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    I put a tiny little rear light on the back, to replace the small, but crappy light/bracket arrangement that I was never happy with. This Shin-Yo light is supposed to be fender mounted on the top, but I took a gamble on it fitting/being visible under the V11 rear...
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    The thread on the gearbox that the angle drive attaches to is 16mm, but the clock side of the cable (on mine with ITIs ) is 12mm. Not sure if that is common... I *think*. Those yellow bits are blanked off holes for lights, I have seen images on Google where they seem to have bulb holders in there. EDIT: Bought one cheap just now, so we shall see! Nearly matches my mileage
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    Speaking of hammers. I used my orange plastic Harbor Fright mallet for the first time. I was mowing the lawn. I tried restarting the mower after gassing it up and pulled the starter cord and the ratchet mechanism pulled out. So I pulled the cord, then smacked the mower with the mallet and the cord engaged, the mower started and the ratchet still works. The timing of the pull and smack was key. $209 Ace Hardware price tag still on it after 4 seasons.
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    Talk about thread drift . . . I took LuckyPhil's "like" as a > go for it < for my proof-of-method image testing the early Sport's tank volume . . .
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    Just enjoying life, 16c today. D IPA time. Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
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    Great day for riding on Peak to Peak highway
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    Just installed a new set of these on my 03 Le Mans. I put them on my Scura about 8 years ago and they really make a difference. They are now discontinued, but I emailed Customer Service and they located the old V11 template and were happy to make a pair. If interested, call Customer Service at 775-783-5110. The model # is on the second photo.
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    Yes, thanks Docc, that's what I'm planning to use unless there's an updated version. I also have a service manual for backup [emoji851] Thanks also for the link for the shift improvement.
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    You're speaking of belfastguzzi's thread? He was an early pioneer of dealing with the failed springs, even changing one on the roadside! Rather surprising, but his image links look to still be up . . . Also worth referencing is LuckyPhil's outstanding thread "V11 Shift Improvement" . . .
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    I spent a fair amount of time yesterday and today going through the 700-odd entries of this thread and now have a better understanding of the process and efforts that went into making this happen! So first, a sincere thank you to all who contributed, especially of course, Scud. I ordered and received my Scud spring a few weeks ago, and my "new" V11 Le Mans was delivered last week, so it's time to get to work. I'm assuming the instructions for the installation of the Pawl Spring located in the FAQ section from 15 years ago are still the best ones to follow - could someone please confirm that, or advise if elsewhere? Many thanks.
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    I will never figure out running this important of a circuit through an ATC fuse . 2020 hindsight , I suppose ?
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    FYI: Download is fixed. Some obscure setting was changed after the last update...
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    Nice, the Corbin seat and Agostini's suit the bike well. Ciao
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    A couple of nice bass boats there too. Pretty Rosso for sure.
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    Looks vaguely smutty docc. Not sure why, maybe it's just my warped mind. Ciao
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    After reading docc's original post on this I liked the idea he had and the way he did it so I went out and looked at the 30 fuse receptacle on my Greenie , even though it was still functioning it was indeed burnt and starting to disintegrate ..so looking to head off a future issue I followed docc's link for the aircraft breaker mod and ordered one up, and then try to copy his install ....fun little project and satisfying as well!!
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    What does, besides scorpions and rattlesnakes?
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    Life is good, Tom. Enjoy..
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    Nice today to, 13C. ( tuning ongoing, she is amazing from 3k, thank you Meinolf) Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
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    Boeing 737-300/400 engine carburettor docc. Hmmm, is it for a Guzzi? Looks like it could be for an outboard engine. Ciao
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    Obviously the "Honda" specific toolbox docc Ciao
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    The efforts of members here is epic. Pretty soon, Mandello del Lario will be buying some! Hello? Piaggio? Are you listening? Are you even awake?
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    I have a lot of springs. Payment and shipping details are back a few pages. I have a few boxes ready to ship as soon as I am allowed to leave my house - California is currently under stay-at-home orders to stop the spread of COVID-19.
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