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  1. Like the title says I am looking for stock Le Mans clip on bars . let me know thank you Marco
  2. Thanks everyone for the input. I like the lemans fairing and I would never replace the lemans with a RS would love to own them both lol I think I should probably buy one and then if I do not like it… re sell it unfortunately I don’t know anyone that own one I can borrow , that would be the best .
  3. I was wondering if anyone have or ever had a BMW R100 RS and could make a comparison between the BMW and the Le Mans fairing. Impression , pros , cons , protection etc . Thank you Marco i am asking because I have never had a 100Rs but always wondered about the fairing protection especially in cold weather. I am well aware of the differences between the two motorcycles so no need to go over that. :-)
  4. Hello everyone I have a 02 lemans and just got a 04 cafe sport ( oh well … you know ..) and I noticed the rear tire on the Le Mans is 180/55 17 on the cafe sport 170/60. 17 I was wondering why did they do that ? any particular reason? I believe the rear wheel has the same width . Thank you
  5. Would you be interested in selling the stock clips on? Not in a hurry , just in case the future buyer is not interested. let me know thank you Marco
  6. Hey sorry for the silly question but I was wondering if a wheel from a 2002 will fit a 2004 with Ohlins forks i see the axle of the 04 is larger I. Diameter but I figure I would ask and safe myself the time to find out LOL thank you
  7. Thank you for you input. I read somewhere that the transmission on the 04 models had an updated or upgraded shift spring ? But I could be wrong and if you say they are the same …. I trust you :-)
  8. I think it’s the exact of my 02 Le Mans …. The difference is the handle bars position which I am not familiar with . I love the bars on the Le Mans .very comfortable for me. the04 should have a different shift spring, supposedly better that the previous years . I like the suspension. but never ridden a spine with Ohlins so don’t know anything about them. real good improvement??
  9. Does the 2004 cafe sport … the model that comes with high bar and Ohlins shocks has single or dual plate clutch? Not that I want to buy one but just in case I was wondering LOL thank you marco
  10. Never mind the kick stand was down LOL kickstand up and it all back to normal 🙈 Ah ah
  11. Mmhhh the 30 amp fuse was melted , replaced with a good one . now the bike will not crank and the pump doesn’t run when I turn the keys on . checked all the other fuses … all good battery tender has green light battery is charged. light and horn work . mmmmhhh confused
  12. New day , new problem lol battery not charging, battery light on the dash is on . thank you
  13. Ahh ok make sense and I am familiar with the shock proof red oil. I use it too LOL ( did not use it on my Le Mans though) looking at the glass hole fluid is on top or more so I have most likely overfilled. thank you everyone.
  14. I filled it with 80w90 what was in there before …. Me , I don’t know . why are you asking? What are you trying to find out ? thank you m
  15. Did I fill the transmission too much? any other reason why the oil will leak out from the breather ?
  16. That’s perfect, thank you so much.
  17. Hi everyone, sorry I posted this here I wasn’t sure where to post this question… not very technical. I have a Le Mans fairing and missing the screen ( the clear part) where can I find one ? thank you M
  18. Hello all ! Happy Friday. I have a quick question. I would like to try to mount a V7 ( modern v7 ) gas tank on my V11. can I use the fuel pump of my V11 inside the v7 tank? Will it fit / work? asking in case someone been there before me . also if I wanted to use a gas tank from a carburated Guzzi…. can I use the same set up like the California EV ( for example) with the external fuel pump ? I don’t see why I should not be able to use an external fuel pump …. But just asking since I am missing something. Thank you m.
  19. Hello Chuck, got mine as well , today. Thank you so much. marco
  20. Hello everyone…. I finally found the reason why my V11 was running too rich. mmhhhh it was due to a little “ accident “ I will let you know but the admin must promise not to Ban me from this forum ah ah granted all the necessary adjustments done were helpful and needed to be done such resetting the CO trim . learning to use guzzidiag, the ETS that was missing . but….. I think last time I have set the TPS ….I forgot to secure the two screw than hold it . and they got loose enough for the TPS to move way out of adjustment. funny eh?!!! the other day I thought I would star fresh again with checking the TPS and there I noticed the screws were loose …. connected the tester and TPS was out of scale. 🙈 brought it back to 157mV and the bike runs like a champ. I had to adjust the idle that was too high…but other than that…. Everything good sparks plugs are so clean… it might be a tad lean LMaoooo what a ……… ok we know what I mean. thank you everyone for the help and patience.
  21. Bike history unknown. what I know. set tps set CO trim to Zero the ETS was completely missing and now it is there . balanced throttle bodies. there was a tuning box attached to the stock ecu but it was removed. i assume the ECU is stock Help: pressure regulator , how do I know it is stuck closed ? at this point I don’t mind buy new injectors.( I poured so much money and time in this POS LOL I would have bought a pristine example of V11 ah ah but this is fun … isn’t it ??!!!! i didn’t do this but I will try to remove those K&N filters and see if they are not allowing air in .
  22. Update: with the sensor installed runs better but spark plugs ( new ones ) are still black. and I believe I smell gas ( again ) in the engine oil. I should just put a set of carburetors lol
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