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    One in The Netherlands, 75000 km. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk
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    Regrettably, as do other fond memories, time changes things. I'll save my Yvonne stories for the campfire ... after Kathi goes to bed. WRT roads in the SE USA, the Appalachian Development Highway System (ADHS) has “improved” many of the roads we all so fondly (or not) remember from twisting, tummy-tickling (or worse) back-seat-riding experiences to dull straights. Mighty fine for the locals and farm-to-market needs, but painful to ride as they are often 4-lane slabs. My map was a quick look; "needs work." Before you all head up 25 or any other roads that way, recommend a google-maps recon. There are many — MANY — great roads in Kentucky, but some now make I-75 seem interesting. Bill
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    One in NSW Jervis Bay area Australia This Cafe Sport was first regestered in the UK owner moved to Aust. I am the third owner as far as I know. Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
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    Wish I could post a pic here, but reckon I'll have to wait till the kids visit next and show me how! Anyways I have 78228 kilometres on the Greenie as of now. Love the ole tart and couldn't voluntarily part with her. This forum is one hell of an asset in keeping these buggers with their little foibles on the road !! Cheers Guzzler
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    Interesting. I had cutouts/misfires and the strangest shit starting around 3k rpm once, even that bad that when I held the throttle WO, she would just die. What it was? Previous owner most likely placed a non-oil compatible and too large o-ring around the sensor, which pushed it away from the phonic wheel. When the o-ring was oil-saturated and the engine became properly hot (city traffic), going above 3k rpm caused her to die.... Was clearly visibly by the sensor mounting plate to be bent outwards.
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    Heck yeah, south of Indianapolis at Nashville, Indiana, take 135 all the way to the bridge at Brandenburg, or head west some after Nashville (Indiana) and take the squiggly bits through the Hoosier Natl Forrest and cross at Cannelton. A few straits here and there, but it's all good.
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    Yeah, once you get to the Ohio river there are many choices heading south. It all depends on how much time you have to get from point A to point B.
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    I don't think it is *that* critical, but I shoot for .030". Obviously, they will run with an interference fit for a while. .050" is too much. I played with this stuff a *lot* with my Centauro many years ago. It took me 2 years of fooling around with it until I finally cured that occasional hiccup around 3K rpm. On my bike, the brass temp sensor holder was the last piece of the puzzle.
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    One of the guys on WG was able to get a vid of Sugaree (first set, before John changed shirts in my photos)
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    Haha! Well, Spine Raiders keep coming from further away and more States. We have yet to host a Raider from any really far-flung place like Varsseveld, Bungendore, Eindhoven, Coburg, or New Zealand. Or even British Columbia! We'll make room at the inn, y'all!
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