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  2. It sounds like the Van Gogh Alive exhibition here last year. An great show about an extraordinary artist with a tortured soul.
  3. Great quote Docc. I'd recommend anyone to see these types of events. The next one scheduled was King Tut. The Van Gough was so popular they've delayed that one. Similar exhibits are in other cities.
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  5. I don't think you can be "off topic" in your own topic, especially in "Special Banter " . . . The exhibit looks awesome. So much more engaging than viewing paintings on a wall from behind a velvet rope. Also, so many exhibits prohibit taking pictures now. My all-time favorite Van Gogh quote. (Substitute "ride/work on your motorcycle", "play music", or what-have-you for "paint") . . . "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." - Vincent Van Gogh
  6. If the injector (hose?) leaked while cranking, seems you have fuel pressure. Perhaps we could troubleshoot some electrical/ ignition concerns before pulling the tank?
  7. Very off topic but some here might find interesting. I went to an exhibit during a recent trip to Denver. It was a multimedia presentation of Van Gogh's paintings. It was an infusion of video, animation, venue and music. There were mirrored sculptures as well as two rooms running simultaneous presentations and open doors between the rooms amplifying the experience as "a painting within a painting" with fellow patrons silhouetted that become part of the visual experience. There was a great sound system with electronic and classical music such as the famous Bach cello and Mussorgsky "Pictures at an Exhibition". A few photos, thanks for your indulgence. I know it's not bike related and not mainstream but now that WG doesn't allow these topics I just wanted to post it.
  8. Have you inquired about pricing? Price range from $30 to $100 on that Alibaba link you provided, probably depending on amount of units ordered. MDI sells them for 70 bucks a pop right now out of SoCal with a phone # and email you can reach them at. Unless it’s significantly cheaper, I would think twice about ordering from overseas...
  9. Our other cat Sooty was assigned to guarding the Greenie, but she’s not really interested in the job
  10. If it cranked over, the clutch switch is conducting. If it won't crank without the lever pulled in, the switch and its connections are functional. The switch is located in the housing for the clutch lever with two small wires going to it.
  11. To expand on this, as the tires (and the air inside them) heats up the pressure will increase. Tires are supposed to heat up a given amount in use. That increase in temp will create around a 10% increase in air pressure. That increase in pressure can be higher, up to 15% higher, if the starting temp was lower (like when it is cold outside). But for typical motorcycle use you should expect to see a 10% increase in tire pressure if the starting temps are typical motorcycle temps and the tires are pushed hard enough to get them up to temp. It is science.
  12. Just so I know what to look for, where is the clutch-switch and how might I be sure it is good?
  13. With LowRyter long-term report, I'd like to make an order for myself. I can't find it on AliExpress or Ebay so minimum order from Alibaba is two. Anyone else interested? I'll order as many as needed and ship them to each of you.
  14. This past weekend, in spite of the heavy heat in SoCal, I managed to put the bike back together, fill it with fuel, and crank it over. It never started, but I'm assuming that's because it didn't crank long enough to build fuel pressure. It was leaking from the left injector. I pulled the hose, drained the tank, and covered the bike back up. It's difficult to remove the tank as there is so many items attached to it. I'll get it back off, figure out why I have the leak and once I square that up, we'll reattach the tank and see if I can get to light!
  15. My siblings and I grew up halfway down a fairly good hill in a suburban neighborhood. I sped down that hill too many times to count and somehow rarely crashed! Mom was smart enough to forbid skateboarding though. And motorbikes of any kind, though my neighbor down the street had an amazing Rupp. Dad taught my brother and I clutch control by standing a pack of cigarettes on the dash and we had to start on the hill without knocking the cigs over. My first bike came after Mom & Dad had no say in it, followed by my father's stories of riding a war surplus Indian as a young man. The speed thing isn't too much of a thing anymore, but the feedback and interaction sensations are what keeps me in the game... Anyway open roads and good runs are part of the happiness distraction for me....
  16. I ran across this image of my early Sport Moto Guzzi accessory (Mistral?) round, carbon fiber "For Off Road Use Only" exhaust canister weave (viewed though one of my SpeedHut instrument lenses). "2 x 2" ? Matte? Gloss?
  17. Last week
  18. "Enthusiast" pricing . . .
  19. That's actually a good deal on the blinkies...
  20. We were worried that their salty sea-dogs would rip us to shreads I usually assign Lily our cat to V11 guard duty
  21. The puppy-dogs on leashes rather give them away. As well as the big smiles . . . AAAARRRGHGHGHH!
  22. They were a bunch of scurvy desperadoes
  23. Today we were ambushed by a group of cut-throat pirates 🏴‍☠️
  24. If it matters , I do my best to run nitrogen in bike tires .
  25. 😊

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  26. Not sure what tires the Sport 1100-i came with. The original V11 Sport was delivered with Pirelli Dragon Corsa sport tires and spec'd at pretty low pressures (33/37, IIRC). They wore really quickly and (IMO) contributed to the high speed weave exhibited by some of the early V11 Sports. With sport touring tires, I gradually settled on 35/40 as a compromise between road holding, longevity, and tire wear characteristics. These pressures also pass the "10% rule" on my Sport with its load-out, local road conditions/temperatures, and my weight in gear. I recently mounted my 58th tire on this V11 Sport. Certainly there is no more applicable topic to say "YMMV!"
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