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    Images added....thanks Jaap. Ciao
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    Hi all, Joined the forum a few months back, but no post up until now, I have mainly been sneaking around....... I have a 2001 V11 Le Mans, Champagne (bought her in June last year). Pics will follow once I figure out how that works (the forum update seems to be causing some problems with that). 'Bike history' (sounds more impressive than it actually is): 1984 Honda CBX 550 (stolen), 1978 Honda CX500 (too old/slow for the motorway and sold) and now the Guzzi, definitely a keeper! Tomorrow I am going to replace the old and hardened tires for some fresh rubber, looking forward to the drive home.... Cheers!
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    If you have a redframe bike, you should get the brace. Better to do it before the gearbox housing cracks, not after. Contact Don at Motiv at the website listed. He's a Guzzi dealer now.
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