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    Both the bypass screws and the CO setting date back to times when the BIN couldn't be changed and where the only possible means to correct variations inevitable in mass production and the unavoidable wear. Since Beard created the means to down/upload the BIN this has become unneccessary. I choose to use a CO trim of 0 as base for my fuel map optimization as the CO trim effect tapers off with increasing rpm, or rather increasing air flow. The closed bypass screw setting was used because it's easier to duplicate a setting of totally closed than 1 turn open. Somebody elses 1 turn is likely to be different from mine, even small variations matter in idle. The fuel map values at those breakpoints where CO trim or bypass screws have an impact are so that the mixture is correct with my recommendations. As my V11 was somewhat modified with conical opening of the snorkels, removing half of the shaft holding the butterfly valve, re-worked butterfly valve contours, TI cans, valve play set to 0.3mm for intake/exhaust to countermand the very long ramp up slope of the camshaft and the resulting loss of mean pressure, an average V11 would run a bit richer than mine. Still I would recommend to reduce the (left cylinder only) fuel values across the entire fuel map in small %-steps instead if trying fiddle with CO trim or bypass screws. Cheers Meinolf
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    Getting ready for a ride to the Appalachians in a month and found a weak rear Pirelli GT. They are lasting about 3500 miles for me; right at average for my 30 rear tires. (I get 3 rear : 4 front). Trying to follow my own advice (Wheels Off Maintenance Checklist in FAQ) , I found my Brembo rear pads ready for a change (10,111 miles/ 16.300 km). Inboard more than outboard, which tells me the pistons need cleaned, equalized, pin polished and lubed, and fluid bled. The brake side rear wheel bearing was also played up. Fourth one on that side. Only the third on the drive side, which felt okay, but my trusted friend, Josh, who found the bad bearing says, "Change them both." I believe in this guy! The last bearings were made in China and lasted 1/2 as long as the OEM, Euro-made stuff. I'm trying to source better made bearings. So . . . when that tire needs changed, folks: Wheels Off Maintenance Checklist!
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    Buddy , with bearings now . I don't know which brand is best . I would buy SKF deep groove bearings . I used to have that info in the basket next to me but..... Just make sure it is not Made in China . Everything from chewing gum to dog food is made there now . UGH !
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    Only $600 from Cycle Garden? They must have been feeling generous that day. I’d also try the Moto Guzzi group in Facebook. More than likely you’ll get someone wanting to swap you straight across for your floorboards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Extraneous comment from the peanut gallery: That is a fine looking scooter even by today's standards. IMO it beats anything Guzzi's made since the V11 (MGS-01 aside, hey, there's one for sale right now for only fifty two kilobucks! ). Good fortune and happy riding with your retro-mount.
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    To make a long story short there was oil compression no out of the bell housing. It was most likely from the input shaft seal on the transmission. But while I was there things got out of hand. Refreshed all the leak points on the back of the engine and trans, fresh bearings and shims in the trans where needed and a fresh clutch. After some strange ignition issues (two brand new condensers failed in 30 miles????) this is a really fun bike to just enjoy riding. I’m not sure that I’m a floorboard guy though maybe they’ll grow on me. Footpegs are hard to come by.
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    I seem to replace bearings at every 3rd or fourth tire change. Always use SKF most of the time. Usually bearing condition isn’t horrible but not worth the risk of running a shagged bearing. FWIW.
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    My voltage dropped below 8 while cranking even after re-conditioning this battery a couple times. It would start, but then after sitting it just barely cranks. New odyssey delivered this week. Hopefully I can get out and test it today.
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    Yes docc source some decent brand bearings, Timken, SKF, Koyo etc. After you install the new bearings can you report back on how the bearing feels to turn by finger. I suspect these may actually need bearings with C2 or C3 clearance for greater life. ciao
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    Despite what Pete sez, it'll beat the shit out any standard fare Harley (I'll admit that I haven't ridden the new Softail line). Think Harley ergos with better handling , brakes and balance and 2500 more rpms. Yeah, I've ridden some hot Harley but they shake, have no ground clearance, etc., etc. It's hard to get passed Harley ergos. I have hard time believing the 1400 won't be around in some form.
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