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    My TENNI after a winter tuning. Painted rear parts of body and spoiler
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    Great shot, Canonman! It really shows what a bad-ass bike the V11 is. Is that the same bike as in your other Tenni photos? What a cool bike. Great color scheme.
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    That is going to be a stunner...… and if it sounds anything like the RS with a set of Staintunes its going to be awesome. Send me picks when completed. PS Is the motor and trans complete and from what model?
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    That is a BEAUTIFUL piece of art......
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    Intense! Love it! So edgy!
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    I've been speaking English for 60 + and it is still goofy
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    The stacks are from PJMotorsports@frontier.com item# pjm-vs4 $29.95 each (they need to be lacquered or anodized but are a perfect fit) The filters are K&N RA-050V (these offer maximum size with clearance all around.) They are fit together by flattening the rolled edge of the velocity stack (mostly for looks) and drilling many 1/16 holes on the flat of the filter to create a mechanical bond for epoxy. They are simple slip fit as I chose to leave the filter neck on to have more bonding area and wanted an easy and positive fit. I know that there will be folks who will rightly poo-poo the underutilization of the flow of stack, to them I say "meh".(the inside diameter of the pod neck is still larger than the i.d. of the stack) The sender is from S and S Classics and is a V-Three unit that has 3 wires 8 pulses and work with almost every electric speedo including VDO. It needed a thread bushing adaptor I had to make ( I couldn't find it anywhere) 7/8-mpt to M16-1.0 to mate to the Motoguzzi output. It also needed the drive key lengthened by 3mm which was done with a TIG and filed back to shape.
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