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  1. 5 hours ago, cash1000 said:

    Or you could make your own factory stand or MartyNZ has an even better one that he might like to show here

    I looked at Cash1000's stand, and thought I could make one like it, but red, and with wheels.

    Bike on Stand c.jpg

    It has plastic clevises to avoid marking the pork-chops.

    Clevis 7.jpg 

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  2. 9 hours ago, Tomchri said:

    Marvic magnesium rims shoud be available, quoting Bruno at Ghezi Brian, but need to find a hub for a MGS01, connecting piece wheel-rear drive :rasta:

    Cheers Tom.

    You could make one from a V11 Hub GU01335230. It would involve some cutting and machining, but the MGS01 uses the V11 bevel box.


    MGS01 BevelBox&Wheel.jpg

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  3. 4 hours ago, Guzzijens said:

    ... but the problem is that it drags. It seems to me that it require more throw-out distance, possible due to that it is thicker (1mm)? 

    How bad is the drag? Is the bike unrideable, or just tricky to get going? I wonder if things will get better as the new plate wears a little, and beds into the flywheel.

  4. 15 minutes ago, p6x said:


    the first eBay announcement states" manca la chiave" meaning the key is missing.

    True, but as I see it, the electrical part of the switch is attached to the key part with 2 screws.

    If @billgreenman1 only wants the electrical part, it might be a good option.

    Oh wait, I see a crack in the black plastic housing. It might not be a good idea.

  5. 12 hours ago, Lucky Phil said:

    With a LiPo battery in cold climes you need to turn the headlight on for a minute or two before you try and crank the big twin to warm the battery up. This is the accepted process.


    I have a LiFePO4 type Shorai battery in my bike. For cold starting, they say: "If starting at 5°C, headlights on for 30 seconds will help wake the battery and increase cranking performance. If at -17°C, leave the lights on for 4~5 minutes before cranking. The result will be a better first crank, and longer battery life.  If the engine fails to start on first crank, that first crank has warmed the battery, and the second attempt will be much stronger."

    So Phil makes a good point.

    The Shorai LFX21L6-BS12 cranks my V11 well.

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  6. 14 minutes ago, O2 V11 said:

    It has been a while since I have had my cover off but from memory there is only one position that the 4 dowels can be in for the cover to fit correctly. I got it wrong once and cracked my cover by tightening it up with the dowels incorrectly aligned.

    If you still have your cover on the bike have a close look at your gear linkages on the up shift. Make sure nothing is binding preventing the up shift, the starter is really close to the linkages. Hopefully you only have one of the connecting fittings reversed and it is catching on the starter, preventing an up shift past neutral.


    That could be it Rob!


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  7. 7 hours ago, Pressureangle said:

    I'm going to make some. May check out a couple types of plastic, as well as aluminum. 


    I was thinking that I should replace mine by a nyloc nut, or a pair of plain nuts. I only touch it when checking the throttle bodies are synchronized. It's not something I would adjust while riding, so it doesn't need to be so big.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Tomchri said:

    At least lot's of good memorys. Yes, hearing is damaged. Basic Interweb music now, Aardvark blues from Houston or Spotify. Scaled-down, Altec Lansing mod 19, Mark Levinson 23.5, Musical Fidelity, Marantz cd. Still have records. But go a little bananas and get an Aurender or Mark Levinson dac +,. Plays very well.
    Oops already 9 years since most of the heavy Fidelity went to my son.
    Yes music is stil important.
    Cheers Tom. ac368d59c71d5c1507914f629828fa8f.jpg

    Awesome set-up. 

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  9. Does anyone have a damaged fuel tank who can bear to part with the fittings on it?

    I have a spare tank with a different color, and hope to equip it with the parts needed so I can swap tanks easily. That is the reg, low level, and tap, with bases, and the nipples for the vent & cap drain. 

    Edit: early tank with external pump. Thanks Docc.

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  10. Pump and filter inside the tank is a tidy installation, better to keep it that way in my opinion.

    Also look for split or leaking hoses inside the tank. Immersed fuel hoses are made of different material than normal fuel hoses, which will degrade inside a tank. This is something to look for if a previous owner changed things.

  11. If it's not an electrical issue mentioned by Pressureangle, you could try adding two stroke oil to the fuel. If the pump changes tone with lubrication, maybe it's time to get a new one.

    I wonder what a partly blocked fuel filter would do to pump noise.

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