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    Thanks, Kelly. Went on a 500 mile round-trip on it, shortly after getting it. Was about 70 miles out when I found it struggling to maintain 65 mph. Kept going. Last 100 miles of the outward journey struggled to maintain 40 mph on a motorway, and limped to my destination. Exhausted. Seven hours to cover 250 miles. Next day, tank off, fuel pump and filter out. Scavenged a drill bit and reamed it, spigot to spigot, to allow fuel to flow through it. Filter completely blocked with rust particles. Strained the remaining fuel through a dish-cloth into a cut down Coke bottle (because I had to, no spare fuel). Cleaned out the tank as best I could. Strained fuel back in. Performed like a sports-bike on the way home. I believed I aged 5 years on that return trip, thinking of rust particles getting into the injectors. Luckily I had some tools with me, due to past experiences with the Cali 1100i. It was an interesting weekend.
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    I wasn’t even looking for a wheel. Joe Caruso asked me to buy him a Ducati 750 wheel from eBay because the seller wouldn’t deal with international types. So when I bought his wheel, eBay has those “recommended for you” things and boom there was this rear wheel for less then half what they go for. In a moment of blood lust I’m stabbing the “buy it now” button
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    Wow! One down and one to go! TLM had the MGS-01 rear wheel on sale for about half what they cost when you go looking at the spare parts suppliers. Hopefully I can get lucky finding the front wheel for a discount next!
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    Not mine, spotted on local web site, may be of interest to European members. 2002 Scura, looks right, owner looking for just under Euro 5K. Search "DoneDeal" Ireland. Motorcycle section and search Moto Guzzi. Unable to post link. The site is reputable. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section, but may be of interest to someone.
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    In the past, I have gone down WoG (without gear). Young, foolish, ignorant, mostly happy. Ahh... but once again I digress. I prefer not crashing, but with gear if I must. Recently bought a couple of Spidi jackets for a relatively good price. They do not come with back protectors. Hmmm. Looked around and it seems that CorTech has one of the best accessory spine/kidney protectors, all things considered. It's called the Latigo and retails for about $90. Found a new w/tags example for less than half that, shipped to my house. Tried it today with the Spidi mesh jacket on an 80+ degree day: rural, freeway and traffic. Not bad. Was much cooler than I thought. Level 2 Euro protection level. (2 prior back surgeries), plus side "wings" for kidney protection (stage 3 kidney disease). You wear it like a back-pack and it also has a cross-chest strap to better hold it in place. Wide straps with elastic tensioners across the belly (yeah, that too). You know you are wearing something, but to me it feels pretty much like an elastic back support. T-shirt did not stick to my back, at ride's end, so it ventilates rather well. If I broke scapula, glenoid and right ribs 4-9 into 12 pieces using only 498cc, just imagine what 1064cc could do!
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    Mmmmmm. How about repairing the problem ?
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    Here ya go, lads: https://www.donedeal.ie/motorbikes-for-sale/moto-guzzi-v11-sport-scura/25506726?campaign=3
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    Actually I’m with Erickson Aero Tanker (Aero Air). Jack Erickson sold sky crane many years ago, and partnered with my boss to buy this company. And it is his collection we speak of. His name is part of both the old and the new companies, as founder of the old company and owner of the current one. We work alongside the big sikorsky’s sometimes, but we’re in the white/orange fire fighter jets, the MD87’s. And we’ve definitely been overhead in northern AZ quite a bit this season, and on the ground there at Prescott, Winslow, then over at silver city NM, etc.
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    Too many bikes and not enough time! This is my 2003 Guzzi. beautiful black/gunmetal paint. It has mistral silencers and cross over pipe. New Yuasa battery just fitted. New tyres. Spent a lot on it, rear brake disc new (genuine brembo) with new pads. It has Ohlims rear shock with remote adjuster. Bitubo damper. High quality LED indicators. It has 3 former keepers. All service history. Power commander 3 and datatool alarm. Upgraded to Wiseco pistons at 22k. All relays replaced with Omrons. Has owners manuals etc. Really just needs to be ridden and enjoyed. 49k miles. I will MoT it for the new owner. Looking for £4000 for it, which is a lot less than I have spent on it!. I have the original exhausts which as as new, plus the indicators etc to make it completely standard. Lovely machine. Just had an MoT which is has passed so a full 12 months. Call me. Richard 07979 192998. Bike is in Amersham Bucks Uk Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    a fair portion of my saving will be spent buying all this crap :/ it does have something like a Cush drive. See #4 & 5. I’d be super disappointed if I paid the $3,000+ they list for annnnd cough up about 1,200 worth of crap to make it work. I paid $1,224 w/ shipping so that’s still cheaper then list price for just the wheel.
