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    Yeah, I've dealt with those things. Just use a cap screw, and consider yourself lucky it fell out.
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    That is the anti tamper bolt that goes into the bottom of the Ignition switch or it's mount. Its meant to be not removable . They screw it in then snap the head off. It's not easy to remove but sometimes they loosen up and fall right out.. I once cut a groove in one to get it out with a screw driver.
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    Or do it yourself. instructions on Greg Bender's site by both myself and in more detail by John Noble.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm also going to tell him about Motiv Cycle Works, they seem like nice and competent people. And also OC Motorcycle, though they are all the way out in California. John Zibell is probably the most practical in terms of proximity...
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    Looks lovely man, really nice lines. But how will you fit a top-box?
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    Motowfo sez: check with John Zibell (Jlzibell>at<gmail.com) in Huntsville, Alabama. The man has a longtime, established, and positive Moto Guzzi reputation.
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    Not near the east coast, but I’m sure either The Guzzi Doctor in Chicago or Rosefarm Classics west of him. Harpers?
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    Another remote possibility is the wire is broken behind the keyed ignition switch and is shorting to the other The ignition switch block is held on by two Phillips screws up from below.
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    I own Scura #600 just north of the Golden Gate bridge in California!
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    New seat. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    I thought we decided that gears were better for motorcycles and chains were only for Phil’s bedroom activities....?
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    MOTO GUZZI V11 CAFÉ SPORT – 2004 GPR RACE EXHAUST WITH 2 INTO 1 CROSSOVER COMES WITH ORIGINAL BLACK SILENCERS REAR HUGGER APRILIA TUONO MIRRORS TOP SPEC BREMBO BRAKES OHLINS GOLD ADJUSTABLE FORKS AND OHLINS ADJUSTABLE REAR SHOCK 6 SPEED GEARBOX LIGHTWEIGHT CAST ALLOY WHEELS MILEAGE - 20868 MOT - JAN 2020 SOME SERVICE HISTORY A very rare model of the V11 lovely looking in silver and bronze with black bikini fairing. The fuel mapping has just been re-mapped by tuning specialist with dynamometer. Recent new clutch and battery. Removable seat hump to allow pillion passenger. BIKE IS AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING IN WEST MIDLANDS UK. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS. PRICE - £4750 ONO
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