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    Almost twenty years ago I saw a bike (V11 Lemans Tenni) on the cover of a popular motorcycle magazine and I thought, "that is the most beautiful motorcycle I've ever seen." I was riding a BMW R1100R at the time, quite a good bike, but something about the Guzzi caught and stayed with me. I found, and bought a red 2003 V11 Lemans in Kentucky, and rode it happily for years. I decided I need something for the mountain twisties where I'd later moved (not understanding the limitation was the rider and not the machine) and I bought a KTM 990 SMT. Now in my 60s and not well, I looked back and realized I'd never had as happy a relationship with a bike in my life as with my V11 Lemans. Last week I sold the KTM, an amazing bike on its own, and bought a 2003 Lemans from Arizona. It's being shipped in a week or so to me in New Hampshire. It feels like reuniting late in life with a first love -- I don't know why I ever left her. I'll have some questions for the forum I'm sure once the bike arrives, but for now I'm so happy just looking forward to it. Big thanks to Bruce, the seller, who has been great to deal with. Here's a picture --
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    I'm probably in the wrong place to post this..if so..apologies..I'll figure this out soon.. Some of you probably know my bikes better than I do..at this point as both have been listed in this forum before, My "Greenie" was formerly "Scuds Greenie", and My Rosso Mandello is #49 formerly owned by Surj. Ive been riding Italian bikes over 50 years..Mostly Aprilia and Ducati..I havent owned a Moto Guzzi for 3-4 decades when I had a MK1....I Re inspired my self on MG while Riding in Italy 2 years ago and spending some time At Lake Como and in Mandello del Lario..And now I am seriously hooked on the V-11 I love these bikes and just cant get enough riding in, ..that is until this Covid 19 came along. Anyway I'm very proud to own these two bikes and be a part of this addiction ..I havnt put many miles on the RM..but have racked up a few several hundred mile rides on Greenie and she runs just flawless..Kudo's to Scud for all of his Fine work! Thanks All..I'm trying to learn as much as I can from the forum with out being too much of a PITA...lots for me to learn.!!
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    Well its taken many years but here is my first Guzzi, a 2001 V11 Rosso Mandello, its been stored for a few years and I will bring it back to life very soon. Its low miles, 7K and has many spare parts and accesories, incliding a color matched original Magni cafe fairing
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    This year's Greeny parade, 3 of 4. After 20 years still the biggest group, even without the other 4 KRs of other colours (2 and 2)
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    On a ride up to Beechmont in the gold coast hinterland Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Joined the cool kids Sunday. Woohoo!
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    Enjoying life, ( global warming, my calender say's june, B parrot's ) Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
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    Today I finished the new motor transplant and took it for a nice long spin! Fresh oil lines and a sweet new roper plate
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    Well here it is out and about today. First ride.I started off trying a std V11 map. Strangely my bike has a very early 1.5M ecu and for some reason doesn't present any baro pressure info. Paul Minnaert seems to recall the early version ecus have something different about their baro sensor. He's going to get back to me when he has access to his info.Hopefully this just means for the moment the baro pressure is set to a default. The other odd thing about my ecu is it's loaded with a 2002 LeMans map. I've owned this bike for 10 years so pre Guzzidiag days so how this has gotten in there I dont know. Any thoughts anyone? Maybe this is why the baro info isnt displayed because that function of the early ecu isnt compatible with the later maps. Hopefully Paul can shed some light. I reset the CO trim to Zero from -12 and the bike seemed to idle fine on the V11 map. Starting's a bit ropey though. So out I went for a ride around the block. It didnt run that well to be honest, I mean it got me around the block a few times but you wouldn't go out for a ride like that. It did allow me to check the oil pressure though with the temp oil pressure gauge though with the oil a bit warmer and 60 psi @ 2500 rpm at around 52 deg C oil temp on 15W-40 which will be adequate. I believe that figure will turn out to be the relief valve setting. If I feel the need for more pressure I'll go to a 10W-50 but I'm OK with 60psi max. I came back and decided to load the map Gritman had sent me for his V11/Daytona and see what that was like. Out I went and it was way better, not really great but you could go for a ride at a pinch with this map although truthfully it will need to be a lot better than this. Gritmans bike has pod filters and I'm not sure what crossover so it was never going to be perfect. The gearbox shifted nicely and the bike went well in all other areas so now its just about the tuning. Hopefully I'll be able to get some help with that. Now Then. How it was when I bought it 10 years ago Ciao
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    On the 18th of April we got the good news in the German Guzzi forum that Paul recovered (after 16 days in coma).
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    New Zealand has just had a second COVID-19 death. We have all been asked to stay at home for 4 weeks unless we are essential, like staff in supermarkets, medical, police. We are now in our 2nd week of "lockdown" and it seems to be working. The recovery rate is now greater than the new cases rate. The borders are closed to all except returning residents, but they have to spend 2 weeks in their hotel room at the arrival port. Good job NZ Government, you have saved lives. Downside is working from home is not great. On the plus side, I found a woman living in my house who claims to be my wife. She seems nice.
