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    Was looking at these in my 2003 V11 Dealer Brochure. Has anyone ever seen these or have them on their bike? Interesting accessory.
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    Oh, bugger. It's idling over 1000 on the tacho, haven't checked in GuzziDiag. Might have to go over this again.... Have I invented a new procedure, BTW? 😉 Thanks for all your help. In case anyone else is in despair and reads this, here are some things of note.... Things that were compounding the problem: Jammed up white knob and sync rod thread would not allow easy adjustment to get rod on the ball joint without putting something else out of adjustment. Fast idle had somehow crept in after setting idle screws, nudging the right throttle more open before attaching rod, make sure it doesn't nip up the throttle when tightening back up. Possible exhaust leaks. An ECU map that was richer than standard, making the left cylinder (which nearly closed) too rich at idle, therefore sooty. Possible air leaks around perished rubber intake. P.S. I saved myself £90 as well, which is how much a Guzzi specialist had quoted for a TPS reset, and I wouldn't have had the satisfaction of knowing I had done it myself, and knowing how everything was set.
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    No the Stucchi. The Stucchi is the best, it fills in the hole in the middle of the torque curve and maintains the top end and is supported,robust and doesnt crack. Here's a link worth reading again from Brad Black....http://www.bikeboy.org/v11sport.html Plenty of other Guzzi tuning stuff of Brads to read as well. This was what I made my cross over decision on all those years ago and it proved to be right I think. Ciao
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    Nice today, 14c. Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
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    A friend of mine would do Dam Tours, you get a plaque and you take pictures at each dam. Here's one version: http://www.damtour.com Out here in the West you might put on thousands upon thousands of miles. I highly doubt the dams are nearly as exciting as European landmarks.
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    I remember once seeing on a Ducati tee shirt "loud clutches save lives" I was impressed
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    I refitted my crash damaged mivvs t’other week, just for a quick ride likes, just to remember how they sound... Ho. Ly. Crap. So so loud. So deep and raspy and gorgeous... So unsociable... So small ear-bones-damaging... Hard and angry on the acceleration- deep, hollow poppling reverb on the overrun. Beautiful. But bad. Naughty bad. Gave me a sore face from grinnin like a loon
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    Sound glorious docc. You guys are heading into summer and hopefully that helps virus wise. At the very least its better for the spirits. Yes strangely my 2 albums switched around there for a while as well. Ciao
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