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  1. My '02 LM feels "lighter" and more flickable when I put my chest on the tank pad and hugged up against it while weighting the pegs, my butt is barely touching the seat. I'm guessing 60% on tank and 40% on pegs. Almost no weight on clipons. A dramatic handling dynamic difference vs riding lazy (weight on seat and clipons). Could it be why MG put a pad on top of tank? Idk, but when I wanna play in the twisties it works for me. YMMV
  2. Hard starting is frequently a cue the valves need adjusted. The fuel injection system on these bikes is pretty good IMHO, but, they need to be set up properly to function well. As mentioned, the "Decent tune-up" thread is an excellent procedure to get the F.I. system calibrated. Also, it's recommended to replace the relays with quality Omron's, a search on here will guide you to the right ones. You just don't know what the P.O.'s did to the thing, such as turning the white knob on left side to adjust idle speed...it's actually the throttle synch adjuster and turning it without a synch tool will mess things up for sure.
  3. That last pic of the right t.b. doesn't look completely closed to me
  4. I figured that would lead straight to the gutter, especially with squirters thrown in there 🤣
  5. Oh yeah! Double pumpers with dual feeds, power valves and squirters, pump cams and jets! That's what I'm taking about, lol. Gotta love them quadrajets too! Ahhhh, the good ol days. I miss carburetors 😢
  6. 1.574 volts? Something not right there, should be 157 mv, or .157v, with all linkage and idle adjustment screws backed off, including disconnecting the fast idle cable. Go back to doccs "decent tune-up" thread and follow precisely. You don't want the "balance linkage" connected at all when setting tps volts. The F.I. system on the Guzzi's is actually pretty good, imho.
  7. I agree with docc, verify the throttle bodies are closed. If not, check that cables are seated correctly, including the fast idle one, and you may need to back off the adjuster at throttle grip as there should be a slight amount of slack before the throttles actually open when you twist it. After doing the "decent tune-up", I had to back that adjustment out because it idled at about 3k, seems the PO used it to adjust idle instead of the t.b. screws.
  8. I like the Permatex red "High Tack Gasket Sealer". Have put gaskets on with no sealer and they leaked. Re-did them with new gaskets and that stuff and no leaks. Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself though as I used it on the LeMans valve cover gaskets after a "decent tune-up". Thanks for the procedure docc, she's running fine as ever now.
  9. Try zip tying the lever against handgrip overnight, and turn steering to right. It's worked on my KTM's before. Btw, what do you consider a proper bleed?
  10. Ok, thanks docc. I will retain that in the theater of my mind. I mentioned White Power because it was specifically referred to as such in the owners manual.
  11. Because they stick out more and are lower, I'm thinking they would hit the ground easier with severe lean angles in turns.
  12. Is this problem with the Sachs White Power shock, and top or bottom? I have an 02 LeMans.
  13. An analog meter is a better way to check tps sensors. A bad spot will be seen as a needle blip when a faulty sensor is moved through the full sweep. DMM's may or may not show a bad spot with a faulty tps, due to some technical explanation I can't remember 🤔
  14. I do think it would have been fine, if I had not used the loctite. And, yes, 45 ft-lbs seems a plenty for a 10mm bolt. But, that's what the manual said. They really should have used a nut instead of threading into cast aluminum. There's alot of things all manufacturers should have done, but didn't, lol.
  15. I learned to be cautious using loctite, the hard way. Manual didn't call for it, but I justified the use because it's a Harley V-twin (Buell) and they vibrate fasteners loose, lost a few lower fairing screws because of it. Didn't make it to torque spec of 45 ft-lbs and the threads pulled out of the cast aluminum threaded hole😫. I reckon the loctite "altered" the friction kinda like oil would, and now the torque spec was too much . Had to helicoil it, and, no loctite this time, lol. YMMV
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