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  1. It’s amazing how this little bikini fairing blocks the wind from the head area however a little breezing around the neck . I hope to rack up as many miles on mine as you have docc . Pretty impressive !! thanks again for your input 👍
  2. Thanks po18guy , good to know .
  3. You guys are great , some good suggestions here . One thing that has reduced overall vibration was syncing the final drive . Must of been messed with before I purchased the bike but found it while doing some preventative maintenance . Thanks for the advice and glad I’m not alone in this .
  4. Sorry for the double post
  5. My Ballabio bikini fairing has a nasty sound to it from vibration so I’m taking it off and will check it out . Tightening the shield might of cracked the plastic . If anyone has been through this would sure appreciate any suggestions to remediate . Sorry for no pic , one day I will get the software figured out . Thanks
  6. I was told by a reliable dealer source who is now retired that Guzzi would of sold many more V11s if the Ballabio was made available initially at the start of production in 2000-2001 ! The upright riding position being the main reason .
  7. This information came from Piaggio Customer Service after documentation was sent with the bikes VIN asking for these numbers . Took a longtime !
  8. Ballabio s manufactured , 628 total and 223 in 2004 . Confirmed with letter from Piaggio Customer Service in Italy . Just went through this myself for collector plates but don’t have them yet . good luck with yours
  9. Thanks Docc , appreciate the info and will hopefully get some pics up soon .
  10. It’s been a while since I posted here but am still loving the Ballabio . I have a couple of questions hope you can help me out with . 1. Why is the engine number different than the VIN ? 2. I can’t upload pics , says they take too many bites ?! Thank you gentlemen , have a great ride out there .
  11. brenwin


  12. Scud , I finally got my act together and sent via paypal . Hope all is well and looking forward to getting this on the bike . If more funds are needed for shipping please let me know . Cheers , Steve
  13. I'm in for one so please post me on the list . Name : Brenwin - Steve Lindsay - Canada Cheers , Steve
  14. I'm new to this forum as I just bought an 04 Ballabio at the Vancouver bike show yesterday . You never know what tomorrow is going to bring because I had no intention of buying anything . She's a beauty and I will post pictures when I figure out how to upload them . I'm not sure what to expect when I finally get to ride it . Currently I have a Stelvio which I love and a restored Eldo George Dockray built a few years back . I've owned a half dozen Guzzis since I got hooked on these motorcycles 10 years ago and wish I could of kept them all . However the Stelvio is heavy and at 66 find it a bit challenging sometimes just pushing it around so am hoping the Sport will be a little easier on me and if I drop it I'll be able to pick it up , fingers crossed . I know a few on this site and am glad for it so look forward to any advise when and if it's needed . Great to be alive and still riding !
  15. I just sort of did the opposite Bill , bought a Ballabio yesterday at the Vancouver bike show while having an 012 Stelvio in the garage that I dearly love . I rode an 09 Griso for a couple of years but it gave me leg cramps sometimes and when I sat on the Stelvio for the first time my inseam appreciated it . I've always lusted after a spine and this 04 is mint with only 17000kms on it . Not sure how things are going to pan out but won't be selling the Stelvio anytime soon . I might lower the pegs on the V11 for some added comfort but the higher Ballabio bars feel ok . I still miss the Griso though and in hind sight should of lowered the pegs and remapped it to improve the fueling otherwise might still be in the garage ! Everytime I sell a bike (Guzzi) there is a grieving period .
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