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  1. All good now, and it was a fairly simple fix thanks to all of your advice. I took the neutral switch out to check its functionality. Cleaned it up and worked the plunger a bit. Everything seemed to work properly. The switch was below the oil line, but I had a bolt of the same size to plug things up and reduce the loss of that expensive new gearbox oil during my testing. This was the key tip, however: Finding the right seal washer thickness is what got the switch within the fine balancing act between recognizing neutral and turning off in the other gears. Thank goodnes
  2. Yep, goes into neutral when I ground the wire. Must be the switch then. Thanks for the tip, Docc. Any tricks to getting it unstuck before I start taking things apart? And is it above or below the oil level? (in regards to whether or not I have to drain the gearbox again to remove and inspect the switch.)
  3. Well, shoot. I got everything back together and now the neutral switch isn't working. Neutral light won't come on, bike won't start unless the kickstand is up. I tried some deoxit on the connections, still no luck. Could I have messed something up on reassembly? Any easy ways to check the switch without tearing everything apart again?
  4. Ok, I got it off. Pretty easy once I understood things. This advice from MartyNZ showed me what I was doing wrong: And this advice from Docc is how I got the cover off: I'll attach some images illustrating the rib Docc mentioned if it helps others in the future. Thanks everyone!
  5. Great tips everyone. Thanks! I'll give it another shot and let you all know how it turns out. -Keith
  6. I'm in the process of a little preventative maintenance by installing the improved shift spring from Chuck and Scud. The gearbox cover is giving me some trouble with coming off. I figure I'd check with you guys before I accidentally damage something. Image attached displaying my progress so far. Is there anything other than the eleven hex bolts around the perimeter holding the cover in place? I checked the schematics and that seemed to be all there was. Is it just sealant holding it in? Any tips for popping it off without damaging anything? Thanks in advance, Keith
  7. Just wanted to send out a big thank you to all the folks on this forum and the V11 community as a whole. I finally had the time to give my Café Sport its first thorough "Decent Tune-up". I was amazed at the difference. It was running well enough before so I never thought to change anything. The instructions, parts, tools, software and advice posted on this forum were such a huge help. I'm glad I took the time to get my bike running even better than ever, and I appreciate the efforts of all who have contributed to this community over the years. A few other things I have done sin
  8. k99


  9. Hey guys, sorry it has been I while since I have posted any updates on my bike. I've slowly been building up a to-do list for sorting it out that might have just recently gone beyond my abilities. Too many fun bikes in the garage have made me choose riding over wrenching during my free time. I noticed a slow oil leak that has increased a bit lately. I dismantled the exhaust system to get a closer look. It's dripping directly onto the crossover. The stock crossover that I replaced when the bike first arrived, suspiciously had burnt oil on top of it. At the time I didn't think much o
  10. I might be interested in the Centauro, but at $6500 not $7500. My problem is also lack of garage space, but if the price is right I could always hide it behind my couch. Post it here when he's ready to sell. I'm sure it will drum up some interest.
  11. OEM headers and crossover. I took these off of my Cafe Sport when I installed a new exhaust system. The bike only had about 3,500 miles on it when removed last year. They are in solid shape and did not seem to have any leaks when removed. Only minor surface corrosion and some oil and road grime. Nothing a little elbow grease couldn't clean up. Price: Free - just pay for shipping. Donating to the V11 community. I only ask that the recipient actually has a need for them and will not be hoarding them away or profiting.
  12. For Sale: Harpers aftermarket shift lever. I accidentally ordered two of these a while ago without realizing it. I have one installed on my Cafe Sport and it works great. Price: $75 + shipping
  13. ***SOLD*** For sale: one set of Knight Design 1 inch lowered footpegs. Used only a couple of times. Originally purchased because I was looking for pegs with better grip than the stock set. Selling because I preferred the position of the original pegs. Price: $50 + shipping
  14. I'm in for one too please.
  15. Here is a nice looking Cafe Sport in the Los Angeles area that I noticed on CycleTrader this morning. At that price it could be a good deal for someone, especially considering all the GuzziTech upgrades the current owner has on it. http://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2004-Moto-Guzzi-SPORT-V11-120669366
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