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  1. ... I may have googled Tanya Dexters for research purposes
  2. So I guess, the V11 Playboy EE had very satisfied customers I love the translation quirks ! "Each Moto Guzzi was called a "character engine" in tests. A pet name for motorcycles where everything was wrong but it was forgiven because it was a Moto Guzzi. The finish of the machines was generally reasonable, but they were all wrong." - TRUE LOL "in 2001 the California 1100 EV80 was released, which was designed in collaboration with the furniture designer Poltrona Frau." - no wonder it handles like a couch "The Le Mans referred in name to the older Moto Guzzi Le Mans, whose production had already ended in 1993, but was less spectacular in design." - haha
  3. about time I mentioned the cafe sport was the greatest variant... There are two kinds of people in this world, those who have a Cafe Sport and those that want one
  4. The MilleGT is basically a California. There's heavy junk on it everywhere. I got rid of everything that wasn't necessary, then used a fibreglass front guard, tank and seat. Used a smaller powerful and lighter battery and shaved 4.5kg off the flywheel. On the V11, I made a light aluminium subframe and only a single seat. Sent from my ELE-L29 using Tapatalk
  5. I have the early frame with gearbox bracing and it shows no sign of instability. Now Im putting that down to a couple of things but mostly weight distribution. On my modified bike I have a reasonable change in weight. The battery sits under the tank now and the subframe is about 1.6kg compared to 10+kg of the original, so it is now more bias on the front. Years ago when I built my modified MilleGT, I did a similar lightening job, overall reducing about 35kg off it. But the weight loss was both front and back. I assembled it with the same rake and trail as the original and it was very unstable, every bump out of a corner would give a small headshake, to the point I was considering a steering dampener as at this stage I'd only ridden it around the block. I dropped the triple tree over the forks by 12mm and it was a totally different bike. Better steering, stable, no headshake or weave at any speed.
  6. Actually I have to disagree.. The tank is the part thats 20mm longer. All guzzi have done is hide this by making to frame fit the longer tank. Mario on the production line made the longer tanks to fit the fuel pump and simply got luigi who makes the frames to cover for him. So it's no tanks to mario
  7. FWIW, the Cafe Sport tank is 20mm longer and thats from the front of the tank cap to the back of the frame cutout in the tank. The frames look identical, same mount at the back of the gearbox.
  8. I don't have either the internal pump tank or the pump. I was looking at V7 pumps and V11 pumps etc and the mounting plates from the pics is ... similar size. In typical MG fashion, it would make plenty of sense to use a same size to reduce stock requirements, so I thought it might be possible. So the tank on a V11 with a internal tank pump and external pump are different lengths....? Gonna have to check that because it would be a deal breaker for what I want. I have both those bikes, will look tonight. I would assume the Ballabio tank is same as the Cafe Sport tank I have then, both with internal pumps.. The other custom bike is a 2001 V11 Lemans with external pump. I'll have to check frame length but they both have under gearbox mounts and I thought that meant the frame length is the same?
  9. Is this an in tank fuel pump or external? External there is a cheap bosch fuel pump, I got one for $130AU new from a car parts place. I was also thinking about getting a tank that takes the in-tank pump and wondered if any of the other models from guzzi took the same pump system/ mounts as they all look roughly the same shape and size where they bolt to the tank from the pics but not sure if identical or just close. Would anyone know for sure?
  10. Well.... can't be bothered riding in the rain these days. I would think that if the carbon is lacquered that will stop the issue.
  11. Hi all, I was looking at my Cafe Sport and Griso which are nose to tail in my garage at the moment. I had a semi epiphany as it were that the ohlins carbon front guard thats on the Cafe Sport looks like it will line up perfectly with the Griso guard mounts. So then I start thinking if that is the case then other guards will fit the Griso since the Cafe Sport ohlins/Griso are fairly generic and there should be at least a Ducati and aprilia with the same setup. But getting back to the real question, my customised V11 has a stock guard and I think that guard/mounts are only found on this bike, yes? If this is the case, has anyone tried fitting another guard and made adapters to suit ? I'm thinking I will get a Ducati S2R or similar guard and just make a set of adapters as they seem to be easily available CF guards...
  12. Added a carbon fibre fairing to the Cafe Sport Sent from my ELE-L29 using Tapatalk
  13. So far yesterday on my custom V11 1. added fuel pump/injector relay 2. Placed the regulator with a single phase. I had a modified 3phase from a honda on it. 3. Replaced the pickup sensor for the speedo. 4. pulled the timing chest off so I can replace the cam chain with some of Joe's gears.
  14. Special stretchy bolts. Did they charge you extra for these ? What did they say? Back it off half a turn...
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