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  2. Top, rear, right of the engine block inboard of the right cylinder.
  3. Docc, where’s the ‘distributor blanking plate’?
  4. My friend’s v7 has a dreadful heavy clutch. I don’t know how she manages- I’m a plasterer and my grip is akin to he-man’s big brother’s, but I was irritated by it. The v11’s clutch is an absolute beaut, I have no complaints there!
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  6. MGCycle doesn't refer to Valpolini, but these fit the "metal core with coating" description .... They don't list one for V11 but will these work for V11? http://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=170_174&products_id=4634 Possibly they want to unload their paper gaskets firstIdk. Timing cover for V11... http://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=170_174&products_id=5044
  7. Anybody have a source for the Valpollini gaskets? AF1 & MG Cycle have the regular & a thicker gasket, GU 1402360B, listed on their websires, but no reference to the Valpollini gasket.
  8. I've ridden it some, and it's fine as long as you aren't in town. Then.. it becomes a torture rack. *Very* heavy clutch pull and not a lot of steering lock. My take? It's a very elemental machine. If operating something like that floats your boat, (yep ) there's nothing better. Definitely not a rookie rider's bike at all. The Kid says, "I love love love it out on the road. It's the best credit card touring bike ever made." "I hate hate hate it in town, parking, and moving it around in the garage.."
  9. Ahh, for supple gibbons only
  10. How old are you, what is your physique and how good is your medical insurance cover for physiotherapy and spinal treatments!
  11. At $900 the pair, fixing dented Staintunes might very well be worth it.
  12. Incidentally, leak #17 on my v11 is just around that lower edge on a valve cover. Good to know it’s an easy fix with a decent gasket.
  13. Hey Chuck, probably a bit of an obvious question but how does the old sport compare to riding a v11? Too similar to warrant having both in the garage?
  14. Got to admire you rolling your sleeves up and getting stuck in there. The sleeve on my mistral is proper knackered though- badly torn. The metal is so thin too, it’d take a tig-wielding Gandalf to fix that. Plus the finish on them is a dull matt, so I’d think tricky to blend a repair. I’ve got the carbon ones on now anyways. It can be a right bummer if, like me, you fall off occasionally! ‘Oh arse, there goes £650 again”
  15. Was it a T3 to an S3 or a T to an S ? T to S3 is a really complicated switch. You not only have to change the swingarm, final drive and rear wheel you have to mount the linked brake master cylinder somewhere and swap the tool boxes to side covers. The S3 is a wonderful bike, but it's also a T3 in a party dress. Same power less torque different riding position same brakes and suspension. Anyway thank you for the welcome although I have been here for some months.
  16. Jesus Foot.... be gentle with that unobtanium...
  17. Agreed. I have spent easily four times the amount of time experimenting with the finish as I did repairing. The hammering has changed the composition and "color" of the metal, and though I can make it more consistent with sanding, it's also more shit looking. Shoe shining it with metal sanding belt brings it back to as you see in the photo. Fortunately the damage is under the hanger strap and it doesn't show nearly as bad on the bike as in the photo. I have another idea to try yet, so I'm not giving up.
  18. If you experiment a little, you can find a grit of sandpaper which will reproduce the factory "grain" in the alloy. Then, a judicious amount of "shoe shining" motion can render the repaired section even less visible.
  19. When the Bolt first came out, we were on the fence, looked at all the specs, and went with a high zoot Prius. Being a retired GM employee, I was just a little afraid of them not getting the tech right. Believe me, I've seen some engineering disasters. I'm glad to see this one working for you..
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  21. Just get a pair of the Valpollini type. They work for any squarefin 2Valver.
  22. Actually, we have: 1. One hybrid vehicle - Lexus CT200h, 2. One low emission vehicle - Honda Element, and 3. One high emotion vehicle - V11.
  23. I've had so many leaks now that I just carry an extra set of gaskets with me when I travel. I've had the silicone ones have their ears eaten off too.
  24. GM, I had the opportunity to drive a Chevy Bolt. I was impressed. Neat car. The formica stuff on the dash was a little strange but I was impressed with the driving experience. How far do you get on a charge? How long does it take charge?
  25. Was one for sale here about 8mnts ago, 170000kr cheers tom.
  26. Thx guys..... I will patiently be waiting then. And true about this site.
  27. A local enthusiast converted an 850T into an "S3" awhile back. Beautiful thing. I agree with your valuation 100%. Welcome to the forum.
  28. Our newest car is the opposite of sexy. A 2020 Chevy Bolt (aka, Opel Ampera-e). It helps balance the carbon footprint of the Jeep Wrangler four door with 37" tires and a coilover 4" lift. Our drive to work is just under 200 miles round trip. I never thought I would own an electric car. It seems wrong. But they finally got the range up to where it is feasible for us, being able to drive to and from work on a single charge without worrying. Not as cool as the Riviera, but it can cover our commute with $3.50 worth of electricity. Even our Smart car used $12.50 worth of gas to make the same trip.
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