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  2. I could tell you a tale about something similar. There was a mouth breather involved. His bike ran like a pile of damp fecal matter but he reckoned it was great because the 'Expert' responsible for both the mod and the tune said within earshot of me that "You set up fuel injection just like carbs. Just use the rod to balance the throttlebodies at idle and turn the air bleeds out 1&1/2 turns and it'll be sweet!" He'd also installed some sort of pool hose to the airbox spigots to "Get the cold air in." This isn't just my world. Sadly it's yours as well unless you actually know how to tune your own bike.
  3. That is almost exactly my idea - but without a corrugated tube - which causes turbulence and restriction. Cooler, slightly denser air produces a bit more power and more cognitive comfort for those of us who over think things. I'm planning to use the smooth silicone hose for car turbo applications. The wall thickness is sufficient that it should never collapse. Also, cutting the air box right where Phil did - at the largest diameter just ahead of the box itself. After that, they neck down quite a bit. Does the air box design trace back to carbs? I haven't searched it yet, but almost think so.
  4. Wouldn't want to be around the next time his wife wants to vacuum. Very,um, Utilitarian. Ciao
  5. Si intravedono sotto il serbatoio i due tubi per convogliare l'aria nell'airbox The two pipes are visible under the tank to convey the air into the airbox. http://archivio.animaguzzista.com/page_builder.php?fileindex=saloni_eventi/C_I_Naked_2002/C_I_Naked_2002_index.txt&filebody=saloni_eventi/C_I_Naked_2002/naked_gara1/Naked_gara1_body.html
  6. That, along with Docc's use of beer bottles to add bell-shapes to the airbox top suggest that the main restriction on the V11 is getting air to filter - not the filter itself. I think that just ditching the rubber snorkels from the airbox top might allow a bit more air in. The search for the correct shape beer bottle provides intrinsic motivation. On the theme of airbox mods... I just put a whole new airbox and an enormous pod filter on my 7.3L Turbo-Diesel F250. The new airbox draws in fresh air from the stock intake piece (which opens in front the radiator for cool air. But it also has a huge hole in the back of the airbox, so air intake can flow in from the other side. I'm no intake scientist, but it seems to me that holes in the V11 airbox lid would serve a similar purpose to the one I just put in my truck, allowing air to flow directly onto the filter (and more evenly over the available surface of the filter), instead of having to travel over the filter to the back of the V11 airbox.
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  8. Sorry I was orientated backwards; I thought the wear was on the back side. Anyway, pulled the part & added the oil relief grooves as instructed. Looking at the surface you can just see the beginning of the wear you indicated. Docc, can you attach Lucky Phil's recommended improvement to the cam chain tensioner thread ?
  9. You dont need to pull it to see the wear. Its on the font thrust face. I can see it has wear just not to what extent.It doesnt look really bad as there's no marking on the front main bearing flange at 12 oclock from the phonic wheel which happens with a really worn bush as the cam floats for and aft. Here's a new one with the oil relief cutouts Heres a worn one without the oil reliefs.Note the sharp lip on the edge of the thrust face. Ciao
  10. After a strong cup of tea, I'm going back to the shed to pull the cam thingy you warned us of. We'll find out soon..
  11. 0.7 Perfect. Hows the wear on the cam retaining bush? any ridge on the thrust face OD? Ciao
  12. And deeper we go.... Pick up measured 0.7mm
  13. The terminology is too broad and need defining to provide an informed answer. What is "best power" ? peak power? best power curve? engine installed in the bike? engine alone on a test bench? Filters by nature are restrictors which by definition means they restrict airflow. if you end up with a better power curve with the filter it means there is a fuel mapping issue and the restriction is assisting in minimising that. If you get no net loss in peak power (after optimised tuning) with a filter then it means that the intake systems flow limiting restriction is downstream somewhere like the throttle body, port shape or size or valve size. If you are after pure peak power and best power curve then an unfiltered airbox with an effective atmospheric delivery system devoid of size and shape restrictions dictated by limitations of the available space will be best.After that its all compromise. Ciao
  14. Ordered and received one of Scudder's improved springs, then 3 weeks later traded in my V11. Sooo one spring available for $20 shipped to USA, Paypal only
  15. Guzziology version 8.3 for sale $50, plus shipping This book is in like new condition. No fingerprints, no torn pages, binding in good condition. Autographed by author and guzzi expert Dave Richardson. Reason for selling this copy is due to recently acquiring a second copy.
  16. Search here and you'll find a thread talking about punching there teardrop hole into the top of the airbox. The PO did that to my bike. The bike seems to run pretty good for a Guzzi.
  17. Thanks guys. PM sent to Emerald.
  18. so, it didn't connect to the post I asked it to so... scroll to 'Large Blocks, V10 V11' , then to 'V11 gear box spring break, the cause.' It's worth the trip https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=https://www.forumguzzi.fr/&prev=search
  19. Another V11 forum?? in France? Welcome! is it this one? I'm sure Scud will have a few leftovers. Hope the link translates.. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=https://www.forumguzzi.fr/&prev=search
  20. 2 springs arrived in Cork, great initiative, thanks for all the work. Have you many of them left? If so I could contact the french v11 forum and advertise.
  21. Thank you for making these distinctions. I had thought it was a simple idea of enabling more air flow to boost power. I’m learning again from this place! Thanks for all of the great info and breaking these things down. Cheers!
  22. Having lived in Tacoma (near Seattle) and Portland I can attest that the weather is significantly different. Portland is much warmer and somewhat dryer. That video was shot a while ago and during the summer. Don’t tell anyone else but we have some of the best summers in the US. Shhhhhh!
  23. What flows best? Open velocity stacks without a screen. Emphasis on "velocity." What produces the best power? Different question. What filters the best while producing the best power? Question #3 The P08 power curve is indistinguishable from, say K&N. 1% is statistically identical. The filtration, if true, seems to be substantially better - but is that micron size of particle what we are most concerned about? And, does it do better on smaller particles? More questions than answers at this point. Aldous Huxley ended Brave New World with the sentence: "You pays your money and you takes your choice."
  24. No arguing - just discussin’ “Whatever you do for lifetime... ends up being same shit 🦗” Confucius (or Master Po) https://www.ducati.com/ww/en/bikes/panigale/panigale-v4-r Scroll to: INTAKE Click: READ MORE OEM: P08
  25. I’ve spent a lifetime mending motorbikes. I have no desire to spend my retirement doing the same shit when it can easily be avoided. (Shrug.)
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