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    A buddy of mine is a rep for them & I was just making conversation . The price .... not cheap . We all are looking for any angle for MORE anything .
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    I had no idea you could sell broken parts for this much $$$$ ?
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    In a rare cognitive moment, I checked the member map.
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    There were 3 (Three!) V11 Lemans at the Number Two Show on Saturday. I haven't ever seen three LeMans (or V11 Sports for that case) in one place before!
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    Buying a 2013 Stelvio with 20k kilometres on it to add to the collection. The bike is in PEI (Anne of Green Gables etc on the Atlantic side of Gods own Country) and I live in BC. So I will be flying over in April and weather permitting, will then head over to St John’s NL and mile Zero and then ride home. Wife thinks I am mad, but I am less concerned with the distance -about 6;000ks than the weather in early spring up here. Two questions: do the Stelvio riders have a specific blog site like here? and Anyone got suggestions on route planning? Right now I plan to head along the Trans CANADA from PEI to NL and then Trans CANADA all the way home but if freezing or snowing could detour south through the States.
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    That is also a Tonti frame motor so wont have the mounting boss for your V11..Have you tried a dealer to see if the part is available new? the crack you have fairly common on a crashed V11, see another broken one here, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Le-Mans-2-03-Front-Timing-Cover-Case-Casing/382870305420?hash=item5924d93a8c:g:WpMAAOSwZjpcnevJ
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    Here's a crankcase set w/cover - but it's a V11 EV (the same?) https://www.ebay.com/itm/1998-Moto-Guzzi-V11-1100-California-EV-Crankcase-Engine-Motor-Bottom-GU30000770/264430514889?hash=item3d914972c9:g:Q7MAAOSwa~1dU7j3 Sooner or later, a CNC programmer might have to develop a program to make these, what with their susceptibility to breakage and being made of unobtanium.
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    maxv11 looks to be your neighbor, po18guy . . . "WA" = Washington (state), USA . . .
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    WA? Western Australia? Lotsa bush mechanics that can make it like new. Washington State? A veritable plethora of good welders. Go to a welding supply shop and ask them who's the best. Or a hot rod shop, as cast alloy transmissions housings break and need welding.
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    Well the wall thickness on the outside of the mount looks a bit thin for an insert but they are quite deep so thats good. Generally the item needs to be designed for the insert. I'd just flatten the mounting faces off on a plate if possible then screw it down without too much force with some blue loctite. When you bolt it down look to see if it tends to distort and load up the mounts too much. When this happens I usually use some small thin homemade rubber washers under the mounts and then torque up lightly with the loctite. Ciao
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    An image of the damage would be helpful. Most things can be successfully repaired by the right people. Ciao
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    Others can chime in here but the cover your'e looking at(G5 1000) is from a Tonti framed bike and doesn't even have the front mounts your cover has broken if I understand you correctly. It also wont have the same alternator so the front of the crank nose will be different and the alternator wont fit the case. My suggestion would be without having an image of the damage would be to cut the original mount off and position it correctly and have an aircraft welder weld it back on or preferably someone well versed in welding cast crankcases until you can source a second hand unit. Ciao
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    For those times when I am out of coffee and I feel like some good old nonsense.
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    Leon. The Master of Space and Time. Saw him last for his 70th Bday in Tulsa. Still love his music and have his hits on my playlist. Jumpin Jack Flash/Youngblood. Stranger in Strange Land. Song for You. Hummingbird. And then his country side, Hank Wilson, Rolling in my Sweet Baby's Arms. They're restoring the Church Studio in Tulsa now. It should be open to the public this summer. https://thechurchstudio.com/ Leon and Tulsa were the center of the universe for 15 minutes or so in the 1970s. In fact, it's still there in one small spot. https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/the-center-of-the-universe-tulsa-oklahoma
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    Pretty awesome for 1970, great music, rather risqué! I never would have known about this California television presentation being just halfway through seventh grade at the time. Never knew Leon Russell was performing so explosively that young (28 at the filming). Thanks to one of my guitar players for sharing this . . .
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    Our ISP is (almost) tits up right now, so I can't show pix. Saw Footgoose briefly, an airhead beemer couple from southern Indiana, and John & Karla Barnes with step son Todd. (Kentucky rally movers and shakers.) Stayed in the downtown Art deco Hilton, and rode the trolley right to the brewery. The beer was good..
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    Fixed Pressureangle's pic on page 8
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