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  1. THANKS fOOTGOOSE. (woops tablock!) Good to know the tabs are on all the v11s. I will definitely do a build thread, photo diary, video diary, but I have to buy the bike first. Might give it a go with the Breva 750 and/or the Griso 1200 that I have now first....
  2. Isn't it exquisite! Anyways...... I was looking for answers that were not fully answered in the previous posts. My questions are: 1. If I bought a V11 Le Mans, would the existing headlight fairing mounts be usable with the Laverda fairing? 2. If so, what modifications would be required to make it work? (This is assuming anyone has done the fairing swap with a V11 LM. The bike in the pics is a Le Mans....) 3. If anyone has fitted this fairing on any other V11 using any other fairing/headlight mount, and if so what did they use? 4. Do all V11s have the mounting tab
  3. I know this is an old post. Ressurrecting it, because now I am looking at doing a Laverda fairing on a V11 and some questions are unanswered and some photos are no longer visible..... Here is the bike that started the whole discussion....
  4. This may be going too far, colour wise, but you got to admit it is striking. Check it out. The guy did a series of videos showing the transformation, then promptly sold the bike when it was done. Maybe he created a monster. Check out how high the seat is and how low the clip ons!
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. The pics I posted feature a Laverda SFC 750 fairing which I'd love to put on. Make the bike look longer and leaner. The fairing is Available for about 100 Euros from https://www.motoforzafairings.com/half-fairing-road-laverda-moto-guzzi-etc-laverda-sfc-750-1974 I have seen a Greenie in the flesh. 😍 I also like silver and could be happy with that. Still 😍 The only mods I'd do would be the fairing and maybe relocate the signals and put reverse cones on. Maybe tidy the tail.... wouldn't want to do more. Too damn near perfect stock.... Regarding
  6. Thanks for all your input guys, much appreciated, but a few are missing the point of the question. Which V11 is the best package as it came from the factory? (maybe in order of best specs to (I won't say worst) the lowest spec/handling) .... maybe then a decision of which to buy would be easier. Some have a slightly longer frame, some or these may have lower spec shocks etc, but handle better due to that, some have frame bracing, some don't. Forgive my ignorance. I just thought someone might know all the variations and save me and others as dumb as me) the trouble of lots of r
  7. Hi guys. I am looking at coming into a few bucks in the near future and will be getting another Guzzi to keep the Breva 750 and Griso 8v 1200 company in the garage. I am torn between so many desirable Guzzis. If I could, I'd have one of each model, but the short list is a 1400 Cali, a Le Mans 1, a Bellagio and a V11. Personally, if I buy a V11, I'd like a Greenie, cos i think it is the most gorgeous of them all, but I could be tempted by any of the other models. Realistically, my budget and the location and availability of a V11 would probably be the biggest deciding factor
  8. Looks familiar, though it's my Bellagio, not a V11
  9. I like the idea of a centauro cafe, but like the idea of it still looking like a Centauro................ personally, I think it looks cool with the centauro tank (if the side panels were modified nicely) and the tail just trimmed and tideied like in photo jpg 012, the grey one. It keeps all the wires and plumbing hidden and retains the Centauro character. I'd just add clip ons and hit the road. Don't get me wrong. The Daytona tank looks good, but, why not just get a Daytona?
  10. Here's the latest................ frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  11. Thanx buddy. I would prefer to have the pipes angled upwards to show off the single sided swingarm or even better, put them on the other side of the bike, but Singapore Sucks when it comes to modifying anything. (A mate of mine had his bike FAIL an inspection because he had a crack welded up in the exhaust!!!! It was deemed an illegal exhaust modification. Other mates have spent months and tons of $$$ trying to get after market exhausts approved (EU approved) (even if the same pipe has previously been approved for another owner with the same bike !!!! ) Can't wait to go home to a sane count
  12. The Bellagio Cafe Racer has completed its "Evoluzione. https://youtu.be/sciU-nVCGNc
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