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  1. Yup, that's ma boy Adam. Hope he didn't talk your ear off for an hour during your stop. It was great chatting with you at CV, passing each other by in Coffeyville, KS (that was you, right?) on the way home. I'll PM you cell/email for that selfie you took.
  2. Sure it wasn't operator error with your new truck?
  3. I was afraid of what it might have been about....
  4. I had the same concern, having poor luck with red farkles on the Ducati. With respect to the base C/F, my mind's eye didn't see it integrating well with the balance of my bike's black butt...so it was going to be a different "look"...but meh. I decided that if it wasn't going to integrate well...it really needed to stand out on its own..a trade-off I decided to go for even if the color match wasn't perfect. (Disclaimer: The wife played no role in this aesthetic evaluation and shall not be held liable for any of my poor decisions.)
  5. I'm in for a red one, if you please. In the meantime, I can start looking for a headlight brow and curbfinders.....
  6. Check this....make sure throttle cable isn't interfering with the linkage. (Had a similar experience.)
  7. I attended a two day school run by them a few years ago in North Las Vegas. It's a first class experience and glad I did it. Never attended a track day before, so just being on a track was new..throw in class time with track time and the sensory inputs were borderline overwhelming. Interesting pitches during class of the science behind the techniques presented. I recall being exhausted/sore after the first day..oh..and frustrated that I couldn't find a legitimate massage anywhere that evening.() IMO it's perfect for someone who does attend track days and looking for techniques/critiques on how to improve lap times. Applicability to the street is more limited (though still useful). Exploring personal/vehicle limits on public thoroughfares... Obligatory pic....
  8. They said Italian bikes are a chick magnet. My current experience is that they're all re-coiled.
  9. I've given up trying to be O-ring efficient and started an O-ring parts bin..right next to the bin containing a myriad of Cu sealing washers. First addition...99 #112'S of the Viton persuasion. Those of unknown pedigree I use in place of those plastic washers generally used where bodywork is involved. Keeping track of those things is worse than trying to find a 10mm socket.....
  10. ..and your notes (which I used, referenced somewhere else on this forum...TY) are exactly right! Reinstalled with new O-ring, reused shims, and fired her up uneventfully. Need to get the oil viscosity down before I'll render a final verdict.
  11. Had noticed accumulated grime about the timing sensor, so........... Three 0.6mm shims and an O-ring which had acquired and retained a square profile. Note to self: If you don't see an O-ring or land once the sensor is removed, ensure you have all the shims off the motor.
  12. I've never had any luck using ARC functionality. Frustrated, I wound up using a universal remote from Harmony to control TV, DVD, amps, satellite receiver, A/V processor. With respect to over the air TV, I suspect the TV manual would provide instructions on how to send audio to other devices if that capability exists...looking at the back of my TV I was surprised to find a dedicated "Audio Out" optical connection.
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