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  1. Bummer...... Haven't used it before but heard Time-sert works well,much better than Heli -coils.
  2. The Guzzi racks are labled 3 kg. max. I have used a tail bag when packed 10-12 lbs.with no issues.
  3. Harpers has a couple online for the sport. Black or silver, 2 sizes.
  4. Installed reverse cone Misrtrals( sound pretty good) and freshly powder coated brackets/rails for Tekno bags. Bags sit 1/8 inch off the pipe Trying to think of a solution to raise the bags up at least an inch, maybe just ditch hangars on bags altogether, obviously fairly quick on-off is preferable. Anyone run into this before or got a suggestion? TIA
  5. Probably a little different up here. I've had collector plates on bikes and the only stipulation is the the machine cannot be ridden to or from work more than 15% of the time. Pleasure use is not limited. Requirements for "Vintage" plates are different,and I believe these are limited to travelling to displays/ events. Its (Collector) about 65-80% cheaper than the regular rates we pay to the government monopoly(ICBC). Not sure if it would be the same for Shaun in Ontario,but as Scud says the challenge is proving the build numbers for the year/model.
  6. Almost seems like the II's are even scarcer. The real II's, not the EPA emasculated CX-100's.
  7. With side extensions mabe you could utilize the MG service stand, and not require a chock.
  8. $$$ was a consideration when I was looking... I ended up with the Princess Auto one as well,(kind of the Great White North version of Harbour Freight) Once I installed a chock as per DonG, it does the job pretty well. Were $$$ not important the Handys seem to be the choice of most of the pros.
  9. Thanks for sharing this with us. Your strength is inspirational and puts things in perspective for me, and I'm sure others as well. Better days ahead!
  10. Testing out the Guzzi launch control?
  11. I was "shocked "...... to see it too think its earned a good long rest
  12. Not too many bone stock V11s.... Any added accessories?
  13. I know,right Pretty amazing though. I dont remember ever getting more than 6-7 years tops out of the Yuasas I generally run.
  14. Finally getting a chance to to go thru the 03 Lemans I bought in October. Got the battery out to have a look,its a Spark 500 with a on the label and a stamp of 09/02. Bikes always started good for me,units on the Tender now.
  15. Just wondering what products/techniques folks have used to refresh the Tekno bags. Thanks.
  16. Right! If you switch sides weep/drainhole will not be on the bottom of the T/S lens.
  17. I have the adjustable 54mm Tomaselli clipons from MG Cycle,very nice. Half the price of the MPH bar risers.
  18. Seems to still be a few Mistral choices from MG, as well as MIVVs if you dont mind the style of those.
  19. Couldnt help but notice some of the birthdays being celebrated today. Only a machine as beautiful and charismatic as a V11 could have devoted owners from 13 to 110 . Many happy returns
  20. Also likely culprits are the two bullet connectors residing under the fuel tank. Take apart ,clean up,solved similar issue on mine.
  21. guzzigary

    Bags Wanted

    Looking for H/B frames and/or bags.....or would definitely consider a set of Teknos. Thanks
  22. Craig .I can suggest an engine shop in in the Vancouver area that I know has built some Guzzis,Laverdas etc. Been around along time,good rep. PM me if you want the the info.
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