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  2. Well if money is absolutely no object the Godet Egli Vincent is a grail bike...
  3. As Phil wrote..."drift and a hammer". From the factory the book says says torque to 90 Nm. If you are going to try and cut something up it needs to be a 60mm socket. Seems I do not have the tool for that ring nut.
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  5. Maybe a $50,000 modern Vincent Black Shadow. I bet those would sell. Somebody tried to bring back Henderson a while back and failed. Indian failed at first, now the reboot is working. And as for my earlier comment about getting a Royal Enfield over a BSA - my reasoning is based on brand familiarity and admiring what RE have been doing for a while. Also, Phil seems happy with his and I trust his opinion.
  6. guzziart.... why do you want to pull the pinion assembly out? Is it leaking from there? I will check in the morn ...I think I have what you need to remove this. I would not use heat because of the 0-ring and seal that are just behind it
  7. I have, I'll see if I can reach him again and get you some contact info.
  8. Has anyone here contacted the seller? I don't do FB and I don't see any other way to contact him.
  9. I looked them up! Yes, they look nice, but they are not in the same category as the Mahindra/BSA Gold Star. I feel they are more for show than for the day to day ride, and I may be wrong here. Look at this RE Continental GT from 2014 with an SC 535 4,000 USD debatable... air/oil single cylinder... 7706 km! I am glad I don't have room to park anything more in my garage....
  10. I think it would not have been impossible, after all, it is a single cylinder; but why take a risk since Euro 6 is already looming and certain major cities are going to restrict access to non zero emission vehicles as early as 2030. What is unfair, is that Euro 6 does not have a specific standard for motorcycles, the applicable standard is for light duty vehicles. I think the major hurdle is that motorcycles injection system are never directly into the cylinder head. Of course, once you factor the largest emission are still power plants fueled with coal, the concentration of efforts on reducing personal vehicles' emission seems derisory. But I am not going to criticize. Even if I think Mahindra could have done a better job integrating the radiator, the Gold Star is still nice to look at!
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  12. This BSA totally nails it, IMO. The GoldStar, especially. What an icon.
  13. Lovely. The Commando, especially. "Rolex" level? I'm not likely to ever even see one. "Café" style? Agreed, not at all. But still gorgeous.
  14. Of course, if I had a boatload of disposable money and I wanted a kooky neo-retro I'd go a couple hours north of me to Goshen Indiana and get a semi-custom Janus! I sat on one at a show pre-covid and it took quite a while for me to shake off the idiotic grin on my face! (And that's enough hyphens for one post.)😁
  15. I imagine that it is difficult to pass Euro emissions on a big single without water cooling. I'd prefer air/ oil also.
  16. Heat may also help free up that nut.
  17. What I did when I needed to remove the #18 nut was buy a half inch drive socket the exact right OD and then use angle grinder with a thin hard wheel to cutout the socket to create the tool. It only took about 30 minutes to create it and worked very well. To hold everything while I removed the nut I reinstalled the rear end without the drive shaft and used the brake to hold everything from turning while I removed the nut. The nut was very tight, but worked well with a second person to hold the brake on.
  18. Hi Phil, I originally started down that road but after chewing up a couple brass drifts I switched to a steel one that began to destroy the nut. So, I figure before I get to the point of no return, I'd make or get a spanner socket. The drive is original to the bike and was replaced by the PO about 15 years ago because it leaked. I'd like to get this unit back into the bike because it is low mileage (under 6k), nothing needs to be shimmed and the paint finish matches the engine & trans. Yeah, I don't get why the ringnut is so tight other than maybe corrosion, the drive looks to have been well cared for during it's out of service years. Oh well. Thanks, Art
  19. Yes it's called a hammer and drift. It doesn't need to be too tight. Ciao
  20. Good starting point (without piddling with the ECU):
  21. Also, I haven't figured out how to post pics here.
  22. Terry Barnes is listed as a contact for the SOUTHWEST OHIO MOTO GUZZI BREAKFAST so, I assume he is still with us but I know for sure Terry Whittaker is not. That's all I know and I've never met Terry Barnes.
  23. Hi, While we're on the rear drive....is there anyone manufacturing or have available a spanner socket for the ringnut (#18) that retains the pinion assembly? I'm at a point where I've got a ringnut on order for the purpose of making my own spanner. I'd prefer to buy one already made since my machine shop consists of a cut-off wheel & Dremel tool. Art Rear Drive Spanner.docx
  24. This the thread you're referring to @Lucky Phil on COG (I'm still awaiting approval to join the Guzzi Forum DE) http://www.centauro-owners.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2752 If it is that's interesting for sure but he certainly has problems John
  25. I would not keep my hopes too high.... this is a direct competitor to RE, so it will be priced competitively. I expect it to be sold for about 7k USD. As the modern retro bikes are gaining momentum, the pricing does too. If they would price it around 6k, it would certainly make headway... like this guy, I would have preferred it air/oil cooled.
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