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    Also an accurate interpretation. Every time I look at the photos of the bike, I think, "I can't/shouldn't sell this."
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    That (matching color) shop chair signifies all of us who have sat in front of our bike for hours in the throes of admiration . . . (Sheesh: One-of-a-Kind-Rosso-Mandello-Magni-Scura!)
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    Hi Guys Just back from family visit so only seeing your replies now-thanks a lot for speedy response - the battery is a new Yuasa 14ah which a Guzzi shop told me would do the business and when the solenoid/starter gets a clean contact it happily cranks over and starts - haven't flushed out the tank yet and the petrol is a few years old although I know that s a different set of issues apart from the dodgy contact with the starter. I also know its a sin to expect a motor to run happily on mouldy old unleaded. The relays I will have to chase up- I got a workshop manual with the bike but wasn't too impressed with the wiring diagram, maybe because Ive always been a bit allergic to Italian wiring and wouldn't class myself as a sparks, more a fiddler. Amateur fiddlers keep professional mechanics in work so we shouldn't be abused too much - that's my logic. I might surrender and bring the beast to a good mechanic I know in Dublin who specialises in Italian stuff from the past, my work keeps me on the road for long days and hours in the Summer so don't get the chance to spend quality time in the shed fettling- I know its cheating but starting into a fiddly issue when you`re knackered tired isn't the best or most productive approach. Im due to take the bike to the Isle of Man for the Classic TT in a few weeks time and would hate to have it sit down on me while there, if only because the company I keep will give me a merciless ribbing over Italian stuff - Im sure you know the routine, Thanks again for the help, you will hear more about it.
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    You probably had some air in the system before you replaced the levers so it was a little spongy which would give you an engagement point closer to the bar. Now with the system bled the engagement point is further out because the system has less sponge in it. Dont your new levers have adjustable reach? BTW the best method for bleeding by light years is with a pressure bleeder. You can buy one in the states for $60. Thats what I did. Vacuum bleeding is pretty rubbish and there is always the risk that when manual bleeding you push the master piston a lot deeper in the cylinder than normal and risk seal damage from the seal passing over an area it doesn't normally see. Pressure bleeding avoids this and makes fluid flushing really easy. Ciao
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    a good flush with new fluid may solve your problem.
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    All I can say is when I was looking at Carl's diagrams, when I'd look at wires, it would be different colors on my bike. FWIW, when I was fooling with The barn find Strada, I couldn't get Carl to understand there was an extra relay that *wasn't* on his schematic. That never did get translated to his drawing. Believe me, I'm not knocking Carl..it can be confusing. At any rate, when I looked at the wiring "that I was working with" on this latest thing, the colors were the same as the black and white I posted from the back of the owner's manual.
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    So, yeah it's a Viton O-ring seal and the spacer is to set the timing (it's not really a gasket). They commonly get loose and need to be snugged up. Sometimes that stops the weep, but really common for the O-ring to harden and flatten out. Mne also leaked through the wire and I JBWelded it . . .
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