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    Is there any other way that you could photoshop, so badly, such a cornucopia of ugliness? It really is praiseworthy for that, and only that......
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    Taking a tip from 4corsa’s earlier post, I put a set of TechSpec tank grips on the Greenie today. As pointed out by Phil in that earlier post, an opaque tank protector will show uneven paint fade over time when removed, but these sound like they work well and I’m curious to try. I’m not sure how I feel about the center piece. I may take that piece off and replace with clear. Anyway, here is what a Greenie looks like with slabs of rubber of her tank:
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    What realy excites me is to ride my bike 'on the cam'. And that applies to any bike at all. Its just that you cannot ride anything modern and powerfull in such way if you want to be back home for your supper and not ending in a box or in jail. I have a few small bikes like an Airone Sport or a Bultaco 350 and enjoy them immensely when i can wring them around coaxing every horse availlable to stay 'in the zone' and on song. May be i am old fashioned and missing something but the Airone at 60mph is more fun than my ex Stelvio at 130. Many customers aren't looking for silly power and over prepped steers, technology is a lure and progress an illusion, give me two valves and pushrods please. There wont be any need to rebuild the head at silly expense or to remortgage your house to reshim your desmo. So for me, guzzi is on the right track staying air cooled and pushrod , keeping production costs down , but with the added value of a shaft drive thus reducing maintenance. As a mechanic, i cannot but admire the skills of the creators of those super rockets but it somehow lets me cold.
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    Done now. Relatively "easy" following the excellent write-ups in this thread, Phils and belfastguzzis. Also helping is adhering to "RULE NUMBER ONE OF V11 TINKERING": "Thou shalt always remove any and all parts from thine V11, even the parts thou thinks must not be removed, for they shalt need to be removed anyways, sooner or later, to get to the part upon which thy desire to tinker" The old spring looked OK (but it isn't. See Chucks reply below.), but more compressed than the new one. Road test report to follow once the weather clears.
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    Welcome back I too saw my first V11 Sport, in green, on the cover of a magazine in the late 90s when it was first announced... and thought it was such an attractive and unusual bike, which is what often attracts me to things others aren't. It stuck with me, and some years later I saw a green V11 Sport parked up at Alice's in the Santa Cruz mountains, and it was even more interesting in person and thought I just had to have one someday. A couple years later I was looking for a bike to replace my 1989 FJ1200, and although still remembered and liked the V11 Sport, I wanted a fairing for long tours and thought the V11 Sport just wasn't going to work out. But that was when MG released the V11 LeMans. I went to Moto Italiano in SF, test rode the bike a couple times.... and bought it
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    Ha ha sounds like we're all a lot alike eh! I first saw a road test of a mark 3 le mans in Two Wheels mag about 1980 ish and fell in lust then! You never saw any Guzzi's in ChCh ( NZ ) in those days! Anyways fast forward a bit after travelling for a few years and lobbing into Oz, and getting back into bikes big time ( big jap sports bikes ) I test rode a mark 5 LeMans in 89! I didn't buy it as I was seduced by a Black and gold limited edition Zook GSXR 1100 instead, but bloody hell did that Mk 5 leave a lasting IMPRESSION ! Like many got out of bikes, married house etc ! Then about 10-12 years ago when the disease reappeared I thought, THIS TIME IT WILL BE A GUZZI. I couldn't make my mind up which one at first but circumstance and the universe brought a GREEN V11 SPORT into my life!! Love the bloody thing and I too will not part with her . Enjoy your bikes folk's while we're all still able. Cheers Guzzler
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    .... The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
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    Yep after reading how hard this job is, I borrowed a mates slide puller that just had an "L" shaped hook on the end. Job done in what may have been less than 30 seconds.
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    Great! And the more you start consciously squeezing the tank with your knees, you'll be taking some weight off your wrists and using your core muscles more as well. Beautiful bike!
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    FWIW, cramping (spontaneous myospasm) is a function of electrolyte (mineral) deficiency or imbalance often exacerbated by mineral loss from exertion, heat/humidity exposure, prescription hyertension medications ("blood pressure pills"), prescription diuretics ("water pills"), dietary diuretics (coffee, alcohol), and subclinical dehydration (not enough water intake). While potassium is one of the mineral electrolytes, magnesium is also involved as are others, including sodium, manganese, chromium, selenium, etc. Often, branded supplements will contain their "title" content (B-complex or C), but also some electrolytes causing one to assume it is the "title" content providing the outcome. An example is the product "Emergen-C", a drink mix that contains a broad spectrum electrolyte effective for cramp control in many cases. It is not the Vitamin C that affects the cramping, but the electrolytes. Seek a broad spectrum electrolyte capsule and be aware that too much magnesium yields laxative effects. Be aware that B-complex vitamins (not so much B-12) stimulate the energy metabolism and should be avoided late in the day lest they lead to a bad night's sleep and a grumpy tomorrow . . .
