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  1. And the right tank, have a backup tank on there now. And the V11 replacement, I finally got back into riding some last year, Love the Quota, just had to play with the timing some to get it running well below 4k rpm.
  2. OK, be honest, who gave up on me and this Bike? Not done yet, made a lot a progress a few years ago, but got distracted. I will be back on it in a month or two as soon as I get my workshop cleaned out and organized so I can get her in it and finish it. All new paint, powder coated the frame, forks, swing-arm, etc. Rebuilt the engine (new piston and liners, rebuilt heads) did some transmission work, new wiring, a few custom touches here and there. A few issues I need to work out, rear wheel is dragging on something, I put new bearings in and shimmed them, I think I just need to
  3. Really? OK, I guess I am out then.
  4. Do these fit Quotas (ES1100)? If so I am in for one!
  5. HRC_V4


  6. I made the offer on the frame, even offered to paid shipping on top of the $25, but no response... But here is the red replacement...
  7. I wish the raid was the weekend before or the weekend of Labor Day and I would be there, but can't make it that weekend, maybe next year when I am back on the bike. I got a red one, well, I will get it next weekend, looking forward to it. Those prices are crazy, some are more than what I paid new, but I did think about offering $25 for the frame to hang on the wall
  8. I hope you are doing good hrc. Are you riding yet? I must have missed your crash if previously posted. I had something in the picture thread, in the late 80's pages, happened 9/9/17, so sometime after that.
  9. No worries, leave it up, it is fine. I see the humor in it. I am doing good, walking pretty good, not riding yet, had a second surgery about 5 months ago, they had to put a larger ti rod/spike in it, had part of the bone not healing, but all good now, just need to build strength. Strength is what is keeping me from riding, not sure I can hold the bike up if it leans too far to the right at a light or something. Planning for a ride in the Spring. Still working on my '71 Ambassador, got it mostly torn down. Could not fight it any more and picked up a 2000 Quota, not a spine, but still a Gu
  10. This makes me so sad... That is my old bike, seeing the handle bar make my ti filled leg hurt... Engine has a Roper plate (do Roper plates fit Quotas?), the hard bags were on it, fell over after the head on, relays were new style and just put in, the exhaust only had 1,500 miles, just rebuilt the brake MC and calipers, although at least one caliper was toast...Knight lowering pegs, just had the Speedo redone.
  11. Ha, maybe, but HRC used titanium connecting rods in my V4, and now I have a titanium rod connecting my knee and hip.
  12. I am now bionic Sammy. Yes, ti rod. It could have been much worse, so I am healing, but going to miss the fall riding season. Thanks for all the well wishes!
  13. I survived, only real injury ( since this is a picture thread). This was Saturday, she tried to defend her/lane from a cage, did a good job, but I think I need to work on my dismount before my mid-air acrobatics.
  14. Mine mated with something slightly larger
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