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  3. From the album: V11 Coppa Lemans

    Too nice to EAT!! (Homemade)
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  4. While riding on SR2 from Siena to Firenza we came across this group of guys a long way from home..really getting it on..after some work I passed them..and then about half hour later as we were stopped in the mountains having an expresso they pulled up...some nice cars...I like the Greenie! :-)
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  6. Proud to have won "Best in Show" at 2021 National MG Rally held in Swanzey, NH with my 1973 MG 850 Eldorado. This was my first street motorbike, bought it in July 1978, restored in 2020. Thus began my love of all things Moto Guzzi.
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  12. From the album: NZ

    An old photo of a eagle shaped cloud. Not sure where or when it was taken, but appears to be wintertime.
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  15. From the album: docc's sport

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