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    Almost twenty years ago I saw a bike (V11 Lemans Tenni) on the cover of a popular motorcycle magazine and I thought, "that is the most beautiful motorcycle I've ever seen." I was riding a BMW R1100R at the time, quite a good bike, but something about the Guzzi caught and stayed with me. I found, and bought a red 2003 V11 Lemans in Kentucky, and rode it happily for years. I decided I need something for the mountain twisties where I'd later moved (not understanding the limitation was the rider and not the machine) and I bought a KTM 990 SMT. Now in my 60s and not well, I looked back and realized I'd never had as happy a relationship with a bike in my life as with my V11 Lemans. Last week I sold the KTM, an amazing bike on its own, and bought a 2003 Lemans from Arizona. It's being shipped in a week or so to me in New Hampshire. It feels like reuniting late in life with a first love -- I don't know why I ever left her. I'll have some questions for the forum I'm sure once the bike arrives, but for now I'm so happy just looking forward to it. Big thanks to Bruce, the seller, who has been great to deal with. Here's a picture --
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    I'm glad you mentioned this..I went out and looked at my Rosso Corsa after reading it today ,,,One side was an 'Inny" and the other side was an "Outty" I guess the P.O. did that..Now they are both "Inny's"...My OCD feels SOOOO much better..!! How could I ever have missed that?...I'm slipping!
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    The old spring is not OK. It has already taken a "set" from over travel, and will break sooner of later.. your number one rule on tinkering is spot on, however.
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    Has anyone else ever wished Guzzi made storage pods in the big empty space on the inside of both fairings? I swear you could get nearly a half gallon of storage on both sides and still have plenty of clearance for the fork rotation. So just curious if anyone in the past 20 years has made an attempt at having something custom made. I'm imaging how nice it would be to carry my fix a flat kit with air pump on one side, and sunglasses/shield spray and cloth on the other side. All without ruining the beautiful lines of the bike like tank bags do.
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    I've got to write all this relay troubleshooting down on a plasticised card and carry it on the bike. Ciao
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    Fancy a little scalding tea & hotcakes? https://riders.drivemag.com/news/best-selling-adventure-bikes-here-are-the-most-successful-models-in-2019-germany-and-italy
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    I have looked as far into the pipes I could to see what's in there on all the middle parts (x sections/xovers/x pipes)I've gotten,so I'm curious about that too.I only have the Stucchi and this MASS x pipe part that I can take pictures of.The Stucchi you could guess that the weld is as wide as it is deep so maybe a little bit smaller than the welded part then. On the MASS part the hole is as big as the pipe ,but on the Stucchi it's not as high as the pipe itself but longer.
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    Sadly, Piaggio/MG heard the "Italian Harley" reference and took it to heart. Why not hire Erik Buell for some quick chassis R&D? I heard he's available... Would not be the first Yank they have leaned on. Regarding Piaggio, it seems that some of their scooter mindset has crept in. Did Honda dispose of all the tooling for the Honda CX650? That seems to have been a better, more advanced and emissions friendly design (in 1983) than the current small-blocks are. Harley has had to cave on liquid cooling (if the roof has not caved in, that is) and I suppose that a "Water Guzzi" is in the future. Pondering this, the V11 is essentially an air-cooled slice off a 1965 Chrysler hemi. Hard to meet Euro 3,4 or 5 emissions with a somewhat refined 1930s radial aircraft engine combustion chamber. Band Aids on the intake and exhaust (F.I. and Catalyst) are only crutching for the antiquated engine itself. Speaking of which, were they separated at birth? Guzzi V11 Chrysler 426 "Elephant" hemi
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    Don't know if the headlight buckets are the same, but I have swapped out all lights on my '04 Ballabio for LED units. If it matters, the bucket is plastic and has the QD harness which attaches at the bottom rear of the recess intended for the OEM H4 bulb and harness. The "bulb" is a unit from Infitary (eBay). It has Philips ZES diodes, a cooling fan and the separate driver. I wrapped the driver in some thin closed cell foam to prevent it from rattling. Many LED 9003/H4 units will have provision for rotating the unit to achieve the beam pattern that suits you. The taillight is an LED unit from Clear Alternatives and came with the bike. As to signals, I used "iBrightstar" 7507 (BAU15S) units with projector lenses in front. About $17/pair on Amazon. Much brighter and more focused light than the incandescent bulbs. In the rear I have some generic projector lens LED units that seem roughly equivalent to those in from but cost considerably less. Time will tell on this. To prevent hyper flash, I bought a two-pin adjustable flash rate LED flasher unit on eBay. When I have the gauge cluster apart, I also have some LED T5 units for the warning lights and gauge illumination. Would like to change the signal indicator lights to yellow from the green that MG thought made sense... Headlight: https://smile.amazon.com/INFITARY-Headlight-Headlamp-10000LM-Warranty/dp/B07V36DVLB/ref=sr_1_40?dchild=1&keywords=9003+led&qid=1593627161&sr=8-40 Signals: https://smile.amazon.com/iBrightstar-Newest-Bright-Projector-replacement/dp/B075Q9RGZW/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=ibrightstar+7507&qid=1593626377&sr=8-1
