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  1. 289 Hi-Pos are K code cars Not sure but I think C code was 289 2 bbl
  2. I thought the 50 referenced an anniversario. V7 1967-2017 (?)
  3. That is some fine fettling. Nice work. Those carbs looks like they mean bidness!
  4. Looking good! Congratulations!
  5. Its been on Fleabay a week or so at $8995. No bids.
  6. Glad she is OK. I have some OEM mufflers, head guards and stuff around. Not too far from you. PM if interested
  7. Rossas and Neros were not numbered. Any pics of the RC?
  8. 2 front crossover gaskets NIB GU91113230 $25 plus shipping
  9. That is a good looking unit. I believe that’s an Earles type fork, popular with hacks for the adjustability of rake and trail.
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