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  2. Missed you at the mgnoc rally in Kentucky. I heard you dropped in on your way to the mutton run.
  3. There are always at least a couple "things" worth repeating . . .
  4. As I threatened earlier in the South’n Spine thread saga, this post is about the latest "Mutton Run" to Daviess County in western Kentucky, and includes -- at no extra cost — (a very few) pix of a Hagan family reunion. this evening As longtime readers here know, for several years, I and others similarly afflicted with a love of motorcycles and willingness to eat mutton — not necessarily a common combo! — have ridden from various points to eat mutton twice a year at the St. Mary of the Woods picnic and at restaurants in Owensboro. OK, OK, as many also know, it is possible that it is not only mutton alone that calls us, but, perhaps, beer, bourbon, and BS, all of which abound on the Mutton Runs. Here’s the latest of these, told in (yes, too many) pix and captions, of our ride to Daviess County. My moto-accomplices began arriving on Tuesday, 20 September, and we returned home on Tuesday, 27 September. My total mileage of about of 1300 miles in four riding days was hardly of the “ironbutt” sort, but not a mile was on the slab, and most on very fine backroads in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and Kentucky. I rode my Griso. What a wonderful beast and fine tourer. Mine now has 32K miles. With the exception of the well-known "rollerization" debacle, its only problems have been self-inflicted by me. : I managed to fix -- to the "good enough" standard, at least -- the stripped threads on the rear brake and the associated severed speed-sensor cable. Neither was an issue on this trip. Larry, who started from Ormond Beach, Fla., on his shiny new V7-850, tallied 2300+ miles. His return home was less of the “smell the flowers” sort than his outbound leg, as Hurricane Ian smacked his hometown hard. Bob started in Rochester, N.Y., and rode with us on is '01 EV to Maysville, then returned home via a side trip to visit an ailing friend in Columbus, O. Larry and I rode on with a brief appearance at the Kentucky rally in Frankfort. Fun to see Zoom Zoom and other Guzzisti there. Then, Scott, on his really nifty MP-3, met us in Owensboro. Kathi [] slabbed it in one day in our little Fit, carrying enough tools to do roadside depot-level maintenance. Back to the pix. As I usually do, I have these on Smugmug in “collage landscape” form. That way, they all open in collected thumbnails first. You can then hover your cursor over the individual pix to read — if desired — the captions. That process truncates one or two captions a bit, but most appear completely. You can make the pix bigger and see (again, if you wish) all of captions in larger text size if you select the slideshow option. Nutt'n But Mutton; September 2022 As a (slightly related) aside, I dropped my laptop in the hotel on this trip, resulting in the “black Screen of Death.” Kathi gently suggested that bourbon was involved. Possibly. :boozing: Anyway, as it was long out of warranty, I decided to try some self-help “surgery.” Friend Lannis -- who has been on several Mutton Runs -- is blessed that I didn’t perform his recent bypass op. I watched a few y/t vids, donned gloves, used the right tools — delivered by Mr. Brown the same day! — and converted the MBP’s dead monitor into a large paperweight. $igh. Yes, I now have a new laptop. Hope to see some of you on a future Mutton Run! Bill
  5. Coming from the Florida Left Coast (grouper, shrimp, pompano, black beans& rice), my first exposure to "BBQ" was in the North Carolina Piedmont. They claimed to have manifested the concept. The "pit" was out back for proof of concept. And there was "Brunswick Stew." I don't doubt the Kentucky claims to authenticity. Seems our best local Tennessee BBQ is labelled "Texas" . . . . And asking for "sauce?" > fightin' words <
  6. I am about to post about the latest "Mutton Run" in a separate thread. But to muddle this a bit more on the whole BBQ question, I'll add these comments: * I grew up in Daviess County (Owensboro). For years, I felt similarly about Old Hickory, i.e., it's where the locals ate. We all did. That said, (most) (Catholic) church picnics were better still. Then, last May, our mutton-eating (and beer & bourbon-drinking) moto-bubbas went to OH as usual. I was very disappointed. Moonlite, then and in this latest trip, even with all of its kitschy and off-putting trappings, was much better, especially in the mutton category. * As for BBQ generally and anywhere on the planet, the critical first question is whether the meat has been parboiled before grilling. If the answer is yes, it's amateur fare. The second point is that if you need to slather meat with sauce, you are a sissy and the BBQ unworthy of tasting. * See the links: https://bbqfest.com & https://festivalnet.com/7196/Owensboro-Kentucky/Food-Festivals/International-Bar-B-Q-Festival. Note location. There is a reason for that. I knew you'd want to know all of this. Bill
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  8. After 6 years without running, I would take the injectors out and have them professionally cleaned and tested, replace fuel filter and make sure you have fresh fuel in the tank.
