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  1. Where did you find the carbon tank cover in the bottom right of the pic?
  2. Flash as a rat with a gold tooth
  3. Looks like I've bought Richards 03 Cafe Sport ! The new owner is pleased too slowly cleaning her up and waiting for a little carbon fibre fairing for the front.
  4. A couple of nice points I took away from the article- Swapping the helical gears in the gearbox for straight cut. Cam is good enough for racing. Valvetrain weakest link. Almost 140hp at around 8500rpm was enough to win against more powerful or lighter bikes because of the power delivery/torque curve. Ride it a different way to get the most out of it (in racing). One of the most interesting features I gathered from the article is the lack of drag in the drivetrain compared to a chain drive. Always good to hear from a racer that competed on a budget DIY bike and came up against the odds - a winner. It's a marvelous achievement and one of the admirable features that I loved in the Britten story.
  5. The Clutch is one thing. ask when it was last serviced - tappets, belts, air filter oil etc. Not sure how much that costs in the states, but in Aus - that would be the cost of the bike. $300 for a basket, $150 for clutch plates, 500 for someone to do the tappets (plus 60 per tappet part), 120+ for the belts, oils/filters $150. Plus some labour costs excluding tappets already allowed for. Then theres also chain, sprockets, tyres - potentially $600 there. Thats just standard service and wear items. If anything needs repair then add that into it.
  6. Yeah, pretty standard for an ST2. Baskets wear on the spines and the rattling and gear shifts get worse. Barnett do a longer lasting clutch basket and plates to match. On the barnett clutch they have a stainless steel covers over the wearing areas and this helps make them last longer.
  7. knumbnutz

    V11 bits

    Hi Kevin, I sent you a PM, please reply.
  8. knumbnutz

    V11 bits

    Hi Gents. Theyre yours.
  9. Drank beer with my latin girls
  10. Fat bar and triple tree sorted too[emoji4] Sent from my ELE-L29 using Tapatalk
  11. knumbnutz

    V11 bits

    Sorry, no, they are on the bike
  12. knumbnutz

    V11 bits

    Hi Westen, YES, triples are in the list.
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