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  1. FWIW, following replacing the fuel filter on my 2004 V11, the bike "screeched" at key on. Went away fairly quickly after everything "primed up". Hasn't been an issue since. I know the OP mentioned it came from the area of the relays...but this is the only time I've encountered a screech on my bike....errr, I mean...from my bike!
  2. leroysch


  3. I came early to the party....just after they knocked 40%-50% off MSRP when HD announced jettisoning Buell. Still in the middle of rotor replacement with the EBR "final fix". This will be stator #3....
  4. The RAT looks like fun, too...but its scheduled over my summer road trip's prep time. Yeah, I'm a procrastinator.....
  5. Have used these in both applications without any issues on my V11, including re-use. No drips, seepage, etc. Did buy a torque wrench capable of the in-lbs they spec.
  6. "Anyway, The front is the business end, but a working rear is a handy back-up." A t-shirt worthy philosophy.....
  7. I guess that would be..hmmm....essentially east, eh? Sounds good!
  8. Ditto on this. I hadn't left enough slack in the harnessing going into the ignition switch during my foray into switch lubrication. At full lock, I was able to disengage the removable bottom "cup" of the ignition switch assembly. Exhibited the same symptoms...
  9. KTM curse....or some other travesty? Glad your adventure has everything back home and a plan forward....
  10. leroysch


    New rear tire arrives tomorrow. I'll let them socialize for a bit.....and if the weekend weather isn't inclement, may even leave her in her "room" to see if she really prefers to pout vs getting out to strut her stuff .....(anyone know where I can get a tee with "Anthropomorphic" emblazoned front and back?)
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