  9. This way you can "read" all the sensors and ECU inputs that would otherwise leave you suspicious, but uncertain . . .
  10. No , i don't have Guzzidiag , maybe i'll look at getting it if i cannot solve the problem.
  11. Factory spec 170 rear? Or the oft preferred (for the 4.5" rim) 160?
  12. Can you connect "guzzidiag?"
  13. The problem is no fuel is been injected into the throttle bodies so i initially thought maybe the ECU is at fault as it would seem unlikely that both injectors would fail. It could be the timing sensor not sending the signal to the ECU to activate the injectors but then you would think it wouldn't send the signal for a spark as well or could be a TPS error. Maybe there is some other component that would stop the fuel injection but i'm just not seeing it right now. It could be that the injectors are stuck after been stood for so long.
  14. I ended up with Michelin Road 5s, definitely pricy. 6s not available. Shop said they have customers who get 15k with them on guzzis and heavier bmws. The tune up and new tires greatly improved the performance and ride.
  15. Ahhh, yeah, Umm, we tipped well.
  16. it would seem the injectors are the culprit. I don't know how to test them. I take it the plugs are dry after some cranking?
  17. We've been stopping there for years. First time the hostess went to check on seating and came back to say, "You're bikers, right? We have a place for you in the back." (Mind you, we roll in along with the local after-church crowd. ) She then seated us with the "best server on staff" . . . (aka: off-duty Adult Entertainment Specialist )
  18. What with Brian back to serving breakfast at The Lodge at Tellico, plus the restoration of the Friday night pizza feast under the pavilion, I didn't make it "out to eat" in Tellico Plains at this year's South'n SpineRaid. Has anyone checked out the Iron Works Grille & Pub right on the river? https://ironworkstellico.com/tellico-plains-iron-works-grille-and-pub-food-menu
  19. Ha ha If I ever get to the States.... I'd like to put Oz on that map with the comment about how far did you travel for Kentucky's best bbq!! Cheers Guzzler Ps might just start fasting Thursday so's to REALLY enjoy Friday lunch
  20. While replacing fuel filter, also replace the air filter. And be certain there is not a cozy chipmunk nest in the airbox. . . .
  21. Sounds bloody good.... We're off to Yackandanda next Friday for a long weekend to celebrate our Wedding anniversary. The main pub in town has a smoker and does American style bbq!!! I've wanted to try this for YEARS so I'm gunna be the first in line.... Cheers Guzzler starting to salivate already
  22. I loosened the pipe clip on the injector, fuel started seeping out then i pushed the pipe to one side and fuel squirted out across my workshop with some force and that was just residual pressure in the pipe without the pump running.
  23. Today’s stop was Our Best restaurant in Smithfield KY. The fried chicken, beans, fried pickles, ham & black berry cobbler we’re just short of home cooked perfection. We rode over on the Chieftain, weather was about 70-74F beautiful.
  24. The politicians take photo ops at Moonlight BBQ. They also have that huge buffet, that’s hard to beat if your hungry. But the locals eat at Old Hickory, where the meat is sliced, the large portions and taste are unreal.
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