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  2. I have the Ghezzi Brian huggers on both my V11s. Saw the one Scud had and needed one. Then another...😁 It opens up the rear and shows off that trellis swing arm. It also shows off the 18 years of plastic over a painted steel trellis swing arm..Totally worth it though.
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  4. Saw that, and may be interested. Just want sure if I’d buy that and which I had the ghezzi-BRIAN unit instead. Looking for thoughts on which one to pursue, stock or the ghezzi, based on effectiveness and price.
  5. Happy in the canyons! Love this Ballabio! TW
  6. John Kunert

    John Kunert

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  8. There is one on ebay in California from a forum member. Pretty sure he's in the middle of moving his household, so not sure the status of availability.
  9. Yay hoo has never worked for me. I still get the random message from the small block group at my email. I gave up trying to post.
  10. Will do, the "better" half is my tech support...TW
  11. We're up to 63 watchers now, but no one willing to pull the trigger. Apparently, they do not realize that life is as short as it is.
  12. Welcome! Hey, post up some pics of your Ballabio!
  13. Hi footgoose, is crash bar still available? Have 04 Ballabio. Thanks! TW
  14. It arrived. It seems like a Coppa fairing. There are decal artifacts that indicate it had another decal looping under the red one..... Also, the silver paint looks original, the same shade as my '00 Sport. The part number MG doesn't turn up anything, but since OEM parts generally start with "GU", it may be a Stucchi. It is ABS or some kind of thick plastic, not fiberglass. In any case, the headlight opening looks a little small for my Sport and its chrome headlight bezel, but I have to do a proper test fit. I am busy sorting my nearly-new Stelvio, so I'll get to it later......
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  16. Docc et all, thanks for keeping the thread alive. I've been busy trying to rescue a Guzzi smallblock group ( MG 750 ) since Yahoo has decided to abandon its groups program. Joe
  17. Anyone having a not cracked front fender for my 01 Greenie for sale? Cheers tom
  18. Docc, i’ll Leave the lights on in my shop so you can come do your cleaning magic to my machines any time! Just a quick hop over the hills (intercontinental divide... whatever) from your place to mine. I’ve started the fall/winter process of chasing down the loose ends for winter mx. Got the data cables coming, will download guzzidiag, etc., but chewing on what to do about the lack of a rear hugger. Mostly to protect that rear shock. Better to chase down a stock hugger, or go try and find a Ghezzi-brian unit? I see the ghezzi unit on line but haven’t found a source yet to buy them, so don’t even know price. Any hot leads?
  19. Kluber Starbucks. Spilled his coffee on the wheel.
  20. That is way too clean, Docc. You're just *asking* for an oil leak..
  21. I looked in "Fileshare", but do not see them. I had few cut by my local vinyl sign maker some time ago. That was only used by MotoGuzzi on race bikes, AFAIK, from about 1949-1951. I so love the asymmetry. The "Art Deco" . . .
  22. Along the brake vein, the (nearing) 114,000 mile Sport got a fresh rear rotor and Bridgestone T31 today (32nd rear tire!). Fresh Brembo pads to bed the new rotor. All clinical and torqued and LocTited . . . wheel bearings checked out. Klüber Staburags on the drive hub. Thanks, Josh!!
  23. I really like that tank decal , where can l get them ?
  24. Well, like spam spam spam eggs and spam, it's got silver in it. You can see it if you wear rose-colored glasses.
  25. Yeah, if it was the rare, desirable Silver, there would be 1.
  26. it's on ebay as well https://www.ebay.com/itm/2000-Moto-Guzzi-V11/123933392343?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 the unusual thing is, it has 60 watchers! 60!
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