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    Great! And the more you start consciously squeezing the tank with your knees, you'll be taking some weight off your wrists and using your core muscles more as well. Beautiful bike!
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    What realy excites me is to ride my bike 'on the cam'. And that applies to any bike at all. Its just that you cannot ride anything modern and powerfull in such way if you want to be back home for your supper and not ending in a box or in jail. I have a few small bikes like an Airone Sport or a Bultaco 350 and enjoy them immensely when i can wring them around coaxing every horse availlable to stay 'in the zone' and on song. May be i am old fashioned and missing something but the Airone at 60mph is more fun than my ex Stelvio at 130. Many customers aren't looking for silly power and over prepped steers, technology is a lure and progress an illusion, give me two valves and pushrods please. There wont be any need to rebuild the head at silly expense or to remortgage your house to reshim your desmo. So for me, guzzi is on the right track staying air cooled and pushrod , keeping production costs down , but with the added value of a shaft drive thus reducing maintenance. As a mechanic, i cannot but admire the skills of the creators of those super rockets but it somehow lets me cold.
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    I believe that cracks in the intake rubbers are bad. The V11 is sensitive to air leaks, and you should renew those cracked parts soon, even if this is not the cause of your problem. You could test if the cracks are causing air leaks by spraying the rubbers with starting fluid (diethyl ether/propane) while the engine is running. If speed increases, then you have a leak. Be careful if you try this, I don't want to see a picture of your bike in flames. You could smear sealant over the cracks as a temporary repair.
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    Sorry, still curious ,bad innlish, meant looking inside with some fancy equipment, or feeling with a steel wire or something for the opening's in the crossover- xover ? Cheers tom.
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    I just test rode the CalVin with my "homemade Laminar Lip" yesterday. The buffeting and the wind noise is a bit less but I could not feel a difference to my test-setup with tape.
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    In spite of the paint fade issue, I’ve put a set of these on my tank. Thanks for posting on these 4corsa! They do help with the feel of the bike while braking. I’d not really had a concern with this until I graduated from riding in Levi 501’s to some Klim riding pants. Those are some slippery duds! I guess they’re suppose to slide.These tank grips pretty much negate that problem.
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    ODO is km now but converting prior miles I come up with total of 25,906 miles. Very likely the 2nd pawl spring but have no way of knowing for sure.
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    Just broke my shift selector spring pulling into the driveway after scorching about 100 plus miles of winding mountain back roads. Life is good! Money and tip on the way SCUD for 2 pawl springs please.
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    Honestly, could not dirt bike radiator scoops have been used for the intakes? Ugly as they might be, I see improvement over this alien insect. Looks more like a Honda 919 Murder Hornet to me. Reminds me of one Brit journalist's coomment on the1985 Honda V65 Magna: "Looks like a magnet dragged through a parts bin." And honestly, the MG small block valve covers look like the heads on Harbor Freight air compressors. We need Edelbrock or Offenhauser to make up some proper covers. I've posted this design exercise elsewhere, but might as well get it in this thread, as it is doable. Send the motor to California and some of the rodders there might get 90--95 reliable HP out of it.
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    Not sure, this wasn't mine
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    Racing was tons of fun, that was when we were kings..... While some exhaust systems are made more for looks and more to a price, in general I have learned that when you have people that know what they are doing you should let them do what they know works. I don't try to tell them how to do something I came to them to do. I do want to build an exhaust pipe for my Aprilia 550, I think that would be a fun experience. I would love to make a double exhaust pipe for it, two separate pipes one for each cylinder, with some sort of megaphones on the end leading into the mufflers. I always liked the look of the old XR750 Harley flat track bikes exhaust systems. But it would be hard to beat the look of the underseat exhaust it has stock.
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    Is there any other way that you could photoshop, so badly, such a cornucopia of ugliness? It really is praiseworthy for that, and only that......
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    From the piece I have cutt off of my second windshield I have created my homemade "Laminar Lip". I will test this solution next week. The 3M Duo Lock pads should stay untouched for 48h if possible. I must admit this looks ... strange...
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    "a drunkards dream if I ever did see one...." The Band
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    Ya know, someone promised to "bring a handful of Cubanos" a few years back . . . . . . then showed up with a tankbag full of cigars.
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    Reserved a room at the inn and a garage space. Seems that adds up to three "guests" including the Sport. Makes me proud she is considered a guest of her own!
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    I have a lot of springs. Payment and shipping details are back a few pages. I have a few boxes ready to ship as soon as I am allowed to leave my house - California is currently under stay-at-home orders to stop the spread of COVID-19.
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    That's not true, Phil. My helicopter broke down, so I couldn't get to the yacht to go to the Bahamas..
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    Order is placed. If all goes well, I can ship out springs before January 15, 2020. How to order: I'd prefer that you send money via PayPal as a friend (to avoid fees) and include your shipping address in the PayPal notes. My PayPal ID is scudder(dot)tim(at)gmail(dot)com. $12.00 per spring Please Add: $8.00 for US Postal Service (USPS) shipping to USA $12.00 for USPS shipping to Canada $18.00 for USPS shipping anywhere else You can send funds now if you want, I will pre-address all the boxes so I can just drop in the appropriate number of springs and do a mass-mailing on "spring day." I'll make another forum donation when I pass the financial break-even point. Let there be no fear... of bike stuck in gear... far away or near.
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    Not sure it is my place to clarify, but . . . Chuck's design, built by Scud's choice of spring maker, was not "$200." That is the recent quote po18guy got from an aircraft supplier in the PNW/USA. That looks (to me) to be a "go away price." Whether Scud chooses to use the last spring maker (took them twice to get it right) or another, IDK. But, AFAIK, the $200/spring maker in the PNW is not the route of choice. Check my work, and correct me if I am wrong. Just hoping to quell the confusion.
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    I'll be interested to see the price quote - but a 36 week lead time doesn't seem like a good idea. The place I used before gave me a price quote that I can afford. No response yet from my potential second source. I have not heard of a single problem with the new springs, so I think a re-order from the same place will probably be OK.
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    I had to watch the second video twice. Once to read the English subtitles and again to enjoy their dialect, facial expressions, and obvious passion. If, once upon a time, Dr. John Wittner influenced production Moto Guzzi models, and then Ghezzi & Brian, perhaps this is the season of the Guareschi influenced offering?
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    Just sent the (ahem) shipping department to the post office with all that I have addresses for except Canada eh? and overseas. I didn't have time today to do the customs declarations. I'll get them out tomorrow. For those that haven't paid yet.. my friend Big Tony will be around to see you.
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    what's it extend? I've been outa town
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