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    I believe that cracks in the intake rubbers are bad. The V11 is sensitive to air leaks, and you should renew those cracked parts soon, even if this is not the cause of your problem. You could test if the cracks are causing air leaks by spraying the rubbers with starting fluid (diethyl ether/propane) while the engine is running. If speed increases, then you have a leak. Be careful if you try this, I don't want to see a picture of your bike in flames. You could smear sealant over the cracks as a temporary repair.
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    After much Consternation I have decided to sell my "Greenie"...( Mostly because I have 5 bikes in a 1 car garage with a lift). I have 3 V-11's and so have decided to thin them out down to the one best suited for long distance touring..and the Lemans checks the most boxes in that area. She is in Awesome condition with 13.5k miles on her and needs nothing to my knowledge, she has all fresh fluids, the tires have about 800 miles on them and the battery is fresh...the only mod I myself added was docc's 30 amp breaker in place of the some time troublesome 30 amp fuse for the charging system. Ohlins shock with reservoir and re-mote preload adjuster Carbon fiber rear fender by Ghezzi-Brian (from Italy) Mistral Exhaust which have now been highly polished (note that one band on right has a small very visable scrape but I believe the bands are available from MG if it bothers you) All relays upgraded to high-quality Omrons LED Headlight (much brighter than original) Color matching flyscreen by Stucci (original dealer option) Joe Kenny billet headguards Pazzo shorty levers (great feel and adjustment) Napoleon bar-end mirrors Tail-tidy – shortened the rear fender, added small LED signals, and a custom-made LED panel inside the stock taillight Who ever gets her will have a beautiful machine they can be proud of in any crowd of bikes. This was formally SCUDS build/Bike and I am including a link to his extensive build history of the bike and his meticulous work. http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19887 I WANT $5,500 .
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    A few thoughts about this. First, many people think that a larger pipe will keep exhaust velocity up, but that is not how it works. If you were to compare two systems, one with a larger pipe diameter than the other but both close to the right size, the larger diameter pipe system would have lower exhaust gas velocity than the smaller pipe diameter system. There is a max size for exhaust pipe given your displacement and power levels. Anything above that slows exhaust gases down. Really trick systems will use a smaller diameter pipe right out the exhaust port and step up to larger diameter pipe 6 or 8 inches down the pipe. They are counting on the fact that the fuel / air mixture is still burning as the exhaust exits and as such it is still expanding. Because of that, the pipe diameter required for best exhaust flow is less right away by the exhaust port and increases further down the pipe as the air / fuel mixture finishes burning. But any sudden increase in pipe diameter / size will result in a slow down of the exhaust gases. Sadly, the stock exhaust crossover is just such a change in diameter / cross section. But the stock system is built to be cheap to manufacturer while working well enough. After market systems should be able to work better. But how much better can vary. Next, exhaust gases do no flow out the exhaust in a steady flow, they are pulses. Between the pulses there are waves of negative pressure that flow back up the pipe. Since the Guzzi V twin doesn't fire the two cylinders at the same time the pulses of exhaust from each cylinder are never trying to flow out the pipe at the same time. If the system works well, the negative pressure waves flowing back up the pipe from one cylinder will help the other cylinders positive pressure exhaust pulse exit quicker, which then can cause a stronger negative pressure wave to arrive at the exhaust port of that cylinder. The interaction between positive exhaust pulses and the negative pressure wave happens both between the two cylinders at the crossover and at the exhaust valve. But because a 90 degree V twin doesn't have an even firing interval between the two cylinders the affects of exhaust negative pressure waves are more likely to be back at the exhaust valve from that same cylinders exhaust pulse. But there are systems with complex crossovers, like the Ducati "spaghetti" system that have two separate crossovers to address the differences in timing between the two cylinders. All I can really say is back in the day I wanted a two into two system for our Ducati 750 twin racebikes (two separate exhaust pipes, basically). I did not think that a two into one system, or a two into one into two system, would work best on a 90 degree V twin. But we ended up having a system built by a guy who built exhaust art. And he didn't build what you told him, he built what he knew would work. We ended up with a two into one system. It maybe did not make the most peak power, that probably would have been from a two into two system, but it made more power under the curve and as such was ultimately faster than other bikes that claimed to make more peak power. Another really cool exhaust technology is merge collectors. If you want to learn more, google that. Merge collectors put a lot of effort into merging the different exhaust pipes into a single pipe while controlling and maintaining the size / cross section the whole way. They don't really have a lot of benefit for a 90 degree V twin like a Guzzi, but they are exhaust art.
