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  1. No Ohlins just for starters What a mutt That one didn’t get anywhere on fleabay last year Neros are (were) 2004 only
  2. guzzigary

    My Scura Build.

    Hmmm........ Only one bus.
  3. I have a tail piece/seat cowling for a Nero Corsa NOS still in MG bubble wrap .No seat . $350 (SOLD !) MG expandable tail bag ,VG shape, was on the MG rack on my Lemans. $80 Joe Kenny head guards Excellent cond. $50 Please PM for pics Thanks
  4. Genyoowine C-LP shift extender in all its zinc chromate glory. Never installed. $50 merican plus shipping
  5. Looking at the gallery post methinks gatorman has a California not a V11.
  6. Paperweight = boat anchor
  7. Coppas have the twin plate clutch,so no.
  8. The 04 Lemans that I lost in the Great Garage Fire of 2015 had one. Installed by the PO it was useful for tuning and entertaining to watch. IIRC it was plumbed to the bung on the Stucchi crossover.
  9. guzzigary

    For Sale

    2004 Nero Corsa C/F oval Mistrals Stucchi crossover Heated grips Luggage rack M/G tail bag Joe Kenny head guards RAM low inertia clutch Roper plate All fresh fluids My 3rd V11,by far the smoothest runner 32K Back injury forces sale Please PM me for pics, details $8500.00 CAD Located in B.C.
  10. Sounds like fun.... Try to save some time for some of the great roads and scenery in B.C.
  11. I picked up a rattle can of Hi temp clear (satin) Probably will first try some polishing compound in a small area on the back and see what happens. Thanks Gene
  12. Does anyone have first hand experience polishing/restoring carbon cans?
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