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    So some progress. I've managed to get the front end back together and finish off the wiring. I painted the top triple clamp and gave everything a good clean up while I was there. I bought myself a stand which I should have done years ago as the one I have was a home made job from the previous owner and very dodgy and dangerous to use. I'm carrying too many old injuries these days to struggle with the physical stuff, when there are sensible options,so I dont. On its wheels. The braided breather hose is the next job to finish off. The Throttle bodies and TPS are set up but I need to source a fuel canister to make a tuning fuel supply so I can remove the tank and bench it and hook up a small fuel supply. After reworking the TPS and getting that working I bit the bullet and decided to buy a good second hand set of Ducati throttle bodies. So for about 130usd I ended up with a pair of near new side flow injectors,a TPS, a fuel regulator and mounting assembly I'll use on the remote fuel tank, plus a bunch of spare TB parts inc the pivot ball and some spare plastic fuel fittings that are worth around $45usd ea to replace with alloy aftermarket ones if you break one of the originals. I've now also got a single throttle body that I can use to clean side flow injectors which turned out to be quite an issue finding someone to do. Wiring Repainted top triple clamp Stand....German made! Ciao
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    So we’ve been blessed with some gorgeous cool, dry days hereabouts. So i finally put a fresh angel on the back, and fiddled with her. The andreani fork kit feels really tight. so planted- i’ve never done a track day but i bet these’d be good in that scenario. Roads round here are every type- all radiuses, up, down, fast, slow, smooth, bumpy. The front feels grand but took tweaking on the c and r to ride it all well. The only thing I’d like, and was hoping for, was that lovely floaty feeling over ripples that you get on great suspension. I can’t seem to get this kit to do that as yet. The preload is near the minimum, c and r at the lower end too, but still feeling so tight. Superb at speeds over say 40-50 but seem to be lacking finesse below that. Apart from the lack of dive. The tyres though... These angels are just ace. Best i’ve used anyway 🙂 So I’ve been tearing about like a loon, and happy enough... £400 happy? hmmm... i rode her with the marzy springs for ages, and rode the snot out of her without a problem really, i spose she was due fresh springs sooner or later anyway...
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    Strollin’ down Memory Lane: Wheel go ‘round and ‘round:
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    Thanks to LowRyter for correctly quoting and attributing the paraphrase I posted on being "divided by a common language." George Bernard Shaw, one the greats! The only thing I ever understood Joey Dunlop say was, "Hed doon, arse oop."
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    Accents are funny things. I grew up in a rural area in Lincolnshire, only about 40 miles from Stewgnu's place really but I never visited. From the town of Newark where I went to school, to Lincoln was about 17 miles and had it's own accent. My parents were from Nottingham, 40 miles away, & I could hear the subtle change of accent & local slang. Sheffield & Yorkshire was only 40 miles but a huge leap in how different the language sounds. If you watch the BBC the programs are rich with accents from different parts of what is a small country
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    That's Ok, I'll bet none of us can understand anyone from New Orleans. It's a native language that no one understands.
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    another thread drift has got me thinkin about some country music. I wanted to post "Hickory Wind" by Gram Parsons as covered by BR549, but couldn't find a decent youtube vid. Here's the next best, expertly covered by Keith Richards. Gram Parsons and Richards were friends briefly as Parson's life was cut short, but he's known for having a huge influence on the Stones drift into American country.
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    ok, I'll share my "accent" story. My ex is a Brit I met many years past. Her family would remind me that they were the English, speaking English, so Americans were the ones with the accent. Good point. Once in the late '80's an old school friend of hers came to the US for his first visit here. Proper host that I am I took him out to the best strip club in town. I wanted to show him how friendly American girls were. Every so often a couple of them would come by to chat with us. They all Loved his accent. "Ohh" they'd say "are you Australian?" "No, ...English" he'd say, maybe a bit slighted. After the second round of girls left us to our beer, I explained the significance of a recent popular film called Crocodile Dundee and suggested... next time a beauty like that asks if you're Australian, just say 'yes'. He started having a lot more fun.
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    Was working from home, but came to the office today because I really needed to drop a load and the office has toilet paper. Not really . . .
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    Well, there is no "correct" LED for the V11 reflectors/lenses, per se. Some throw a better beam than others, but nothing like a complete unit built for a specific LED "bulb." I've never seen that one. I am liking my current one better than my first try. I'll look for a link to that (lengthy) thread . . . [edit: So, yeah 15 page thread spanning 2 1/2 years]:
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    copied (stole) lowryter's post from another thread... hope this works and is ok. But she has another one just as sad. Gawd, that woman can make you cry 1 docc reacted to this Quote In the Emmy Lou video above along with Alison Krauss is Gillian Welsh. I had an affair with her music for years. Her guitar/vocal companion is David Rawlings. This is a Led Zep cover with Gillian and Led Zep's John Paul Jones. Tho this doesn't show Rawlings' tremendous guitar abilities, I thought it was a nice one mic performance. It was her music that re-invigorated my appreciation of Gram Parsons.
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    Going back together, I found that my habit of holding the assembly together while tightening the screw was allowing the nut to spin. releasing the outer so that the clip set its own tension was far more effective at getting it to snug up . . .
