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  2. Front fender is carbon fiber - special fender with all the Ohlins fork bikes. I used to have one...
  3. Super guy! Thoughts, prayers, best wishes from the top of Virginia, Bill & Kathi
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  5. Honor Blackman passed 5/04/20 . For those that don't recognize the name . she was in Goldfinger as Ms Galore ! Need I say more ?
  6. Very close docc, just waiting on some fittings to come in the post. Ciao
  7. Something interesting I found for those that experience AN fitting leaks such as the oil cooler fittings due to damage (not cracking) Ciao
  8. Wishing him a speedy full recovery.
  9. You can find some great photos on his website: http://fastguzzi.nl/
  10. All the best mate, and get well soon! The whole community is hoping you kick this things arse. Cheers Guzzler
  11. Sad to hear that about Paul, glad that he's on the mend. Hoping for a full and rapid recovery Kelly
  12. Sounding check . . . Gotta be close to a start-up video!
  13. The absolute best part of this sobering news is that Paul is getting better! What a relief! Best wishes for Paul’s 100% complete recovery with no lingering lung damage or diminishment to Paul’s future quality of life. 👍🤒🍻 This is an incredibly bizarre phenomena with such unusual symptoms. The inclination of this Dr is that is more akin to high altitude lack of oxygen than viral pneumonia. Take care.
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  15. Yes I've bought quite a few Dayton engine parts from Paul and was about to ask him for any EFI mapping files and info for the V11/Daytona project. Always helpful and willing to share. Hopefully he recovers ok from this horrid disease along with others affected. The nicest part of the motorcycling community for me has always been the terrific people it brings you together with. The riding and wrenching are just the side benefits. Ciao
  16. Yup, really good bloke. I met him in Mandello at the 95th. He's the tall thin, better looking one.
  17. I haven't seen it mentioned here. Are people aware Paul Mineart is gravely I'll in hospital with this wretched disease?
  18. Best wishes to you Paul,fingers crossed for you mate. Ciao
  19. This is terrible news . I hope for the best for Paul and the family .
  20. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Paul. You’ll be back in the saddle soon!
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