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    330km today, she loved the cool air like 11c at 1100m . Heden church from 1200 and some. Enjoy it if possible. Cheers tom. Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
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    "Vague . . . Liar!" . . . . poor Betty . . .
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    The ignition switch is very easy to remove, just take a Phillips screwdriver and undo the two screws that hold the contact block to the lock (look up from below) Unclip the white plate and tilt it out. Need I say drop the battery negative off for safety. The switch also unplugs at the headstock if you want to do it on your bench. Note on this one how one wire had snapped off, the owner noticed the tail light had gone out. The wires were not fastened to the back of the switch cover, and they work hardened where they flex at the solder joint. The loom should flex evenly over it's length as you go from lock to lock, don't strap it down tight. Starter Solenoid Coils I can see your eyes starting to glaze over but this is what the starter solenoid is really like, it has two coils one that draws 10 Amps the other will draw 40+ but not with the modern wiring. (This was drawn from my 2001 VII Sport, the old Bosch starters are very similar) Nearly every bike Guzzi have pushed out the factory door will eventually suffer from Startus Interruptus all the new 1400s and miriads of V7s will fail as the CARC bikes are now and scores of owners will be turned off Guzzi all because they don't understand the problem. I have been preaching since 2012 without much impact. MPH in Houston will make a fortune selling their kits at $40 a pop, I don't begrudge them that. I have learnt to accept owners think because they pay for something it must be better than free advice LOL Cheers Roy
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    Well the cracked gearbox case has been a factor. I need to visit a mate of mine to get it welded and i also need to get the side flow injectors cleaned and flow tested. Plus there's this little fellow (Merlin) thats arrived. I havent had a dog in a very very long time. Forgotten how much time goes into a puppy. More work than a toddler. Std Schnauzer btw. Ciao
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    Did a little search, here is a writeup on pipeburn where they are quoted as saying the electrical system including the efi weighs "over 25 pounds", again I'm sure they are including stuff like switchgear and maybe even the clocks: https://www.pipeburn.com/home/2016/04/28/moto-guzzi-v11-sport-moto-studios.html If you are so outraged maybe you should take it up with them. And there is nothing wrong with seeing a therapist! I encourage if it will help you chill the f u c k out a little
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    Hey Dave, I ended up picking up that 2003 V11 Lemans that I was musing about on WG a while back. While getting info together for a "to do" list on this bike, I stumbled on this thread and recalled you mentioning there may be a deal in the works on the on the Roper plates. Here I am in all my glory as a new forum member,lol. Please add my name to the list for a Roper plate order. Tks to you for taking this on, and to Pete, as always, doing what's right to help us keep these guzzis running well and reliably. Tia Kelly White ps I know it didn't happen if there's no pictures, so fwiw
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    ended going with uShip. Cost me more but I’m getting it when I wanted it (now!). Bike is currently going through Paducah, Kentucky. ETA is Wednesday. Shipping was $750 plus $50 uShip fee ($800 total). Transporter pays $150 to uShip. Next time I can go direct with transporter and save $200.
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    Haven't been around in a while, but here are some recent pics...
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    For your viewing pleasure - Bikes of Datil 2019
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    Forgive me, Father, I can't recall the last time I rode my Greenie. I've gotten distracted with other toys. The Norton Commando Interstate got here and I've been riding it. The 750 Commando started up after an engine rebuild. I'm just about done fitting the fairing and it'll go out for some break-in rides. And I just traded by Corvette for a new project (emphasis: PROJECT) But I am keeping the Greenie on the charger just in case!
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    I can’t remember exactly where on this site, but I think it was a post by Docc about intake boots. I ordered a pair from MG Cycle and a new oil pressure switch/boot. Got to replacing the boots today and yup... one was torn and the other one cracked. Good idea to replace them! Ain’t showing up to the spine raid like that! This is more like it! index screw heads for optimal air flow....
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    Also an accurate interpretation. Every time I look at the photos of the bike, I think, "I can't/shouldn't sell this."
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    This forum rocks for V11S info. Just the same, there are a lot of good people on WG, too. Between the two forums, I've managed to keep 17 various New, Old, Barn Find and Garage Queen Guzzis running. It's a sickness, I know.. but I can quit any time I want to.. Chuck, Deacon Church of Guzzi
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    Hi to All, I have Been 20 years drooling over greenies, bought and sold a few other guzzies and still have a handfull from Airone to Stevio (now for sale). I serviced a friend's Cafe Nero recently and could not keep my eyes off it: Marabese is a genius , it must be one of the cleanest motorcycle design of all times. Anyway this same friend told me of a Greenie for sale in Dublin, and it just happened that he had to go there in a couple of days. So we went , saw and conquered... without blood nor money changing hands. (straight swap) So there she is, one of the earliest 99 Greenie with ZGUKR0000111243 it makes it the 132nd produced and the engine at 111200 the 99th produced. All original, new relays excellent body work but the usual eczema on the engine paint.: thinking of a quiet day with a dremel and a couple of beers. I have a 1985 T5 for over 20 years and the cases are just powerwashed from time to time with a thin coat of ACF50, they look finethat way and don't oxydate. I ordered some risers from China for a tenner including postage as i am not as flexible as i used to be and might fabricate a peg lowering kit myself in due time . Anyway, I am looking forward to read your posts and exchange with you all, being an ignorant of all things electronic I will be needing your wisdom .resetting tps and all obscure things like that...i am in essence a magneto man : one wire from Mag to plug and basta!
