilometer I ride the Sport as I reach for 200.000, then culminate in our celebration at the SpineRaid . . . Saluti, Moto Guzzi!
  16. Yes more pictures! Welcome. Looks like you've succeeded in replicating the Tenni green. I like the early LeMans fairing too. I'm working on that one myself. It seems one must push the headlight bucket out a bit to get it to fit properly. OR have you got that mounted to a LeMans fixed fairing bracket??
  17. Yesterday
  18. Not at all. The replies would have better followed the image they referred to on a prior page. I am looking forward to more pictures of your V11 !
  19. I think you are confusing remapping with re-setting the self learning parameters, (Fuel trims.) on a machine with closed loop capability. If the system incorporates a narrow band lambda sensor then, at certain throttle openings and engine speeds, the ecu will crudely change the fuel delivery to try and achieve whatever its target AFR is. If you re-set the self learning parameters, (Clear the trims.) it takes the fuel settings back to a factory baseline and from here, (Unless you turn off the lambda input.) it will start to re-trim the fuel again until it achieves that target AFR in the closed
  20. Those replies were not directed at your handsome LeMans, Giovanni!
  21. I changed only the discs, coming from a Ducati Monster 900
  22. An unnecessary and overly complicated one. Ciao
  23. Yes. Look at the bottom of this page from one of my projects for a small taste of what you can do. Guzzidiag and tunerpro are your tools for full access. You will need to commit to learning something new if you haven't done efi tuning before but you can use the programs to tune just like you did with carbs except better. Here's a good starting point for your learning experience. Also check the How to section here for Guzzidiag lessons. https://wildguzzi.com/forum/index.php?topic=96957.0 Anyone wanting to step back in time and start afresh with a Power commander is foolish when
  24. You're hearing/remembering wrong. Complete rubbish Ciao
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