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  3. If you just put their spare spring it then it will break again. You have to resolve the issue or you will keep breaking springs.
  4. Mike, mine was one of only 3 Guzzi's at the Largo. A guy from NM and a guy from Florida !! were the other 2. I have a cabin reserved for Lake Henshaw, but not 100% sure I can go. Will finalize in Sept.
  5. Gear lever for 1100 sport 1998 wanted
  6. R1200gs


  7. Brian, Sorry I missed Datil this year. Who was at the Largo? JJ was camping, Andy and Nolan didn't come. I'm was just back from a 5 day, 1500 ride thru the upper midwest to Colorado. My butt just wasn't ready for another 3 days. Let me know if you are thinking about Lake Henshaw. Mike
  8. Had the same issue where the bike would lose power when turning the bars ('Stuur' for us dutchies ). In my case it was caused by a lose wire inside of the ignition switch similar to what Kiwi_roy discribes in his topic You could also check the bullet connectors near the front left of the frame that run to the clutch switch, as mentioned by Chuck. --EDIT-- Just found this older topic discussing how to check the bullet connectors, it could help you diagnose if the connectors are causing your issue
  9. ^^^^^^ There are a pair of bullet connectors on the left side of the steering head that become loose/corroded.
  10. Hi Doc, you know so much so hopefully you have another hint too. I asked the question a little while ago on the forum. The V11 where the meters are planned has the problem of starting when turning the steer to the right. I think it is a broken wire or bad contact. So when I place the meters it is a good moment to repair this unhappiness. It is helpful to know some places that often causes this problem. Are you known with some suspected places? Thanks again,Dirk
  11. Thank you for support Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk Pro
  12. yeah, incredible support and care here. I've been reading a lot of posts over the years. I opened her up, it's the spring again. The Cannon Race Craft spring gave, I actually have a spare cuz even though they said it would never break, for a couple bucks it's worth it. Thanks again. Cheers.
  13. I think every wiring harness is a prototype on these bikes .
  14. If it puts out 15v @ 1k & 40v @ 4k , i will trust the next # of output !
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    Yep, Workshop Manual says 15 volts AC at 1000 rpm, 40vAC @ 4000, 80 vAC @ 6000.
  17. Hey! We're not Luddites! We're Guzzisti ! (Luddites wouldn't be caught dead with a voltmeter in their saddlebag . . . )
  18. My plan was to ride to Datil by way of the Devil's Highway. Turned out another group was going the same way on the same day, so I hooked up with them. We met at 5:00AM at the usual departure gas station. I am on my V11 Sport Scura. There were 2 Guzzi Grisos, 2 Buells and 3 Harleys in the group. At our 1st gas stop in Globe, problems develop. One of the Harleys key fob battery dies and the bike cannot unlock and start. Amazingly, the Circle K we got gas at has the correct key fob battery, but a half hour is killed here. About 30 miles outside of Globe, I'm leading when I notice the group has stopped behind me. I pull over, wait around for about 20 minutes. 2 Guzzi bikes go past me, but I don't get a good look at them. I follow them to Safford anyhow. Turns out to not be the 2 Guzzi's in the original group. They say the group is pulled over and hanging out back near Globe. OK, so I've lost the group. Worse things than a nice run up the Devil's Highway by yourself. BTW, one of the Buell's had a wiring problem and stopped cold. The group was waiting for a tow truck to come hual the Buell back to Phoenix. So anyhow, I have a really fun run up US-191. Here's a pix of the Scura about 1/2 way for a rest break. There was a group of 10 bikes from Texas. Having local knowledge of the road, I passed them up easily. They were the only other traffic I saw. I had lunch at Bear Wallow Cafe in Alpine, then headed off for the Largo Motel in Quemado, NM. Along the way, I crossed 30K miles on the Scura. About 8K are mine. Visited the rally site in Datil, NM. Got registered and got my door prize ticket, had dinner and visited with fellow Zonie Guzzistas. Saturday, I rode around the area in the morning, then spent the afternoon at the rally. Here's some shots of the bikes lined up. There were 78 attendees, down a bit from last year. Suprising, since the weather was spectaclular for the weekend. 85 and no monsoon rain at all. The bike show winner was this beautiful restoration of a V7. The grand prize this year was a '70's Guzzi California, with custom seat, Harley top box, what looks like Krauser bags and the most immaculate Vetter Windjammer fairing I've seen in 40 years. And no, I didn't win it. Ride home Sunday was marred by a huge 2 semi truck accident and fire just outside of Rye. Fortunately no one seriously hurt. But traffic backed up for miles on big downhill between Payson and Rye. Since it was downhill, that helped me since I just shut my engine off and coasted my bike and I didn't have to worry about it overheating. Maybe I did some lane splitting also. Or maybe not. Even with that, took more than 1 hour from Payson to Rye. (news images) Thanks to Matt for all the work to put the rally on. Very enjoyable event.
  19. 20th century bike.. what can I say?
  20. Chuck


    Seems to me that is should be around 40V AC at around 4K rpm.
  21. Thanks for keeping us up, Locky! Can't wait the piccys and stories! Shooshdave was right (again ), this topic deserves its own thread. (I changed the title to your own words.) Your questions are good ones: 1)The "flange for the rear shock adjuster" (if I understand) is shown on Page 01 of the Parts Catalogue. It is parts 11-16 to complete the package. Check with Teo Lamers, Guzzibits, or your local Moto Guzzi dealer (whatever that means . . . ) 11 Plate - - - - GU01557930 /1 each 12 Hose clamp - - - - - GU02107300 /1 each (This is the metal "bail" that holds the reservoir.) 13 Screw - - - - - GU98230616 / 2 each 14 Nut M6x1 - - - - - GU92630106 / 2 each 15 Rubber protection - - - - - GU29105860 /1 each (You might-could do without "Rubber protection," but common wisdom says it is worth the extra trouble . . . ) 16 Washer - - - - - GU95000206 / 2 each 2) Yep, ethanol fuels are unfortunate for the Nylon tank. Try not to store the V11 for long periods of time with ethanol. Other precautions and remediations are within the discussions on these forums and elsewhere. Not the least of which is "How to get your expanded tank back on the frame once off" . . .
  22. Paper wiring diagram? What is this, the 20th century?
  23. I think you will be fine on the 2002 with no electrical changes at all. Keep your own center warning light console and speedometer drive cable. If the cable breaks, you can convert to the earlier angle drives, but they are also fragile and require some preparation and maintenance. Please post pictures of your LeMans with the Veglia!
  24. docc


    What is the voltage at the battery key off? At idle ? At a couple thousand RPM?
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