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  1. The dealer charged it before I picked it up so who knows what procedure they used . I got a couple of rides in this weekend and it performed flawlessly . Just checked it and it's at 13.0 v . It was 12.84 before I left . So far so good . Thanks guys!
  2. So I've got this brand new Odyssey 545 battery and it's reading 12.85v . The battery hasn't been installed yet . Should I connect a maintainer or not ?
  3. vents


  4. yes I do . My work load won't allow me to really dig into this right now , but battery voltage is 12.7v
  5. Just got a chance to turn the key ON and there was dead silence ...... I turned the key on . I did not touch the starter button . The starter and battery are fine . No worries there . When I turned the key on , the fuel pump did not activate. That is all that I was trying to say. The spark plugs are not firing and now I know that the fuel pump is not activating when I turn the key on .
  6. Just got a chance to turn the key ON and there was dead silence ......
  7. No sir , I put fresh treated non ethanol fuel in it and parked it for the winter . I'll chase down all of these suggestions as soon as possible . thanks in advance !
  8. Yes, the starter is spinning the motor and the fuses have been checked .
  9. Greetings Guzzi brethren , I parked my '03 Sport naked for the winter late last year and it was running fine .This spring it would not start . So, I've pulled the plugs and low and behold they are not firing . Not just one of them but both of them . I tested a couple of new plugs because they were handy and still no spark . Any ideas ? I did run a trickle type maintainer on the battery over the winter . this is not the way I wanted to start the season . I hate electrical issues !
  10. As I said , GM is on it . And no, the oil won't fix the problems caused by the holes . I think the fork is also shy on rebound damping and the oil will help with that and stiffer springs only make that seem worse . My bike has the crappy design I believe and for the way I like to ride , it's a real drawback . I haven't had time yet to pull them down yet , but will be looking for a fix in the near future . It's a shame that this design saw production, imo .
  11. It's a given that spring rates should always be dialed in first but the damping problem remains . I said " If you don't do anything else to improve the damping then the heavier oil will help " and I'll stand by that .
  12. Bingo ..... GuzziMoto is on it . Your fork won't build pressure because of the holes he's speaking of which effectively defeats the purpose of a cartridge fork . If you don't do anything else to improve the damping then the heavier oil will help.
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