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    Like Docc said. Be sure you know what you are plugging. One line from the tank is draining rainwater and/or gas overflow. Another is to let air back in the tank as the fuel is used. I wouldn't want to accidentally plug either of those.
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    Will be looking forward to having a look as soon as you can Thx. Oh and thx for the coaching Docc..
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    IF the factory wires are solid core , you can get the wire anywhere and get a resistor end cap . Maybe 5k ohm ?
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    Knackered battery, new one fitted and all good. Thanks for your assistance cheers andy
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    Docc, "Ghost Rider" is a well written, human and touching book. Motorcycling through grief.
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    Ah, who needs one? I heard those high cam engines have nothing but valve train problems. Now, if there was an MGS-01 body kit for V11s, that would be different...
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