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    Ha! That's what Lorde was singing about. "That green light, I want it". https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18925-what-do-you-listen-to-share-your-favs/&do=findComment&comment=239743 But seriously, I think Lucky Phil is right.
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    What's the saying ? If it's too loud , you're too old .
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    2 ways to fix foggy dials. 3 if you include filling with dry nitrogen! 1: heat the glass - this doesn't require the dial to be completely airtight. 2: seal the dial so it's 100% airtight with a good desicator inside. Never tried either! Just my experience with keeping CCTV cameras fog free.
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    Hello Guzzisti- Just a note to keep you guys informed - as feared our lad John has lost his lady to cancer - she passed last Thursday and the funeral was last Tuesday and was attended by about 70/80 bikes of all classes, as she had requested - it was a sad sweet day and became my first long run of about 200 miles on the Guzzi so was a bittersweet way to get back on the old thing. We had a police escort across North Dublin to the crematorium and our last instructions were to give our motors some stick while her casket was being carried into the service - which we did. All very fitting and so much better than a quiet exit. Me and the Guzzi need to try a bit harder to suit each other - the ravages of time have given me arthritis in feet hands and other parts so the riding position is quite painful and I cant dance about the way I used to years back - but the beast pulls like a train and still handles sweetly -of course it rained on and off most of the day. So Im thinking about whether I need to look at something like a Griso or maybe rebuild my Cagiva 900 Gran Canyon which is also a V twin, my kind of motor. Or can I alter the footrest position on the V11 without too much butchery? I actually spent some of the run on a pals 1300 Honda naked thing,as he wanted a spin on the Guzzi, and the riding position was so comfortable and allowed me to enjoy the ride and realise I hadn't lost the ability, just the clip-ons and rearsets position is now damn uncomfortable for me. Dash and bother as they say in Blighty. So that's the state of play - I also have to chase up the paperwork for the bike as it has been first registered in England in 02, then imported to Ireland for a few years and reregistered - then sold back to England and put back on the UK number plate and now back in Ireland so needing to have the old Irish plate put back on-Irish civil servants being what they are this is going to be a headscratcher for them and I will need to be patient, which isn't my strong suit.But I will keep you guys informed - and try figure a few photos into the conversation. BTW your run to the Spine sounds and looks like serious fun- I hope old Dorian leaves you alone - we think we have problems with rain in Ireland but many parts of the planet would love to have our problems. Ciao for now Locky
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    The OEM Ducati Energia didn't send Amps to ground, it just let the circuit go open circuit.
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    Ha. Dave, I saw your cans for sale and wondered.... well one thing led to another and here I am, and so are you. too funny. Well, if they don't sell you can always make^^^ this^^^ work. I have a spare set too, was thinking of stealing the mid pipes for a muffler project
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    Truth be told, I snuck in a podgy bar with a hammering face ground on. That made it past the Parc Fermé fence, but they were steadfast about, "NO RUSTY STAR PICKETS! NOT ONE!"
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    Ahem. I've looked, but I do *not* see a hammer. I see rear drives galore, and a flashlight.. but..
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    If they match side to side consider that a win and move on.
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    That, right there, is the most hen's teeth ever seen in one spot at one time . . .
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