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    On the advice of the Good Docc! Prescribed 5 relays and didn’t need to call in the morning
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    Ha! That's what Lorde was singing about. "That green light, I want it". https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18925-what-do-you-listen-to-share-your-favs/&do=findComment&comment=239743 But seriously, I think Lucky Phil is right.
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    I should have made this awhile ago, but I am now. My design goal is to blend titanium and carbon fiber into the bike without radically changing the look. Just enhance it and purify the form. so far I’ve removed the airbox and side panels, installed K&N Filters. Removed the rear hugger and swing arm trim. Installed a custom set of titanium mufflers using the factory high mount kit. Converting the turn signals/tail light and headlight to LED. My next step is going to have the tank/tail made out of carbon fiber. Just received my upgraded tank with internal fuel pump from Germany yesterday. I like these tanks.. I was never a fan of the chin pad and internalising the fuel pump cleans up and simplifies the bike big time.
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    It’s not the biggest and baddest in their line up.. but it’s the most compact and technologically adept at retrofitting into a motorcycle with limited room. One thing to consider is the assembly, these headlight bulbs and the housing are built to work together. I was suppose to have them by tomorrow, but a delay on FedEx’s end means that it’s been rescheduled for Monday. When I do get it, I’ll write up a Install with some pics. I was talking with Docc, and it looks like LED tech has finally matured to the point where you can use them and feel safe knowing they work. I’ve never liked the headlight on my bike, idk if it’s some aftermarket pos or what.. but it’s coming out and I also wanted to reduce the amount of strain on the electrical system by converting all lighting to LED which I’ve done aside from the license plate lamp. I’m pretty excited to see how it works out on the road.
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    What's the saying ? If it's too loud , you're too old .
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    2 ways to fix foggy dials. 3 if you include filling with dry nitrogen! 1: heat the glass - this doesn't require the dial to be completely airtight. 2: seal the dial so it's 100% airtight with a good desicator inside. Never tried either! Just my experience with keeping CCTV cameras fog free.
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    Hello Guzzisti- Just a note to keep you guys informed - as feared our lad John has lost his lady to cancer - she passed last Thursday and the funeral was last Tuesday and was attended by about 70/80 bikes of all classes, as she had requested - it was a sad sweet day and became my first long run of about 200 miles on the Guzzi so was a bittersweet way to get back on the old thing. We had a police escort across North Dublin to the crematorium and our last instructions were to give our motors some stick while her casket was being carried into the service - which we did. All very fitting and so much better than a quiet exit. Me and the Guzzi need to try a bit harder to suit each other - the ravages of time have given me arthritis in feet hands and other parts so the riding position is quite painful and I cant dance about the way I used to years back - but the beast pulls like a train and still handles sweetly -of course it rained on and off most of the day. So Im thinking about whether I need to look at something like a Griso or maybe rebuild my Cagiva 900 Gran Canyon which is also a V twin, my kind of motor. Or can I alter the footrest position on the V11 without too much butchery? I actually spent some of the run on a pals 1300 Honda naked thing,as he wanted a spin on the Guzzi, and the riding position was so comfortable and allowed me to enjoy the ride and realise I hadn't lost the ability, just the clip-ons and rearsets position is now damn uncomfortable for me. Dash and bother as they say in Blighty. So that's the state of play - I also have to chase up the paperwork for the bike as it has been first registered in England in 02, then imported to Ireland for a few years and reregistered - then sold back to England and put back on the UK number plate and now back in Ireland so needing to have the old Irish plate put back on-Irish civil servants being what they are this is going to be a headscratcher for them and I will need to be patient, which isn't my strong suit.But I will keep you guys informed - and try figure a few photos into the conversation. BTW your run to the Spine sounds and looks like serious fun- I hope old Dorian leaves you alone - we think we have problems with rain in Ireland but many parts of the planet would love to have our problems. Ciao for now Locky
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    The OEM Ducati Energia didn't send Amps to ground, it just let the circuit go open circuit.
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    Ha. Dave, I saw your cans for sale and wondered.... well one thing led to another and here I am, and so are you. too funny. Well, if they don't sell you can always make^^^ this^^^ work. I have a spare set too, was thinking of stealing the mid pipes for a muffler project
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    Very cool... But if you go that route with that tank I would love to buy your carbon fiber tank pad. 😉 I too have a Scura. But instead of going titanium I added more carbon.. M3 pipes , Carbon bellypan and a Rosso Mandello carbon headlight fairing... I know carbon on a V11 is like a fat chick ordering a loaded pizza with a diet coke but hey, it does look cool...
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    Truth be told, I snuck in a podgy bar with a hammering face ground on. That made it past the Parc Fermé fence, but they were steadfast about, "NO RUSTY STAR PICKETS! NOT ONE!"
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    Ahem. I've looked, but I do *not* see a hammer. I see rear drives galore, and a flashlight.. but..
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    I love the dedicated thread for your build! Best to you on the journey!
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    If they match side to side consider that a win and move on.
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    That, right there, is the most hen's teeth ever seen in one spot at one time . . .
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