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    Did my duty today, flushed injecktors both ways, and some measuring 10.9ml - 12.4ml. Spray pattern looked the same, probably all good [emoji32]. Spare parts for now. Will do my Greenie and R Corsa later, still some weeks of riding. Cheers tom. Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
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    I'm with LowRyter. There is nothing like the original V11 Sport Green. It is not the 70s V7 Sport Green, not the "Carcano" /Tenni green, not the modern V7 green. It is a thing of of its own. Elusive, enticing, entrancing. I mean, look at how it has affected otherwise sane and sensible folk . . .
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    Hey guys, Thanks for the input - it's great to hear others' opinions and thoughts and great to hear from V11 owners - i'm pleased I found this space. The bike was painted orange by someone at some time - here's a photo of it.... I will make this beautiful.
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    Wow, Kiwi_Roy, clearly and succinctly stated. Inroads into my puny brain, so thank you for schooling me. Much easier to conceptualize. I had a print/copy of the wiring diagram, it was fuzzy, written in Italian in 4pt type, printed in black and white and I believe topped with marinara sauce for good measure; Tolstoy translated into Swahili for my befuddlement, in other words. Thx.
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    I'd say this is not acceptable, even when it's quite common. Make sure you use 12.9 bolts and torque them to 40Nm. You may also cut the slots some millimeters deeper to ease the clamping. Of course, that's up to what nerves you have in real life, internet off. But done properly it's a proofen modification. Some words about the alignment: Because of the wide rear tyre the U-Joints don't move in one plane only. Look from above and you'll see the shaft pointing outwards. That's the reason they weld them with some degrees more/less then 180°, it's to reduce the resulting transmission failure. And be easy with grease on the moving part of the shaft. The spines should be able to glide 'freely', too much grease and they're stuck. Common fault because this zerk is the only one everyone can reach
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    Thank you sir. It’s how it should have come from the factory, given the nature of a tribute to the great Omobono Tenni. Prevented by bean counters in favor of market and model line pricing. Tenni Corsa ... f - ‘em, I’ll do it myself.
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    I worked it out,
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    The temperature sensors are usually NTC thermistors mounted in a housing. NTC (negative temperature coefficient) means that as the thermistor temperature rises, it's electrical resistance drops. The measurements you made need to account for temperature of the sensor, for example is it in your warm hand or outside in the cold. If you are talking about the air sensor in the air box, it is usually trouble free, unless your friend is in the "pod filter" brigade. Then he needs to mount the air sensor somewhere where it measures only intake air. https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19831-air-temp-mod-for-no-air-box/ Since a thermistor circuit is usually low current to avoid self heating, the circuit is sensitive to extra resistance from a bad connection. Unplugging and replugging connectors can help, especially if you clean and treat the connectors with something like DC4 or DeoxIT. I bought packs of 20 thermistors from Aliexpress for about $2 a pack. Let me know if you want a selection sent to you, I know I will never use them all. Note that the rating for thermistors is measured at 25 degC. The illustration below is for the V11 air intake sensor, but the V11 oil temp sensor has the same rating thermistor in a different housing.
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    Stay easy, folks! It's the internet only.
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    This year's Greeny parade, 3 of 4. After 20 years still the biggest group, even without the other 4 KRs of other colours (2 and 2)
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    Testimony to our solid, steadfast, and caring community that a guy comes on terribly frustrated and ready to bail and people all over the world jump in to help him fix it and stay on . . .
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    Under 4000rpm is like stepping on the toes of your Tango partner. 5000 to 6000+ is pure aria ! (Especially with some freer flowing canisters . . .)
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    Yes, like the French brand bicycle tires I recently bought, made in Malaysia, shipped to New Zealand, from a Spanish retail store.