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    I have an inner peace (when I allow it) that is out of this world. I am happier after three cancers than an awful lot of folks are with none. Belief, attitude and perspective. Being patient (and retired), I picked up a new Spidi mesh jacket for $55 +sh on eBay and another textile for $79 shipped. In the long run, they are simply fairly nice Italian-styled Chinese jackets.
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    I started a new thread just for this: Prices are unknown at this point. The more people that want them, the lower the price will be as the costs to make the tooling can be spread out. I’m not doing this to make a couple dollars either, so whatever Exotic Car charges is what it’ll be. It would be fair to say that they won’t be competitive with what you might find on eBay/Amazon from some dodgy outfit in the CCP.
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    one of these might help on your lever ... https://gtmotocycles.com/products/gt-long-eccentric-folding-toe-peg I'm re-doing my levers now and will be using them to prevent tip over breakage. A smaller throw version ... https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/woodcraft-eccentric-folding-toe-piece?gclid=CjwKCAjw34n5BRA9EiwA2u9k36im21wCZJelA3hYzQLDuxIe-jU8gh_-qby3Al5p_mj5a4937rRutBoC9n0QAvD_BwE
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    Talk of balancing tools reminded me I have this ALFA Romeo relic:
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    Not exactly a newer model but hey So it's a smallblock 750. 2 or 4 valve per cylinder. I can't remember. As for parts there is some communality with other models but stuff like bodywork and some engine bits will probably be difficult. Try TLM in Holland, Stein Dinse in Germany or Ago's in Mandello.
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    Ah, one other thing. I was thinking that if we solved the breaking at the coil by whatever method.. why is it breaking at the bend on the short end? I wonder what minimum bend radius on music wire should be.. so looked it up. 1 1/2 stock thickness. The one I have is .078" as nearly as I can measure, so is well *under* the minimum bend radius of 3 mm. (.118") That could explain it.
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    The single biggest improvement you can make to the shift action of your V11 is to lengthen the shift lever arm and incorporate a new eye end mount hole 12mm ctr to ctr from the original upper hole. Shortens up the shift action to Japanese bike standards and gives the gearbox return spring greater leverage over the shift lever. It also makes the shift action a little bit stiffer which means you need a little more load on the lever before it shifts gear which makes for a faster cleaner shift. This is the shift selector. The area that is blued rides over the pins on the shift drum during the lever return after a shift. It usually has a rough finish and often doesn't bear across the full face of the pin and causes the shifter to hang up on return. Draw file it smooth and blue it to check for correct contact and if it isn't right dress it so it is. Do the other face on the left of photo as well of course.This arm always has a bend in it due to the way its stamped from a flat sheet. Carefully rework it so its flat and straight without any twists and polish the faces with some fine emory. The shifter mechanism stop can allow over travel of the mechanism. This one has had pads welded to the stop faces and dressed back to prevent this happening. Don't ever be tempted to adjust the large eccentric on the shifter cover with it fitted to the bike. It is a very sensitive adjustment that controls shifter travel and over travel and needs to be on the bench to set up correctly. It wont solve your shifting woes alone so leave it alone when on the bike. Note the detent roller, it often doesn't ride correctly in the detents. Remove and bend the roller arm until it locates correctly. Note the different covers, the later type on the left with the shift selector arm return limit adjustable eccentric and the older type on the right with the fixed roll pin. Set up the eccentric with about 0.030" clearance to the shift arm at its closest point in the travel. This later unit also has the extra banana shaped support plate. Guzzi sell a mod kit for the earlier bikes. A close up of the return limit eccentric adjuster on the later covers. The return spring can be installed the wrong way. Make sure when fitted the spring isn't contacting the cover, if it is remove it and install the other way. On the bench set up and ready to install. The V11 shifts like a Japanese bike now, short travel, slick shifts with or without using the clutch and no return binding. This is the mod kit which comes with new cover with eccentric adjuster, new selector wheel pins with the ability to fit the banana support link and from memory a new shift selector arm and spring and new centering spring. Note the shifter input arm and stop assembly in the lower right hand of the photo. The pin you can see under the shifter wheel with the spring arms around it is the large eccentric adjuster which controls the travel of the shift mechanism and provides the stops in both directions. As mentioned earlier adjust it on the bench only, its very sensitive and governs how far the mechanism moves the gear selector dog to engage the gears. If its a long way out you can have a situation where it moves the gear to a fully engaged position and then pulls it partially out of engagement during the shift and under engagement in the other direction. Ciao
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    You're back Chuck, not a slow trip i see Ciao You mean 2016-09-04_04-32-01 by Charles Stottlemyer, on Flickr this?
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    I really can't remember. When I was working in London the V75 had just been launched. It was one of the biggest grenades ever! The shop sold one to a bloke in Bristol, he picked it up and it dropped a valve before it got to Reading! They did that a lot!
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