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    After years of reading about the difficulty of this task I though i'd attack my first one by engineering the issue. The tool shown can be made by anyone with a hacksaw,drill and file and 100 mm of 50x2mm wall square. Something with a little bigger ID would be better but I used what was on hand and thats the reason for the end slots to allow for the fact that the tube id was 46 and the bearing OD was 47mm. The radial slot is for the 3/4 spanner to hold the bearing puller as you crank up the slide hammer nut. When you have moved the bearing 10mm or so you can slide hammer it out easily or just keep cranking the wrenches. The steel plate was just scrap I had laying around and when I have the time I'll make a decent looking dedicated one. On the bench is one of the other size bearing puller adaptors for reference to style of puller and a hammer for docc. The key is to apply a decent load to the bearing puller and slider hammer combo via the wrenches and then give the swingarm boss a few light taps just in one area is good enough and the bearing then releases. I used my copper hammer for the task.This is an important technique which I learned removing Ducati Crank gears. Load up the puller then a "tap" with the hammer and drift and they pop free. Exactly the same here. Time to remove? as the header says 30 seconds. Ciao
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    I last used my V11 3 years ago to ride to Sicily from Scotland, I pretty much parked it up after that trip and have just repatriated it from storage, I was thinking of selling but as always after spending the week servicing, greasing and cleaning I stood back, looked at it and thought "what was I thinking?" Flashbacks to the good times and the grin factor means I don't think I'll be selling it too soon! I have other bikes which I use more but I reckon for all round fun the V11 is up there.
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    Bought a V11 Cafe sport 2004, 66K. Ohlins and lots of carbon bits. Really nice bike, can't wait to take for a run.
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    Blast from the past: with the Rossa on the Nordschleife in 2016...
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    Although I agree that the stuff that's going is very serious and should be addressed, I still don't think a bike forum is the right place to discuss this. I've had so much sh*t in the past with political threads, that I've become very wary to allow it over here. That's why I'm locking this thread. From the forum rules you all agreed to when signing up: .... Having fun is good, we like fun. Please keep it positive and polite. We do not censor opinions or ideas on our forums but we do take action against posts and/or topics that could cause unrest in the community beyond a civil and polite disagreement. Political discussions are not allowed. There are plenty political forums on the web . ...
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    I put a tiny little rear light on the back, to replace the small, but crappy light/bracket arrangement that I was never happy with. This Shin-Yo light is supposed to be fender mounted on the top, but I took a gamble on it fitting/being visible under the V11 rear...
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    Back in February my brother came out for The One Show and despite it being a bit "brisk" we got out for a little ride. It was his first time on a V11 Sport. He didn't mind it. Fast forward to yesterday... He and a buddy went down to SC (not too far away) and snagged this thing. It wasn't expensive. Apparently the owner got some Italian lust and had to have it. Kept the bike inside the house. The master of the house (wife) wasn't too please with the new mistress and made him sell it. Very low miles. Engine paint is, of course, not good. The rest looks nice. Some sweet bits on those models. Olins and carbon everywhere! Not bad for not being green.
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    Just wanted to share this with you. And say an extremely big thank you to the Canadian 1st Infantry Division that freed our region. I can't imagine what these boys have experienced. We won't forget. Never. https://www.gelderlander.nl/berg-en-dal/no-ceremony-but-thousands-of-tulips-to-remember-the-fallen-canadian-soldiers-in-groesbeek~abec328c/
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    So after being on WildGoose forever I thought I'd come on here, I post as Old Jock on WG, but went for a change of moniker Don't own a V11 so what the hell am I doing here? Well I've got a bike with a HiCam engine in it that's giving me endless trouble and may be getting another, glutton for punishement I was attracted by the legend that is Lucky Phil, I see some other of the "usual suspects" too and some of the technical topics on here are first class As I couldn't find an introduction section I just thought I'd post up here and introduce myself. John
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    A priest , a minister and a rabbit walk into a blood bank , the rabbit says " I think I might be a type o " ?
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    Got the modified V11 back up and running after a bunch of little changes and fixes. Gear drives from Joe Caruso fitted. Not without much angst.... (gears were beautiful but a stripped thread on the pump was a $400 fix.) Change the handlebar switches. I had the right indicator switch on the right side for a bit of symmetry but in practice, I virtually had to take my hand off the throttle to press it and at least on one memorable occasion hit the kill switch instead... not fun in the middle of a roundabout ! needless to say, its all bak on the left side again. Installed a Meinholf map. Boy did that bring out some midrange power ! Got to be 15% more from 2500 to 4500rpm and fixed the flat spot off idle. Bravo , thanks Meinholf. Made some industrial looking headlight holders after the originals broke. That bought the headlight lower and closer to the headstock and has given a bit lighter feeling on the steering as hoped. Added a fuel pump relay as originally I wired it so that when the ignition is on, so is the pump. Fine 99% of the time, but I think now having the relay is no major issue, but it is one extra thing to go wrong and we all know those relays are the source of some issues. Replaced a faulty speedo pick up. Replaced the front brake and clutch master cylinders and reservoirs with some nice discacciati cnc beauties. Replaced the brake and clutch lines to suit the new setup. Zinging the gear... the gear would just keep ringing for almost as long as i left it. Heres a quick video of it. [vid] [vid]
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    Update on Paul's situation (April 9th 2.00 PM). Things are looking up: Paul has come through the night quietly, no fever, now calm and stable, inflammatory values slowly falling, sleep medication will decrease a little bit, he can slowly start breathing again himself ...
