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  1. Ok, thanks docc. I will retain that in the theater of my mind. I mentioned White Power because it was specifically referred to as such in the owners manual.
  2. Because they stick out more and are lower, I'm thinking they would hit the ground easier with severe lean angles in turns.
  3. Is this problem with the Sachs White Power shock, and top or bottom? I have an 02 LeMans.
  4. An analog meter is a better way to check tps sensors. A bad spot will be seen as a needle blip when a faulty sensor is moved through the full sweep. DMM's may or may not show a bad spot with a faulty tps, due to some technical explanation I can't remember 🤔
  5. I do think it would have been fine, if I had not used the loctite. And, yes, 45 ft-lbs seems a plenty for a 10mm bolt. But, that's what the manual said. They really should have used a nut instead of threading into cast aluminum. There's alot of things all manufacturers should have done, but didn't, lol.
  6. I learned to be cautious using loctite, the hard way. Manual didn't call for it, but I justified the use because it's a Harley V-twin (Buell) and they vibrate fasteners loose, lost a few lower fairing screws because of it. Didn't make it to torque spec of 45 ft-lbs and the threads pulled out of the cast aluminum threaded hole😫. I reckon the loctite "altered" the friction kinda like oil would, and now the torque spec was too much . Had to helicoil it, and, no loctite this time, lol. YMMV
  7. I'm 51, and 2 hours on the LeMans is enough for me. PO installed 2" risers on mine, extended hydro lines too. While they were a little more comfortable, the bike had electrical malfunctions. Sometimes wouldn't start or crank and might die when at a stop. I figured the wires were stretched as he didn't lengthen them. Brake and clutch reservoirs would rub fairing and he buggered the aluminum mounting bracket so it wouldn't hit the fairing. Took them off and the electrical gremlins pretty much disappeared. And, it handled better too. Even though it was a little more comfortable, I like it stock b
  8. Sadly, those parts stores and getting harder and harder to find docc. We have only a couple left here. Used to be several in town. Really miss the ones that are gone 😢. I think I have some leftover 7 & 8mm ends around somewhere in my super organized (not) garage. I assume that's a 7mm spark plug end? Thanks gstallions, I have a couple crimpers too.
  9. I bought NGK solid core wires with 5K caps. It looks like the coil end is replaceable but haven't had them apart yet. Has anyone attempted replacing the wires to the coils and how did it turn out?
  10. That makes sense and now feel like I should have known, lol. Thanks
  11. A Lil update, switched # 2 & 3 relays and seemed to run better. Cleaned paint off tranny case ground and definitely cranks better. Installed Omron relays and seems to run better yet. Still has a little bit of stuttering when cruising at speeds less than 40 mph or so, but certainly better than last couple of weeks. Will update after I do a decent tune-up to include new NGK spark plugs wires w/5k ohm caps and K&N air filter. Are the stock wires solid copper core? As the new ones that I have are. Thanks gents.
  12. After letting it cool down, I started it up in the garage and seemed to run normal. I didn't take it back out for a ride however. That's a good idea, will do that next time, thanks.
  13. It ran better after cooling down for 30 minutes or so.
  14. Verified that it is turned fully open, CCW.
  15. Tried to turn the knurled knob a couple years ago out of curiosity, it wouldn't budge with my fingers. Didn't use tools on it and left it alone. Felt I might open a bag of worms if I proceeded. Omrons ordered from online components & Casper's breakout harness (thanks Docc), Caig Deoxit on the way also. Once my Buell is back in action, the tank is coming off and a decent tune-up will commence, minus CO adjustment. Don't have necessary soft and hardware for that. Thanks.
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