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  1. Two in my garage. A 2002 and 2003 Lemans.
  2. BMWDavid


  3. Wanted to see what others thought about the market for our V11's. I'm thinking of selling one of my two V11 Lemans'. Probably keep my '03 with 6500 miles on it for now. But my '02 is possibly going up for sale. Nice overall condition with 23500 miles. It will have two new tires and a fresh oil/lube service before selling. Its the red/gray color. Have both keys, complete owners manual and tool kit. Stock. Starts up right away and runs strong. Uses no oil. But...it does have an oil seepage at the timing cover gasket on the right side. Also slight weep from adjustment bolt on transmission. Engine paint is good. Final drive paint peeling. I'm just not riding the V11's as much as I used too. Prefer my Buell and FJR comfort wise. Thanks for any input.
  4. My '02 LeMans idles just a bit low (950) so I thought I would bump it up a bit using the left throttle body, throttle stop screw. Just how tight are these screws? Using a small hex key wrench (2.5mm) I could not get the screw to turn. Mind you I did not lay into it as I did not want to damage the fitment of the hex key to the screw. OK...bike was still warm from a ride so I tried again. While still pretty tight the stop screw did move with a bit of force on the hex key wrench. There is still yellow goop on the screw head and I guess it acts as a thread locking compound.
  5. Nice! Looks like a 1971 R5C. I had a 1972 R5C new back then. I've been looking for a nice R5 or RD to relive my first riding experiences.
  6. BMWDavid

    Ti exhaust

    I have set of Staintunes on my '02 V11 (thanks Moto fugazzi) They sound great. Nice and deep without being too loud. I run them w/o the db inserts.
  7. Looking at the Harper site I see P/N 02517700 for the alternator emblem. Appears to be not available. However P/N 01517700 is available and this is for the emblem on the porkchops. Is there any difference between these two P/N's?
  8. Looking for the emblem that goes on the V11 LeMans alternator cover. Are these available anywhere?
  9. Thinking about this and reading over the long thread on the hiccups leads me to think it's my TPS. I can make it occur repeatedly while going down a slight hill on trailing throttle. It will hiccup almost continually but as soon as I roll in a few degrees of throttle all is well. I guess I'll contact Curtis for a TPS.
  10. I don't believe its an electrical issue such as a side stand switch, battery, etc. It feels more like a fuel shut off...its fairly soft in nature but does jerk the bike when it occurs. The duration is about 1/2 second...maybe a bit less. There is no backfire. It does seem to affect both cylinders at the same time. If it were an electrical issue would it not be random at all speeds/rpm and throttle positions? As mentioned above it only happens at really small throttle openings...barely cracked and does intrude on take off sometimes. As soon as throttle position is more than a few degrees past affected area it is fine. I thought about the intake rubber boots as there are some fine surface cracks. But wouldn't there be a leanness and backfire on deceleration? TPS? If it was not set optimally would very small openings be at the first part of the potentiometer?
  11. My 2002 V11 LeMans with 22,600 miles has recently started to act a bit strange. At very small throttle opening such as cruising about town in 2nd or 3rd gear at 2500 rpm or going down a slight hill at trailing throttle the engine will occasionally cut out and immediately resume normal operation. It will/can do this several times at minute. Bike starts from cold and hot just fine. With any load it will not do this. Pulls hard and clean through the gears all the way to red line. Cruises on the highway (55-75 mph) just fine. Its only at barely open throttle does it appear. Taking off from a stop it will also do the cut out but if I'm a bit aggressive with throttle it will take off fine. Just asking the group for possible ideas before I jump into this. Thanks!
  12. Your brackets appear to be missing a "third" leg that comes off the lower rear part of the loop. That third leg goes to the bolts right below the tail lamp.
  13. Just received my package. Tim, thanks again for making this happen. A big thank you to Pete for taking the time to make a batch of Roper Plates again! As said above I believe we are in the presence of a fine group of people.
  14. Scud... wanted to say thanks for all of the effort to do this. Also to Pete for even agreeing to making these again. So hats off to Pete!
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