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    I suppose everybody's bike is different but I have a 86 LM1V with over 180K miles and been through many tires. Swapped bikes with a bud with his 02 Lemans way back when on a Texas trip and he told me my suspension sucked. I guess after all those miles I had just adjusted to to it. He ordered progressive rear shocks and fork springs for me and it really improved the bike. The best combination I have found for tires afterward is a michelin macadam on the rear and metzeler lasertec 33 on the front. Worst were bridgestone bt45 as had tank slapper scary deals when riding fast over elevation changes.
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    What I mean is a proper suspension setup. If the bike isn't sending the tremors up into your spine. My Lemans I had the suspension rebuilt and resprung for my weight. Did wonders. Shaved some foam in the saddle as well. Worked for me.
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    https://www.greasergarage.it/moto-guzzi-v11-cafe-racer/ [docc Copied Image Location.]
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    It looks like a great system, I'm looking forward to pictures of it installed. A comment on pipe size: as exhaust gasses travel out, three changes happen. 1.The pulses smooth out slightly as they expand into a larger volume. 2. The gasses cool down due to both expansion and heat loss radiating out of the system. 3. In a constant diameter pipe, the gas flow speed slows due to effects 1 & 2. This explains why motorcycles with two headers leading into one muffler (eg Griso) do not suffer any power loss caused by exhaust system restriction. Bigger pipes are less restrictive to gas flow, however, with all other things being equal, gas flow in a big pipe is slower than in a small pipe, so the negative pressure pulses, or extractor effect, can be reduced. Your aim of 42mm dia pipe all through could be a great idea, or it may just add weight. It will be great to hear how it works out.
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    There are two. (1) Slim (2) None. Pick one. Seriously, I had to work this last batch in on a weekend when I could get into the mill. There hasn't been a day since, and I don't expect one in the foreseeable future. Austin is covered up with.. cough cough.. work. I can't even get my G5 shifter repaired. And.. I'm making airplane wings right now to keep from worrying about what is going on in the world.. As usual, though.. if 10 show up, I'll make time. Eventually.
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    There is alot of knowledge and experience on this forum.It's all good read for someone like me who has no technical education,only a big interrest.Great!
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    Had to get back into the bullet connectors under the LH side of the fuel tank. Typical symptoms (fuel pump would prime, all lights functional, no starting current draw when hitting the start button anywhere except full LH steering lock). Seems this happen every 2-3 years or so. To my eye, there's plenty of strain relief present (refuted by the steering lock symptom though), the connectors are locked to each other upon disassembly, and no other visible signs of distress. It's puzzling. Might try a Posi-Seal product next time and get rid of the bullets, Second Amendment concerns be damned..... And many thanks to this forum for the discussions on this topic!
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    Swapped # 2 & 3 relays and went for a short 5 mile spin. Seems to be running normal now, but it's much cooler at 11pm in Ohio. I'm thinking that I siphoned old gas out in April and refilled with new, but, I have CRS syndrome. Maybe I'll siphon it now and put new in just to be sure.
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    Thanks Bbennett , Tomchri & Lucky Phil. Having read this thread I shoulda checked this first! I just checked battery: ign. off-12.98v; 1k rpm idle-12.72v; 3k rpm-14.22v ; 6k rpm-14.52v. 2 year old Optima PC 545 battery and connections were tight.
