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  1. Check out the MRA website,they do a slightly taller screen.
  2. Docc,in the Great White North its Imperial gallons(litres) and kilometers and poutine,back bacon and maple syrup. Of course around Vancouver its more like sushi,yoga and B.C. bud. But we like our Guzzis.
  3. Cyborg,did you get the red frame tractor in Squamish I saw on CL?
  4. Bike is at well respected local dealer in Chilliwack(formerly Valley Moto) Trade in on a new Norge. PO says flaw in paint there since he purchased it in 2006.New back tire, near new front. Full service
  5. Thanks doc,that was my fear as well.Is there any realistic remedy for this sickness or will it worsen?Other than this rather glaring flaw the bike is nice,but now I am thinking of taking a pass.
  6. Hey all,looking at a 2004 Lemans,black/grey bone stock(soft bags) 17K quite a clean bike.On the left side of gas tank right where your knee would be there is some paint lifting(dime size).Anyone seen this before?Rubber knee pads (V7) would cover it but....any thoughts? Thanks
  7. Champs indeed, I did see that one Scud.Pity about the Canuck Buck. Never hurts to look though,right?
  8. +1 on binning the old freezer Docc,if you ask me once burnt.......... :Nice clean low K Ballabio for sale locally but I think Im more of a Lemans guy. Patience!!
  9. Eyeballing 85 Lemans 4 closing on EBay soon.5100 miles,looks clean,allI I need is a garage.
  10. Thanks guys.Interesting aspect of this disaster has been learning a bit about the science of fire investigation.Incredibly knowledgable fellow on scene has tagged my 20+years chest freezer as source of ignition.Will try to post some pictures still,about the only recognizable part the Guzzi is the Mistral Ti cans(3000+F melting point).Scud,have insurance rentals now(both Toyotas!) and going out today to peruse replacements for Matrix and Tacoma.I think finding another Goose will take longer, but will definitely happen!
  11. guzzigary

    Gone Guzzi

    Awoke thursday around 12:30 to across the street neighbours yelling about fire in garage,got wife ,dogs(2 German Sheperds)wallet and went out to street to find 3 bay detached garage fully involved.Firefighters did a great job keeping damage to house to a minimum but fuel load in garage had 40 ft. high flames rolling thru garage roof in no time.2 Toyotas and the Lemans total loss.Too much of a Luddite to post heartbreaking photos.No more riding this season!
  12. Motrhead I am somewhat(OK a lot) jealous of the ridiculous amount of asphalt nirvana you have in your backyard, but life will apparently not allow me to experience it again this year. We were up mid July and try as we might couldn't find a bad road(Salmo Creston excepted).Have a Rich Maund gel seat on mine, makes a big diff. Small ,informal and June I will be there!
  13. Great roads up that way but is a bit far for this time of year. I am in Fraser Valley and definitely interested in something closer.(Duffy Lake?)
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