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  1. Hello Chuck, got mine as well , today. Thank you so much. marco
  2. Hello everyone…. I finally found the reason why my V11 was running too rich. mmhhhh it was due to a little “ accident “ I will let you know but the admin must promise not to Ban me from this forum ah ah granted all the necessary adjustments done were helpful and needed to be done such resetting the CO trim . learning to use guzzidiag, the ETS that was missing . but….. I think last time I have set the TPS ….I forgot to secure the two screw than hold it . and they got loose enough for the TPS to move way out of adjustment. funny eh?!!! the other day I thought I would star fresh again with checking the TPS and there I noticed the screws were loose …. connected the tester and TPS was out of scale. 🙈 brought it back to 157mV and the bike runs like a champ. I had to adjust the idle that was too high…but other than that…. Everything good sparks plugs are so clean… it might be a tad lean LMaoooo what a ……… ok we know what I mean. thank you everyone for the help and patience.
  3. Bike history unknown. what I know. set tps set CO trim to Zero the ETS was completely missing and now it is there . balanced throttle bodies. there was a tuning box attached to the stock ecu but it was removed. i assume the ECU is stock Help: pressure regulator , how do I know it is stuck closed ? at this point I don’t mind buy new injectors.( I poured so much money and time in this POS LOL I would have bought a pristine example of V11 ah ah but this is fun … isn’t it ??!!!! i didn’t do this but I will try to remove those K&N filters and see if they are not allowing air in .
  4. Update: with the sensor installed runs better but spark plugs ( new ones ) are still black. and I believe I smell gas ( again ) in the engine oil. I should just put a set of carburetors lol
  5. Lot of good info thank you guys. MG cycle is the best they already send tracking number of the sensor I bought this morning. should arrive early next week. cheers
  6. Just bought it….. thank you so much.will report back as soon as I receive it . Thank you everyone for the patience have a great day
  7. Ahhhh ok now this is making sense and that could be the reason why it is so rich? one more question where do I buy a ATS ? thank you !!!!
  8. Hi Docc thank you so much , that might be the issue. but I don’t understand how do I fix it ? if the PO didn’t replace the ATS how do I correct this? everything was removed ( air box etc ) Thank you again.
  9. The ETS is plugged in the head . there is a connector ( I said plugs ) that is disconnected. it lays behind the right throttle body. I guess it was connected To the air box? what should I do with it? tried posting pics it says they are too big ..
  10. I see a male plug not plugged to anything behind the right hand throttle body
  11. No the distinguished lol previous owner remover the air box and installed a set of cone K&N I was gonna try riding it removing them… probably I will next time I have time to
  12. Ok folks I give up anybody want a cheap 2002 V11 ? LOL ( no kidding I am serious ) started the bike up and I noticed it does not smoke as much as it used to. warm her up a bit and went for a ride … improved a bit but spark plugs at still covered of black dust . they are not wet … just like black powder. I am getting sick of this bike I am gonna sell it or just take all that electronic crap out and put some carburetors…
  13. Once I have time to test ride it properly I will let you know . in theory the CO trim has been adjust to zero. will see . will come back in a couple of day ( hopefully)
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