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  1. Yup, this '04 has black faced ITI's and no angle drive. The "interesting" part of all of this is the broken cable (broke up around the speedo) didn't have the bent tube feature.
  2. Thanks gentlemen....increasing the bend (duh!) makes a lot more sense. Appreciate the idea about adding the angle drive Phil, but as Docc pointed out going back to the earlier "sketchy" configuration (and spending the $)...well...I'd go the Speedhut route and be done with it instead.
  3. Recent decent weather allowed me to take the V11 out to check whether my recent replacement of the speedo cable brought the speedometer back to life. At startup it seemed to be idling slightly high, and a subsequent brief ride confirmed the throttle wasn't closing completely (throttle off RPM's on the order of 3K). The speedo cable's metal strain relief is contributing the cable's interference with the connecting rod. The throttle cable has plenty of slack in the "off" condition, and when high I can manually close the linkage (below the TPS) to lower the RPM's (surprised at how little movement was involved). I'm not prepared to go the Speedhut route yet, and I can only think of two solutions: 1. Remove part/all of the metal strain relief or 2. Use the old cable with new innards. Any other ideas would be welcome!
  4. Had success reaching the fowardest most driveshaft zerk with a 1/8" 45 degree coupler. Rear wheel on.
  5. on the Pit Posse. https://www.amazon.com/Pit-Posse-Motorcycle-Separator-Extractor/dp/B004MAPN42
  6. Thank you Pete for clarifying the clearances. Searching the forum led to a number of different values..I was having some problem sorting them out and didn't write down what I used previously. (Oh..and now I remember why I have what looks like shish-ka-bob sticks in my toolbox....) Now that I can (barely) make out that arrow, let me try to be more meticulous in my letter search. If unsuccessful, I'll live with the pain of the extra mg's.
  7. I've never been able to see the "D" or "S" on the flywheel of my 2004 V11, but have instead relied on the ability to spin both pushrods on the cylinder I'm working on to establish TDC before checking clearances. Well, today I got to the point where both pushrods rotated freely and I decided to have a look for these elusive letters. Didn't find them, but I did discover a faint but well formed engraved arrow on the flywheel pointing in the forward direction when I had the RH cylinder at TDC (pushrods easily spun about). I'm curious if anyone else has seen this, or is this some other artifact defining a different relationship unrelated to adjusting the valves?
  8. I've had good luck with these https://realgaskets.com/product-category/motorcycle/moto-guzzi/ thru original installation and one reuse. No leaks, seeps, etc.
  9. Just "fishing" a new speedo cable thru the maze.....
  10. What my speedo looks like 'cept for the mileage. 2004 V11 LeMans
  11. ...performed. I think this cable needs to be a tad longer if the speedometer/odometer is expected to function. 15,300 miles. Considered going the Speedhut route, but decided to replace the "odometer cable 01760492". The break was up near the instrument panel. Are their any consumables I need to worry about at the other end at the "odometer gear 01762560" interface?
  12. On more occasions than I care to admit, I've warned an upcoming turn of my arrival.
  13. I approached tanking my take off (2004 V11) for the first time with some trepidation after reading others experiences. FWIW, turned out it was NBD getting it back on.
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