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  1. I'm looking for a MK1 Le Mans , might consider a MK2 or lookie likely MK1 . Cash waiting in the UK .
  2. UK based , I'm looking for a Guiliati or similar dual comfort seat . Cash waiting !
  3. Gents yes , I am guilty . Yes it's a big ask price wise , but .....and hopefully the pictures show this , it's a minter . No it's not totally original , yes it has aftermarket slip ons and cross over , heated grips and a gezzi brian belly pan, but that isn't really a crime here is it . I also have another V11 which also under went a full restoration at the same time , so to bag a MK1 Le Man to add to the collection, something has to give, but I'm in no hurry, I actually rode it today and was glad it hasn't sold. Probably put both the V11' s back in the house on show over the winter now and keep my eyes peeled for that MK1 .
  4. Cheers Steve , I guess I should have just sent you a text first mate . I'll get some ordered Monday .
  5. Well it's actually for a griso , I wasn't aware they were different to be honest so stand corrected, question still stands though , someone must be in the know ? Even I I have to get it shipped from the US .
  6. Hi Guys , does anyone know where I can buy some Tenni green paint . I'm looking for half a litre of based coat . Many thanks Bryan
  7. I am looking for a Gaman dual seat for my Mk2 Le Mans , I can offer an original or a new reproduction original seat in trade or outright purchase . Anyone got one they want to part with ?
  8. Mistral reverse cone with cross over.
  9. Yes polished , and yes had to go to the wholesalers for the elbow grease.....😀
  10. I'm certainly hoping this will be welcome here 02 /03 I think ? European model I think .... Holland ? Anyway here in the U.K. Now and UK registered , i restored it last year , think it looks ok now. ZGUKTA0202M211144
  11. Long time lurker .....thought it was time I updated with a few images of my bikes
  12. Dietcokeman


  13. I actually bought this bike from Steve S from this very parish , and I stripped the bike and carried out a little refurb to the whole bike. The headers were removed and I applied lots of elbow grease and metal polish on an electric polishing mop. Autosol is good for this .
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