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  1. South East Ohio has some great roads, we did some of the Zanesville rides, won't be anything like the Dragon, but fun, just do the south of Zanesville rides. West Virginia is another ride rich state. Bristol TN/VA is another good area, 421 to Shady Valley and Mountain City is an excellent road.
  2. After cranking awhile, pull the plugs and see if they are wet, if dry, then you have a fuel issue, which could be pump, regulator, injector, etc.
  3. Just to confirm, you have; *Spark *Signal to injectors *Fuel to injectors *Fuel flow through the injectors The only thing left is timing and air, starting fluid should over come any bad programming on the cold start enrichment, that is a head scratcher.
  4. I also did the home brew injector cleaning, there is a $20 injector tester that will open and close the injectors, I hooked up a low pressure pump and ran seafoam through the injectors (1 at a time) while in an ultrasonic cleaner (no heat). Did great on my Bosch L-Jet injectors, also did my Quota injectors. You can inspect the patterns before and after and see an improvement. Just FYI, don't try to use straight Lucas injector cleaner, way too thick, could not pump it.
  5. I had a hard time starting my greenie, never could figure it out, on it's last ride, it took 15 minutes to start, had to put it on the battery charger after a while. I had a couple of different maps loaded, all the same. Once warm, no issues, started first time. Replaced one of the injectors to no help. It could be as simple as a little more fuel for cold starts. I've been working on my Alfa Milano with a GoTech MFI injection system, so I'm learning a lot about cold start.
  6. I've been running the real gasket silicone valve cover gaskets for a couple of years on my Quota and Ambassador, very happy with them. Tried the silicone pan gasket on the Quota, not as happy, went back to the paper gasket and reusable sealant, the low torque spec on the silicone pan gasket made me nervous, tried blue loctite, but still was not happy. Leaked and when I pulled it off it had tears.
  7. I went to the MotoA race at Road Atlanta this year, love the track, remember seeing Nicky Hayden in his early days of AMA racing. But I have concerns about the track lasting many more years, several large neighborhoods being built within miles of the track, we are talking 1000+ homes, at least it looked that way, the city of Atlanta will swallow it soon, and I doubt another will get built in the area. I think VIR is safe for a while, Barber also, but it will take Barber money to make a new track and keep it in business.
  8. I've owned this one since '95, it is a blast to drive, the Maserati is a little more plush and refined, but I would pick the GTV6 for a mountain road any day, even though the Maserati has an additional ~70 hp (stock trim).
  9. Just put in my order, since it is requisite reading! This explains why my Quota and 430 use the exact same throttle position sensor, and they are the only two vehicles that use that TPS. What are the odds....
  10. I'm still learning, this is at a friend's house about 5 hours away, I go about once a month to work on it. I have driven it about 100 miles in total, but the starter took a dump for the third time my last time down so I have a new upgraded starter to put in and a spare transmission (5spd) to put in my next time down. It is a surprisingly good car, it is a later FI car, manual transmission, good power for the era, good ride, just a fun car to drive. Parts are a little hard, but I have become friends with a good source out in California.
  11. Even the "not so good" Italian Engineering. This was my ultimate Automotive Sin, bought as a non-running Biturbo with a spare wiring harness in the trunk....
  12. I heard BMW stood for "Big Money Wasted" I like Italian Engineering! Especially in Red (I have two red Alfas from the 80's)
  13. I am hearing "save the Mk III no matter how personalized it is"
  14. I was riding my Quota in Ohio Amish country a few weeks ago, it seems the Amish ladies have embraced electric bicycles, so you know that this is the future because the Amish are trend setters!
  15. Thanks Pete! This is what I was looking for. I rode a Mk III a little while ago, about the only thing original about it was the owner, but that bike only seemed happy with half throttle and above, but I am not sure of what all was done to it besides the obvious things I could see. And that has me looking for a mid/late 80's Guzzi again.
  16. They are fun, mine gives me that special feeling like the RC30, hard to put a finger on it. I perfected the 4 wheel drift in mine by staying late at work in Atlanta. Back then traffic would clear out by 7:00pm, I would take the downtown connector south to the International Blvd. (I think it had a different name back then) exit, two lanes banked to the left, with no other cars you could go as fast as you wanted, not sure how many times I took that curve, but it was always worth the extra hours at work. A lot of Alfa folks would say the Alfetta was better balanced with the 4 cylinder engine, but the V6 up front and the Transxale in the rear, the car had beautiful balance, you could make steering corrections mid-corner with the throttle.
  17. Just another Alfa. ALFA = Always Looking For Another, but I feel the same way about Guzzi's.
  18. It was mine too, I bought this one in '95 from Spruell in Atlanta with 120k miles, it was my daily driver for a number of years, I would work late just to let traffic clear out so I could enjoy the commute home. The Alfasud was a cool car with the flat four, but they were known to rust, sometimes before they left the dealer....
  19. I know, right? I do keep spares just in case....
  20. Thanks doc! To further the inquest, is the casting the same between the heads so just different valve sizes? Or, can I turn a medium valve head into a large valve head by swapping valves and a little machine work?
  21. Very close, the V6 version of the Alfetta, '86 GTV6 with almost a quarter million miles....
  22. Is there a source that talks about the different Guzzi cylinder heads? Looking at a 1000cc (square head) bike with broken fins, just wondering what options are for a replacement head if I move forward.
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