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  1. Hi guys, I recently got my hands on a Scura. Im looking for a set of end cans to go onto it. Thanks
  2. Number 150 was sold and is staying in Ireland
  3. pjguzzi


  4. unibat are now offering a lithium battery http://www.genialmotor.it/catalog/QUAD-BIKE-ATV-SCOOTER-BATTERY-LITHIUM-UNIBAT-X-RACER-LITHIUM-11 this is the one i will be putting in mine. seems to be a very good deal
  5. i have checked all that already. the wires are fine. as is the connection at the back of the bulb. i am seeing 3-6 volts at the bulb
  6. hi i have a weird one with my 06 v11 cafe sport. i dont have a tail light or number plate light. all other lights are working brake lights front park light the whole lot. i was out on it today and the tail light worked for a bit then was gone. anyone give me an idea where to look.
  7. Hi there. i did the clutch on my v11 cafe sport recently. i stripped from the back moving forward. my advice is get 2 of these: http://www.stein-dinse.biz/images/product_images/popup_images/30084410-z.jpg can be bought here: http://www.stein-dinse.biz/eliste/index.php as for aligning it i made a tool by grinding down the head of bolt. cant remember exactly but it can be done. best of luck and remember to take your time. also you have to raise the frame if you are leaving the engine in place
  8. ZGUKTB0103M111435 ZGUKTB0103M111421
  9. The two of them together. yes you re right the story is much more involved
  10. The one with the tank cover on it was the first v11 bought, it was bought by my brother locally. i loved it from the first moment i clapped eyes on it. once i i rode it i was hooked. obviously i couldn't have his one so i bought my own. i imported it from bristol. its the one with the stucchi cans. a real howler. i knew i would never sell mine, they the the best looking bike ever. but my brother sold his in 2012 to a guy an hour down the road. a year goes by and one day my brother decides to take mine for a spin. he decides he wants his back. he phoned the guy he sold it to and bam it was bou
  11. When you attached files you can insert them into the post. That is best since the external photo sharing sites are pretty fickle. thank you!!
  12. Hello everyone first time poster long time reader. My name is PJ I am based in ireland I have 3 guzzis at the moment. 2 v11 cafe sports and lemans 2 1000cc looking forward to posting. quick question. how does one post photos? i tried from photobucket and it didnt work photo of the 2 v11s and a 75 t3 which is now sold
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