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    It's interesting to watch what people have to do with their faces to perform an accent not their own. When I first moved to the rural US South, my face would ache at the end of the day! A true South'ner can recite the vowels without moving his face or lips. There is a certain "efficiency" to the speech that oft' leaves out consonants and entire syllables. I recall the actor, Ricardo Montalban, replying to Johnny Carson asking, ["Spanish sounds like singing to us. What does English sound like to the Spanish?"] RM: ["It sounds like dogs barking."] (Obviously, he had not been listening to EmmyLou!)
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    Docc, thank you so much for the photo and explanation. Much appreciated. That photo really helps. I’ll take it apart and examine all, take another shot at it. Hope all is well!
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    Right, so, the C-shaped cadmium plated metal clip should have its sides roughly parallel in the "loose" position (loose enough to take apart). Check that the tiny nut is not just spinning when it gets close to the tight position. That is fairly likely and the sides of the C-shaped plate could be crimped in a bit to prevent the nut turning and get the last bit of compression on the plate . . . [edit: @Kane , while you are in there make an inspection of the wiring and connector for heat damage. Take a look at what kind of "LED" may or may not be in there. This could mean several things, but for sure that someone has been in there before. Always good to check the PO's work . . .]
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    I am always impressed with how fluent Noraly from Icthy Boots is, even on complex topics. Whenever I watch the Isle of Man, I can never understand anything when they interview those guys. Half time I can't even understand the announcers. They should use subtitles. Have you watched the film on the Dunlop bike racing family ? They are barely understandable Classic stuff !
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    Shelby Foote forgot more about The Civil War than most others thought they knew . He was incredible , his phone # was listed and he would talk to anyone . It was rumored ( and I hope this was true ) Everything he sent to the publishers was in longhand and was printed unabridged or unedited . He was a sacred among Civil War historians .
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    I am a dialect speaker, and I have thick accent when I (try to) talk CCD (Common Civilized Dutch). In my dialect I can hear if someone is from my small village or another village 10 kms away. As far as foreign languages go: all of the stuff on Dutch TV is subtitled, so I've learned to recognize al lot of english and german accents. And peculiarities from several regions, which I gladly use to p*ss off the locals
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    maybe the shaft? i’ve noticed she can ‘kick’ a bit off small potholes at certain speeds when accelerating. Is it not possible to fit the later front end onto the early models? different headstock?
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    lovely and tidy around that frame phil- shame to hide it all away! transparent tank?
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    that's scary ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    Holy schnikies! That nice!
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    I love that song, and that girl. and what the hell else do we have to do but drift threads? I've loved the sound of this South'n girl for awhile as well...
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    I must say docc that I do like the southern accent. In that great Burns brothers docco on the Civil War there was a southern historian name Shelby Foote from memory. I could listen to him all day talk about anything. Ciao
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    Bellissime foto e bellissima moto!
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    That's not true, Phil. My helicopter broke down, so I couldn't get to the yacht to go to the Bahamas..
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    So onto the steering stops. My preferred option was to machine off the original lower triple clamp stops and make new adjustable bolt on ones but I simply dont have access to the equipment required these days so I thought long and hard and decided on plan B for the time being at least. I tapped and drilled a hole in each stop and machines up some Ti spacers combined with button head caps. Drilling and tapping accurately the stops in situ was interesting to say the least but I surprised myself and got it right for a change. I made up a rather crude tiny 5mm thick alloy plate with an accurate hole through it to be my guide and clamped it to the face of each stop and used my die grinder with a drill chucked up to drill the holes as there was limited room for a hand drill. Used the same process to get the tap aligned for the tapping process as well. Next job is the top triple clamp off to freshen up the paint where the previous owner used to ride with a key fob flapping about damaging the paint work. Why the hell people ride with key fobs flapping around is beyond me. I've never used such a thing in 50 years of riding. Ciao
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    ok, got this. Thanks, Chuck! Moving, indeed!
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    I'm older than most, younger than many. I was drafted to service and reported to Ft Knox on 8 May 1969. Hendrix played my hometown venue, fairgrounds "coliseum" (or as Zappa called it - a Barn) on 11 May '69. I was very disappointed. No worries, I'll see him when I get out. Of course he died in '70. When I got out I went to every concert I could. There were a slew of mini festivals touring in those days. You could pay 6 or $8 and see as many bands in one day-night. Foghat ELO Chuck Berry Richie Havens Its a Beautiful Day Eric Burdon Ike & Tina Rare Earth BB King Johnny Winter Edgar Winter etc etc. At one such festival early afternoon, outdoors, Louisville '73ish.. (ok I was in a celebratory mood)(and maybe napping) and I hear All Along the Watchtower coming from the stage. My first thought was Jimi recorded. In fact it was Mahogany Rush. I had never heard of them. So few videos made from those days. one from 2001 - youtube says I can't embed it 'Voodoo Chile Montreal 2001' if it doesn't show up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPUjWIKAYvU
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    Perhaps one of the saddest songs ever written. I have the version with Mark Knopfler. But she has another one just as sad. Gawd, that woman can make you cry
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