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    That's because it is. Carb conversions are generally done by two types, first group, the strip it down to the bare bones and bugger the common sense real world day to day useable bike and the second group that's incapable for one reason or another of getting their head around even the basics of a std EFI system. The bonus is of course you get to spend around $700US to do the carb conversion when its all said and done to save a reputed 25LBS. Dont quite know where that figure comes from but there you go. Ciao
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    "He" is me, @vtwins4life. I know I'm starting "high," especially when compared to the standard V11s that sit for months on Craigslist at sub-$5k prices. But Rosso Mandellos are extremely rare and that spare tank alone is worth a bundle, I imagine. I couldn't find a single Rosso Mandello for sale anywhere with a price in extensive research, and almost nothing in the last three or four years. Based on pricing of other also-nearly non-existent special models, and extensive conversations at this year's Quail Motorcycle Gathering, I chose $8k as a perhaps-high-but-seemingly-reasonable starting point. Interested parties are welcome to make an offer, of course, but I'm not going to let it go for the price of a rusty greenie with crashmarks on both sides. If it doesn't sell, maybe I'll just keep it and fire it up to listen to the Magnis now and then. Maybe I'll sell off some of the parts and reduce the price some. Maybe I'll cut it up and make something with ergos that work for my newly-"reconfigured" leg, and sell off the bodywork. Oh, the humanity! Serious question: what do you think it's worth, and what is that number or range based on?
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    Well, in our case, it'll probably a V12 singing arias. Think all my Guzzis except my new V7 Special have been to SSR's. And, if I can't get my Norge's panniers back from the paint shop in time, that one will make its intro, too. . Bill (& Kathi )
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    They took a fair share of fussing & fiddling, but well worth it, IMO . . .
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    This Flying Tiger mob seem to be at the root of a bloke with a 1400 Eldorado who has been having issues over on Wildguzzi. We know he's got a buggered demand sensor, diagnostics are showing he's got a buggered demand sensor, buggered demand sensors are a known problem but despite all this and it throwing up the PO155 'Buggered demand sensor' code they keep just disconnecting shit, reconnecting it again, clearing the error and pushing him out the door! They even had the almost brand new bike for TWO MONTHS and then sent him away saying they 'Thought' they had fixed it. Needless to say they haven't! The crazy thing is it's a NEW bike! All they have to do is submit a warranty claim and get and fit the new part and do the handle and throttle learning procedures! It should of been fixed in a week! No wonder Guzzi are a fucking 'Niche Market'! With workshops like that you'd have to be barmy to own one!
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    I learned the hard way that if you have a USB gizmo hooked up to a battery, it will kill it dead as a mackerel if you forget to unhook the USB gizmo and let the bike set over a period of time.
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    I would make certain you had a good ground to the engine . I would put it at the battery cable ground .
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    How can a design so old still look out of the future ?
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    LOL... no but torque wheelies work
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    I don't want to jinx it but I may be days away from a Coppa Italia. I have a 2014 Griso 1200SE that I bought 6 weeks ago after selling my Ducati Hypermotard 939SP (decided that the 3rd gear power wheelies and the like was going to get me into trouble). The Griso just didn't do it for me so I posted it for sale. Guy offered to trade me his '09 Monster 1100S which was tempting. Then I saw he had a Coppa... We talked. He never rides the Coppa but is very attached to it. We're meeting this week to ride each other's bikes and see how we feel. I've lost a lot of sleep...
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    I love that Magni-faired silver Sport! So long and lean.
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    Did i really just get a set of LaFranconi carbons for $66 ??? https://www.ebay.com/itm/MOTO-GUZZI-LE-MANS-V11-LA-FRANCONI-OEM-CARBON-FIBER-MUFFLERS-/323859300474?nma=true&si=8S%2B62sD57wOuzixyBPjJcRPXyq0%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Yes, yes I did :-) VT4L
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    if the muffler hit the ground, the hangar bracket could bend. also bent foot peg. Joe has good stuff, thats what I have.
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    Listening to Dutch rockers DeWolff. Led Zeppelin on acid ;-)
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    If one (by mistake) remove the positive cable from the battery before the negative - it is very easy to touch the ECU with the wrench. Thereby the ground wire from the ECU (directly, but hidden to the negative battery pole) will "be burned" and since the original ground wire is put together with a lot of other cables in a cable loom - all will be partly damaged. The solution is easy. Disconnect the original ground wire from the ECU (which leads to the negative pole on the battery) - and replace it with a separate wire "in the open". So if someone later tries to remove the positive cables from the battery -and touching the ECU, without first the negative - the new open wire will get burned alone - and all others will be safe. Rolf
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    Jim here. Old guy (67/retired) who still has a brochure for the '77 LeMans 850 in his toolbox. Life intervened and I never got Guzzied. After three cancers, time is running. Time to buy my last bike. Well, I'm looking at an '02 LeMans, 10K miles,Ti exhaust, Power Commander, ECU re-flash and maybe a few things I'm forgetting. Owner says 'pristine" and pics (of course) look good. A fgw hours drive, so generally wondering what to look for beside the obvious. I am aware that '03-'04 have further improvements and that the paint will fall off the '02 engine. Asking 4.5K but might offer 4K after a close look. Always thought the fairings were hideous, but no one close is selling a Ballabio right now. I also know that Guzzis are not so much a motorcycle as they are a project (adventure?) that involves a motorcycle. Yet, as we see, those who love them LOVE them. Pax et Bonum
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