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    Most of you probably follow the Redux thread, but I wanted to move the pertinent info to the top where it's not buried 7 pages deep. Pete Roper licensed sloppage trays for V11 broad-sump motors, US-made in 304 Stainless Steel .080" thick. $70US, plus USPS medium priority mail box in the US, total $84.35. International orders, $70US plus actual shipping. Please do send me a PM through the site, and I'll send an invoice. This avoids confusion and creates a solid timeline so nobody falls through the cracks. PayPal to pressureangle@gmail.com or check/money order to; Horst Manufacturing 9501 E. Center St. Windham, OH 44288
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    an old and worn front tire will present as heavy steer on a sport bike. Also, a 19 year old moto that's been sitting, and with an unknown history, should be looked at as you would any vintage bike. Off with the tank and wash it out. Do the "tank off maintenance" while there. Have a look at the breather tube, goes from the underside of the frame near the head down to the rear of the case. That thing can/will rot and disintegrate, and leak oil. Service every electrical connection and ground you can find. that's a start... as others have said, short frames are quite stable riders. You get that thing sorted and you'll be laughing. welcome citizen
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    Ah...hem. Yes. Pete, you've given the MG community far more than you may know, or possibly could have received in return. Well done. I couldn't have made this happen so easily without Swooshdave and Chuck. It was my intention to let Swooshdave be the front man, but since the cat is out of the bag, they are made, and waiting only on engraving; I'm hesitant to let them go blank but the engraving is way behind schedule. The price will be $70.00US plus a medium USPS priority box, $14.35, total $84.35US. International buyers pay only what actual shipping costs, we'll send them anywhere. I have to set up a proper company PayPal yet, but checks and money orders are ok after clearing and I have to check on VISA/MC/AMEX before making a statement of certainty.
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    No idea where they are assembled now. Last time I was In Mandello in 2016 the very last of the 1200's were being assembled along with smallblocks and the MGX but while the vehicle assembly lines and various other pedestals for assembly of fairings/stereos/clocks etc were on display there didn't seem to be any dedicated areas for engine, gearbox or final drive assembly so I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that these components were being assembled remotely at Pontadera or Noale or some other Piaggio facility and then shipped to Mandello for final assembly into whole motorbikes. I've since seen pics of workers assembling smallblock motors purportedly taken at Mandello fairly recently but there is nothing actually in the pictures to identify the location as Mandello itself.
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    You'll need 2 upper gaskets and one lower gasket, unless you can save the upper that's already in the bike. Swooshdave has made a super video on the installation. Swooshdave's awesome Roper Plate install video
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    And in a strange twist of fate, Indians are no longer imported to the US as they were in the 60s and 70s, but made in North America. Meanwhile some Harleys are made in India. And then there's the new 338cc "Charley", made in China. Corporate life, reflecting politics as it does, often makes for strange bedfelllows.
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    I wouldn't burn 17 cent gas in that silver bike Docc. Jus' sayin'.
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    All cool, bud. We're all here to converse. I've long tried to maintain a searchable archive here for the common concerns of our V11. This driveshaft is a critical component that we must all understand and maintain well.
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    My Sport would be ditch-fill without this community. Long ago. Truly. It is , instead, a Prince-of-the-Pumps! So: it can be done. Take-your-time-take-your-time . . .
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    Thanks for the offer! Seriously, you guys have been really helpful and forthcoming. I really appreciate it. I know that these are hands-on bikes. I am actually looking forward to having a bike like this that I need to become handy and familiar with. Years ago, wrenching on my 850T and later my Triumphs, a ‘61 pre-unit Bonnie and then a ‘68 Bonnie, was my passion. It’s been a while, but I am really glad to be back in the saddle with a Guzzi. Back then, the two bikes that I lusted over were a Norton Commando and a Guzzi LeMans. My impression is that the V11 Sport is dipping into LeMans territory. I’ll see my friend on Sunday and hopefully wrap everything up next week. Thanks again for your welcome and help with this. This is a quality forum.
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    Well corporations do what they gotta do. Not exactly the same, but GM screwed Pontiac and Oldsmobile. Ford screwed Mercury and Chrysler the same to Plymouth. "Indian" has more cred than Victory. As nice a bike as the Victories are, it seems to me that their focus was too narrow and their demographic (me) is dying off. Indian has more bases covered. Back to Erik, I wonder if a V11 will fit a Buell XB frame. 90º turn on final drive and... Just daydreaming. Anyway, the Ballabio is my last bike. I don't have many laps left and would hate to breathe my last regretting not having owned a Guzzi.
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    If you want to really improve the bike and save a massive amount of weight and dont mind spending money commission an elegant chain drive conversion and rid the bike of the heavy leaky inefficient POS shaft drive system altogether. Ciao
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    You need to make a commitment to owning a Guzzi. As long as the bike is fundamentally sound and the price is as good as others here have indicated then you cant afford to sweat the small stuff. The valve cover may have a porosity spot in it which would be the first I have heard of and would be an easy fix internally. More likely its been damaged at some point and repaired without sealing 100%. Also forget about a test ride to see if you "like" the bike because chances you wont be in love with it on a test ride. The joy of Guzzi ownership grows on you as you commit yourself to adapting to what the bike requires from the rider/owner.The test ride is just to make sure everything works. Ciao
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    Regarding the main seal, I'm sorry to say that the other leak sources are the more likely culprits, it may rear its head again, but not be the main seal.
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    Uh , the arc of the swingarm is the reason for a two piece driveshaft . When the output shaft , swingarm pivot and the rear axle centerline are parallel , the distance is the greatest .
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    I have no problem stepping out of the way and letting the pros work. I was just the instigator and wanted to see the plates being offered again. My job is done. Now everyone just needs to order some plates! Well, soon. Thanks again to Pete for letting us continue his work! And to Chuck and Pressureangle for making it happen!
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    In that case, I could make some if the Philippines solution doesn't work.
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