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  2. If you don;t mind one in clicks, here's an NOS Coppa Italia unit in Holland. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Moto-Guzzi-SPEEDO-V11-COPPA-ITALIA-017615600000-GU017615600000-GU0176156-0176/133234636723?hash=item1f056737b3:g:T-gAAOSwCRNdzYAG
  3. Front binders non-radial. Kinda like an Elvis impersonator, but if you squint your eyes just right...
  4. What was in the Box Jaap? My MGS-01 is a bit smaller 1:24 ;-) http://www.starlinemodels.com/index.asp?MenuID=281
  5. 80CX100

    Diagnostic Cables

    Hey Tom, When I tried to jam my order through, it defaulted to their standard international shipping $40-50, I wasn't willing to pay that, so I left the shipping section blank and jammed my order through anyways and mentioned in the comments to ship it cheapest, USPS if possible. Their customer service contacted me and it went smoothly $15-20? shipping. Caspers were a treat to deal with, I've been trying for a frustrating month to deal with Nelson Riggs for a simple set of replacement straps that were missing from the bags when I got my V11. I can't believe that in this modern world, a line on a map can bring all business and common sense to a complete stand still,lol. Good luck with it Kelly
  6. Well I made the colossal mistake of not researching reputable speedo/odo restorers. Sent mine to Seattle Speedo, total scam. Got suckered for just under 600 clams, guess I am lucky that's my first time giving away money via internet. Don't use this guy, mine came back all f--ked up! Cracked faceplate (over tightened screws), speedo goes to 30mph max, faceplate came off of tach during install, original road dirt outside, his shop dirt and scratches inside, on and on. You can read my Google review of his services online. Sad.
  7. Cool, I got it. Thanks a lot. I carted this cable setup, tried to checkout, made it all the way to credit card number etc, hit finish and viola, nothing. Ya gotta laugh! Gonna call them instead.
  8. How many grand are you out of pocket? How many bikes have you seen #@$&@#@ by incompetence? No worries. I give a @#!#$# what shit people do to their bikes but I'm certainly not going to encourage it. Out.
  9. One thing I learned through the years. Forum drama is f***ing stupid. But Guzzi drama is REALLY f***ing stupid. Get over it. Bury the torquewrench and put your big boy pants on (not gonna drop names but you know who you are). Folks that like these bikes find ways to make them better and the stuff works. Pick a spot to throw your money at and have at it. But the drama and the sh!t talk is just stupid. It's like watching the movie Grumpy Old Men but with Guzzis. Yep, pretty lame. Sucks the fun out of this forum thing.
  10. S'not your fault Yank banks are even more cretinous than those elsewhere. It was a pain in the quoit for both of us but there was never any I'll will. Being shilled and exploited by smug crooks who are selling stuff they don't understand and stuff that doesn't work? That's different. As far as hopping up V11's is concerned I've never ridden one that comes close to Chuck's Scura which is utterly bonkers. I also don't understand those that get all hung up on HP figures. There are lots of people building or who have built 1400 8V's. Some simply transplant the 1400 donk from the Cali into a different chassis and use the full 7SM/Single throttlebody system, some actually build 1400 barrels and pistons onto a 1200 motor. The one thing that the vast majority of them do is claim stupid, unfeasible, HP figures. Figures that simply aren't possible from an engine with the 8V's heads and cams. When people ask me how much power a 1200 8V makes I'll say 'About 100.' Ask me the same question about the 1400 and you'll get the same answer. The difference isn't really in the peak power, (The 1200 will happily run to 9K. I'd be loath to try that with the 14.) it's in the torque and how it is delivered. The V11 motor is pretty much peaked out as far as longevity is concerned. Yes, you can get it to make more, (Not huge amounts more, but more.) but start pulling much bigger figures and it will loose its reliability and longevity pretty quickly. Pete
  11. I understood that Meinoff was the V11 guru creating different maps: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19652-v11-ecu-15rc-vs-15m/#entry214733
  12. "There is no greater satisfaction than to desire that which you already possess." That my Sport could be improved 3-5% is pretty likely, but probably not actually perceptible on my part. To get the 10-15% improvement that I could palpably notice would take some intense, and expensive, changes. Perhaps to the detriment of everyday ride-ability. I am unwilling to make that sacrifice. There is that point that I know I "should" pull the heads, "do" the valves (and guides). "Balance&Blueprint", polish the rods, and otherwise try to honor the original V7 Sport Telaio Rosso race bikes.
  13. Ya think? Chuck's favored "flask" . . . ^^^^^^^^^
  14. My Sport? In skimpy clothes? Avert yer eyes! Centauro would be easy to spot from the right side. They are 5 speeders . . .
  15. I once tried to purchase a bike from Pete. The "authorities" would not let me send my money to Australia. To his credit, he's never made a fuss about, not a foul word, didn't call me a welcher or nothing. I still feel a little bad about the mess. Sorta glad now that I didn't get the bike in retrospect. Anyway, I appreciate that Pete.
  16. Just for docc: An MGS-01 body kit in oh-so-silver. Here's an interesting game: Find the hidden Centauro...
  17. Is that a new brand of Bourbon?
  18. It's always good fortune to be satisfied with something as it is. Not always an easy place to get to, for myself anyway. But.. I can't resist intake and exhaust upgrades on every bike I own.
  19. Would be really nice to see a dyno chart of pre and post flash bikes - no other mods. That, and practical fuel mileage on a designated loop of travel. Beyond the purview of this forum - at least so far...
  20. My bad. I blame Buffalo Trace..
  21. Perhaps it is limiting for me, but I have long endeavored to be the poster child for, "Yes, you can make a relatively stock V11 run right. (Even with it's "flawed" mapping and various compromises.)" IMO, as factory Guzzi go, the V11 is already "hotrodded" . . .
  22. I was giving advice to someone too easy to mess up with .
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  24. Uhh some kind of glitch when posting..?
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