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    Thats' the spot. Here it is this morning, when I found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: And a dirt road off CA1 by Treebones, North of Gorda. Surf has been pretty good too. :-)
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    Howdy boys... I'll commit to running another batch of springs. Been busy with work lately - lots of travel. But I can get another batch ordered. BTW - I'm gonna need some help with electrickecy soon. My Scura's been parked too long. But today, I'm up in Morro Bay near the start of the Big Sur coastline. Waves are supposed to be 25 feet by Piedras Blanca on Big Sur. Me and Husky 701 are going to brave the wet, rocky, muddy stuff to inspect. Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Hi, Bob here. 66, retired. Bought a project Sport about 3 weeks ago. Have owned around 15 motorcycles over my riding years. The MG is my third Italian bike, the other two were dink’s, a HD Aermachi 65 and a Sears Gilera 106 I owned around age 15/16. My other current bike is a 2006 FJR1300. I’ve looked at 4 Sports and a Ballabio over the past 11 years, but never pulled the trigger, very happy I have now. Member of this forum since 2008, sure wish I had picked up that greenie I looked at back then. My Sport is a 2001, 9100 mi, has a Tenni rear cowl with a black tank, Ti cans w/Ecu. I assume it may have been dropped somewhere in it’s past. I bought it with a leaking fuel pump, dead battery, and 15 year old tires, plus 10 years in storage, from the daughter of a gentleman who was supposedly incarcerated for running a Ponzi scheme. He did not put any miles on it, just stored it away in a climate controlled warehouse, along with all kinds of other vehicles and stuff. All this was reflected in the price. Despite all this, I feel the owner previous to the last loved this bike. I’ve put a fuel pump, new tires and about 400 miles on it. The driveline fluids looked good enough to run temporarily as I feel it was prepped properly for sale/storage, but I really need to flush the root beer out of the brake and clutch lines, which I will start tomorrow. Anyway, happy new owner looking forward to riding, and reading about this charismatic motorcycle. Bob
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    I don't know if I posted these before, but I have high rez scans of Marabese design proposal to Guzzi for the V11 LeMans. Mike
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