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    No chance of that Peter! Your advice and guidance has aided many a Guzzi rider...deeply grateful for the help over the years. i had a visit with Mike at MPH today to inquire about getting some Norge maintenance done that I am not setup to do at home (swing arm bearing greasing and alternator belt replacement), ..and got some further clarity on what had been done to the Scura clutch, and to take advantage of the lovely weather to get a nice 150 mile ride in today... Indeed it was the lightened Cali single plate steel clutch that Mike put into my Scura, but it also involved getting the friction plate from the Cali as well, and the only other modification Mike remembers doing was putting a small ball bearing in the clutch slave cylinder, as he mentioned that without that the clutch would grab even with the clutch lever pulled all the way in. Odd solution, but seems to work...As I've mentioned above, the clutch grabs immediately upon releasing the lever, so there's no play at all like in most clutches, but it works just beautifully. I guess this is one alternative for folks to pursue if you can find that rather elusive combination of flywheel/friction plate and are patient enough to do the ball bearing trick as well, or perhaps there's another alternative available. If folks have other more technical questions, let me know as I'll be down there again on Friday to drop off the Norge...
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    Sp838 & GuzziMoto, Why did you change the triple trees if they have different offsets ? Do the forks not fit the OEM's ? What ended up being the length of your reworked GSXR forks ? Thanks I'm weighing up getting Racetech parts for the originals or upgrading to cartridge forks from a GSXR...
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    Since it's really just Mistral at this point with very little competition, their prices are high, but they are well-made. Perhaps consider foregoing the next $1000 iPhone upgrade and get some nice Mistral carbon fiber slip-ons. You won't regret it.
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    Maybe V11s are different, but coming from a Griso and being around the Guzzi scene I've seen Guzzi riders as some of the "thriftiest" motorcyclist out there. Im sure someones reading this and snapping their suspenders before they reply to me
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    Aprilia make a very nice product. I've owned 2 RSV1000R's ( ohlins suspension and forged wheels model) and a standard RSV1000. They all were very good bikes and under appreciated by the market at the time. Aprilia quality is first class. Ciao
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    What you want for a track bike is one you're not bothered about crashing and a bike that is so much better than you are that your total concentration and focus is on doing the actual riding and working on improving and enhancing your riding technique and skills. You also dont want something that's so fast it scares you, or is too heavy or has significant shortcomings you need to compensate for. Its all about the riding not the bike. Losing the brakes doesn't seem to full fill at least one of my criteria Ciao
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    Sold today to a guy who drove over 5 hours from Las Vegas - and is currently making the return trip. Long may you run... with your chrome heart shining in the sun...
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    Heck, a ham fisted no skill guy can run any kind of pig around a track. So long as you're having fun and have no shame. The session just before the front brake line let go. I hate when that happens.
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    left one is 02114000 = centauro, right is from v11. Bottom to hole is 10 mm on left one 16 right. Diameter is same Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
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    Great video, awesome song, one of my favorites too Scud!
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