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  1. Coppa53

    Birthday Cake

    Hello Kane, My Daughter has been making custom cakes for a while, just a hobby!
  2. Hi, I have a Roper new plate to install. I recall seeing details / steps on V11lemans site. on the install. Can't find it? Any help on finding it is appreciated. ....... Thanks
  3. Coppa53


  4. They sure are a great sound. , Matched with the proper ECU it makes the Coppa run as it should. Sweet...
  5. Hey Nick Hope you are doing well! Regards, And let me know when your up my way.
  6. Hi Scud, I would like to order a spring also. If available? Thank You! Joe.
  7. FYI. Coppa for Sale on EBay. Located in Rhode Island. NOT mine. I have no relationship with the seller.
  8. FYI. Tenni for sale on EBay. Not mine. No relationship to seller.
  9. Yes. The Red used is identical. I will try post a better photo , but the ones I have are to large to upload.
  10. I installed a Stucchi rear Rack a few days ago. The Coppa is happy. Would like to thank Scud for providing the rack and shipping it cross country. I also want to again thank Czakky, for deciding to sell me his Lemans Fairing. It totally transformed the Coppa. . This was done a while ago , but never shared.
  11. Last of the Tonti's. 2010 Calvin ....... And a real nice Loop.
  12. Bars are OEM to the Coppa, I had to roll them back a bit , and bring brake / reservoirs closer to center to clear fairing. Fortunately all lines and cables were long enough. Thanks
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