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  1. Had to get back into the bullet connectors under the LH side of the fuel tank. Typical symptoms (fuel pump would prime, all lights functional, no starting current draw when hitting the start button anywhere except full LH steering lock). Seems this happen every 2-3 years or so. To my eye, there's plenty of strain relief present (refuted by the steering lock symptom though), the connectors are locked to each other upon disassembly, and no other visible signs of distress. It's puzzling. Might try a Posi-Seal product next time and get rid of the bullets, Second Amendment concerns be damned..... And many thanks to this forum for the discussions on this topic!
  2. Thanks for asking docc. Going to wait till the dust settles on all of....this. Not exactly what I was hoping for in my first year of retirement. Heck, if I do any road trips at all this year it will be using the John Hopkins per capita map along with Basecamp as route planning tools!(Love the emoji...!!!!)
  3. leroysch

    V11 Custom Builds

    The organ-piped Agusta's are a thing of beauty. While not in a living room, this ticks the same boxes for me: Although the Italians can be pesky at times....
  4. I was studying the exploded parts view for the rear wheel (Pg. 35 of the V11 parts manual, 2003-2004 flavor) while waiting for a rear tire delivery and noticed the item 10 O-ring, PN 90706490. If I'm reading this correctly, it resides about the outboard face of the RH wheel bearing and, if present, should be visible once the wheel is off. I've never seen it. Do I have this right, or is it embedded in the Item 11 (flexible coupling disc), 12 (Ring), and 13 (Flange) assembly?
  5. ....while waiting for a tow other than to take a pic (and find some shade!). Interesting experience as all these unplanned events result in (usually). Two passing bikers stopped as well as a couple in a pickup which was a nice reaffirmation of the inherent kindness of folks, a pleasant break from our current craziness. The brother of the guy who owned the towing outfit that was called lived a 1/2 mile down the road from where I broke down. He showed up on his bike. Apparently, a fuel tanker which services a number of the gas stations in the area delivered a incombustible gas/water mixture and the owner was stacked up with vehicle recoveries for the rest of the day. Well, the guy took the time to swing by his house, load up his pickup and attached a motorcycle trailer to his flatbed recovery vehicle, and dropped off said equipment where I broke down. The three of us had everything loaded up in short order. Have to give a shout-out to AMA roadside assistance who found somebody with the right equipment. I've not been as lucky in the past....
  6. Hand wax....new addition to the shop's fluids shelves.
  7. Shop operates under VFR...
  8. Doing fine, but there appear to be unreported symptoms with widespread community transmission. To wit....what I see in my efforts to promote social distancing..... What everyone else sees....
  9. Station wagons....the minivans of my youth. They have a funky appeal to my eye.....
  10. Yup, this '04 has black faced ITI's and no angle drive. The "interesting" part of all of this is the broken cable (broke up around the speedo) didn't have the bent tube feature.
  11. Thanks gentlemen....increasing the bend (duh!) makes a lot more sense. Appreciate the idea about adding the angle drive Phil, but as Docc pointed out going back to the earlier "sketchy" configuration (and spending the $)...well...I'd go the Speedhut route and be done with it instead.
  12. Recent decent weather allowed me to take the V11 out to check whether my recent replacement of the speedo cable brought the speedometer back to life. At startup it seemed to be idling slightly high, and a subsequent brief ride confirmed the throttle wasn't closing completely (throttle off RPM's on the order of 3K). The speedo cable's metal strain relief is contributing the cable's interference with the connecting rod. The throttle cable has plenty of slack in the "off" condition, and when high I can manually close the linkage (below the TPS) to lower the RPM's (surprised at how little movement was involved). I'm not prepared to go the Speedhut route yet, and I can only think of two solutions: 1. Remove part/all of the metal strain relief or 2. Use the old cable with new innards. Any other ideas would be welcome!
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