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    Thanks guys,I'm gonna buy another cheap new PC as I run one program for work that is easier to run on a PC than Mac, so I should be able to write it off for work as the POC I am using running Windows 8 was 5-6 years old anyway and big so I can justify the relatively small purchase.I also plan to use this on my Ducati ST for TPS re-set and CO set so I can use for all....I'll let you know how it turns out....
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    You mean besides making sure the forks have enough clearance when steering?
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    I did see a thread about this, but it was back in 2013. Also, any issue with running LED lights with the stock electrical. For example, if I want to update the turn signals, brake, and headlights.
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    I just test rode the CalVin with my "homemade Laminar Lip" yesterday. The buffeting and the wind noise is a bit less but I could not feel a difference to my test-setup with tape.
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    The smaller diameter inner pipe at the cylinder head may be for strength, as that is the focal point of vibration and mounting stress. As well, smaller pipes leading to larger pipes provide a sort of "expansion chamber", which technically can help in scavenging the exhaust. IIRC, the expanding gas as it enters the larger pipe, produces a bit of a lower pressure behind it, which helps draw the rest of the exhaust out of the cylinder.
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    I do think the stretching machine will help, John. Remember, no bouncing. Long term, low load works. Stretch and hold it for 30 to 60 seconds. Stretch too aggressively and you will actually lose range of motion. My girlfriend is a yoga devotee and tells me that instructors can and do tailor exercises to folks who need gentler stretches. I've even seen "Beer yoga" classes. As a good PT (They're out there just not common) told me: "movement cures all ills". That can be modified to stretching cures a hell of a lot of ills in us old fucks. I'm the king of the "do as I say, not as I do" club. I used to limit rides on the V11 Sport to 500 miles. Nowadays, that's down to 150 or less.
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    I can certainly understand how something like this can get out of hand. When you build a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to your door. Hopeful some time down the road there will be a second batch.
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    Hi, Tom.. USPS tracking says it is "in transit." LC251868436US
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    Back in the day before Ohlins made OEM forks for manufacturers the ones that came on the up spec Ducati's like 851 SP2's etc were the real deal GP forks.I had them on my 888 and they static leaked all the time. No slider damage it was what Ohlins seals used to do back then. We used to replace them with Honda Goldwing seals and they never leaked after that. In this case Chuck is right,look for slider damage and carefully remove if present. Ciao
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    Those look like my Moto Guzzi Accessory "For Off Road Use Only" canisters (presumably Mistral made), but in stainless (not cf). Most of us removed the little placards, and filled the holes. Seems a previous owner also went for the wrap on yours. I'm with you: looks best the way you have them now!
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    From the piece I have cutt off of my second windshield I have created my homemade "Laminar Lip". I will test this solution next week. The 3M Duo Lock pads should stay untouched for 48h if possible. I must admit this looks ... strange...
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    I was curious ... so I took the chance to make a test ride at my dealer yesterday. Man this is a great bike, I did not expect this. The engine has enough power for such kind of bike. The engine and the gear box work super smoothly and even if it is simple the chassis is extremely efficient. My dealer (https://www.clauscarstens-racing.de) told me that he was also very skeptical about it at the beginning. He feared that it was a similar lame duck as e.g. the V9 Bobber. But even if the motor looks similar it is a completely different engine. Unfortunately my dealer gave up his Guzzi dealership after decades because of the poor Guzzi portfolio. He is also the biggest Ducati dealer here in northern Germany and this was not an easy step for him because he is also is a fan of the Guzzi brand like it was in the past. The current California models and the small Guzzis models simply do not sell up here. But after testing the V85TT he decided to sell those...and it works. He already sold 11 this year which is a lot for a Guzzi model. They are selling like hot cakes and do not even reach the showroom. While I was riding the red one another one arrived - already sold.
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    Why does everyone else's bike look PERFECT ?
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    I have a lot of springs. Payment and shipping details are back a few pages. I have a few boxes ready to ship as soon as I am allowed to leave my house - California is currently under stay-at-home orders to stop the spread of COVID-19.
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    That's not true, Phil. My helicopter broke down, so I couldn't get to the yacht to go to the Bahamas..
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    I'll be interested to see the price quote - but a 36 week lead time doesn't seem like a good idea. The place I used before gave me a price quote that I can afford. No response yet from my potential second source. I have not heard of a single problem with the new springs, so I think a re-order from the same place will probably be OK.
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    I had to watch the second video twice. Once to read the English subtitles and again to enjoy their dialect, facial expressions, and obvious passion. If, once upon a time, Dr. John Wittner influenced production Moto Guzzi models, and then Ghezzi & Brian, perhaps this is the season of the Guareschi influenced offering?
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