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    I unscrewed the capscrew from my bike and measured it .
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    So I decided to defer the tuning fuel tank job, just a bad time to do it really when you need to ship stuff and fitted up the fuel tank instead to do a leak check. Popped the injector connectors off and did repeated pump primes to pressurise the system and fill the lines. All good except for an externally leaking fuel tap when in the open position. These thing really are a POS. My original one jammed in the open position and this one inexplicably decides to leak from the shaft seal when open. Anyway I got my old one that had jammed open which I had after that event reworked somehow and fitted that. Hopefully it wont repeat the same defect. I then moved on to fitting the airbox so I could attack the side covers. The side cover fitment really is horrible on these bikes as they eventually crack due to the poor fitment strain. Need to have a think about solving this as I have 1 brand new cover to fit and one reworked one and I dont want them cracking. Couldn't resist fitting the tank and tailpiec to get an idea what its going to look like. Ciao
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    Got the oil cooler lines squared away today. I'll tell you how straight forward they are to make after I start the engine and there's no leaks. A pair of 18" cable cutters and dedicated hyd fitting vice jaws make things a lot easier. Note the "black" heat shrink. I know someone that probably would have gone red. Ciao
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    I marvel at the technical and practical research that this seemingly unknown organization is capable of. It labors in obscure parallel with the Piaggio Group, a multi-billion € manufacturing giant of a corporation. Yet, from this position of obscurity, it is capable of identifying design and manufacturing faults, engineering superior replacement parts, arranging for their manufacture and worldwide distribution, in a timely manner and at a cost which the average consumer can afford. Unsung heroes they are! Where is this covert operation located? Right here! Pete, Chuck, Phil, Scud, footgoose and many others who devote irreplaceable life energy to polishing up and perfecting what the colossal Piaggio group could not (or would not) do. What caused this effusive praise? Admittedly, some dark roast coffee and the fact that my re-engineered shift mechanism springs arrived today. Kudos, gents! A multi-national David who has slayed the capabilities of Goliath. Or perhaps beaned him in the melon whilst his attention was focused on "greater things."
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    >Well Guys, like I said I struggle with the webby stuff and spent a half hour emailing/downloading/downsizing/creating an album blahblahblah then the tech tells me I can only send so many bits of data - Doh to quote your man Homer-so ye are gonna get a one off snap of a very special Griso based machine snapped in Stafford Show UK a few weeks back - the builder whose name I didn't get is standing behind the beasty. Its bedtime here so I will have another go tomorrow at sending on a snap or two of my V11 Le Mans rumbling around an old Irish road race venue that now hosts a recreation of the old event, last held in 1967. The Stafford Show is well worth a visit if you happen to be going to the UK in either April or October as it runs twice yearly and all sorts of odd things surface there.
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    Well boys, it looks like I’ve started a relationship with a beautiful Italian green goddess beasty. Right now I’m heading into the kitchen to make a nice dinner for Mrs. Kane so she’s not too jealous when she comes home after working all day. More pics, impressions, and head scratching is sure to follow. For now, Thar She Blows!:
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    Ah...hem. Yes. Pete, you've given the MG community far more than you may know, or possibly could have received in return. Well done. I couldn't have made this happen so easily without Swooshdave and Chuck. It was my intention to let Swooshdave be the front man, but since the cat is out of the bag, they are made, and waiting only on engraving; I'm hesitant to let them go blank but the engraving is way behind schedule. The price will be $70.00US plus a medium USPS priority box, $14.35, total $84.35US. International buyers pay only what actual shipping costs, we'll send them anywhere. I have to set up a proper company PayPal yet, but checks and money orders are ok after clearing and I have to check on VISA/MC/AMEX before making a statement of certainty.
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    330km today, she loved the cool air like 11c at 1100m . Heden church from 1200 and some. Enjoy it if possible. Cheers tom. Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
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    Been looking for a Scura, but coudnt help myself. Defnitly IPA time. Cheers tom. Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
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    I finally got around to looking at messages, emails, and PayPal. Most have paid already. Some have over paid. (!) Don't worry though.. I won't spend it on something frivolous.. it will go straight to beer. Thanks, again!
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    Why does everyone else's bike look PERFECT ?
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    Had success reaching the fowardest most driveshaft zerk with a 1/8" 45 degree coupler. Rear wheel on.
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    Gratuitous Bald River Falls photo post.....
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    Added an aluminium rear hugger that i made. It took 6hrs because the 1st part needed were new mounts needed in the stand. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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