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  1. Itsagas


  2. Way to soft, even for my weight.
  3. My full weight is about 90kg, leathers, helmet & boots.
  4. Hello, my scura is undersprung,at the front, and I just want to confirm that the standard springs are 8.5N/mm. That being so I'm thinking 1.0N/mm would be ok good fix for my weight of 80kg. What are the thoughts of the brains trust? Cheers
  5. My Scura (350) developed a really really bad noise at 28,000klm. Split the engine to find that the flywheel had fractured completely. The whole clutch assembly was floating in the breeze, totally stuffed, very very annoyed. Itsagas
  6. I need a standard clutch to put in my Scura. Good second hand one would be great. Complete that is. Cheers Dean
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to find a tail tidy or template to make one. I've found a couple of posts but have been unable to find anything. Can you guys assist? Regards Dean
  8. For all the Scura owners with original clutches, warning! My went 2 weeks ago, without any indication, with only 27,000klm on the clock. I'm in the process of fitting a standard V11 clutch, which I'm not really happy with as it weighs a ton in comparison to the single plate. As a side issue, I really want to get a Tail tidy or at least a template to make one. Any suggestions? Cheers
  9. Hello, I have number 350 in New South Wales, Australia.
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