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  1. 10ltrs... shiiite thats like those peanut harley tanks.. at least the vibration will make them stop before it runs out of gas.
  2. no not the switch but the sidestand not sitting on the switch properly all the time or actuating the switch. I don't have one on my bike, but i know on my griso there is an inch of play which can foul it from getting into its proper position.. anyway, was just checking and easy enough to check while riding, just kick the sidestand into the bike if its conking out.
  3. Yeah, Im wondering if the side stand sort of dislodges from the switch just enough to kill it and clutching it is enough to jar back. It should be easy enough to kick the stand when it cuts out and this would rule it out definitely at least.
  4. Could it be the side stand is not resting hard against the switch? Sent from my ELE-L29 using Tapatalk
  5. I've got sort of the same thing, but it cuts out for 1/2 sec. But... I had a TRX and it had was getting harder and harder to start. Every time I thought I found a reason it proved not to be it. Eventually it was a fracture on the pcb of the ecu and once I was able to get another ecu it suddenly became an easy fix. From that experience I would say you are doing all right things. Sent from my ELE-L29 using Tapatalk
  6. oh... its definitely an italian thing, a friend worked at a maserati/ferrari dealership and he often removed and painted the inside of the engines to stop porosity leaks
  7. When i rebuilt my ducati engine, i wanted the cases painted and so the painter duly sand blasted the cases and painted the exterior. Looked superb too in purple pearl into an almost black main colour. .. anyways, he also sand blasted the interior casing paint off too that ducati use to stop porosity. Before reassembly, i repainted the interior of the cases in a dull red paint specially designed for stopping pososity... can't remember the name but it was easy to come by nor cheap. But it did work a treat and the engine still goes well and doesnt leak after 6years.
  8. Well I like the look of the sport but prefer the 6 speed box of the V11. I thing they can match up from engine to gearbox ok, so it was just a matter of whether the gearbox fits the frame. Cush drive was an interesting point too. I would prefer the injected model with USD forks over the carb model, although there is a carb model up for sale just down the road from me at the moment fitted with FCR carbs, but it needs a lot of TLC and at $10K, its probably got $3K in cosmetics to spend on it, not to mention its not the i model..
  9. Howdy all, Just wondering if anyone is familiar with the Sport 1100 models ? I know the V11 pretty well and was looking at a Sport 1100 today and the frame shock swingarm seems basically the same or similar, so im wondering if say a 6speed gearbox fits a Sport 1100, ECU type etc? Wheres a good place to learn more? regards Neil
  10. Side stand switch is probably not connected..
  11. I bought that same fairing and put it on my griso. They're sweet as..
  12. Only one left, better get in quick
  13. Andriani do a fork internal for stock forks or as phil said, get a front end off a suzuki gsxr or R1 or the like at probably the same price and you'll have a better front end and brakes. I did this to a TRX850 swapping to a R1 front end .. you would never go back.
  14. knumbnutz

    900ss vs V11

    I rode one back in 2000 when a friend swapped a ride on my cafe'd Mille GT. The first thing I noticed was how light it was in the ability to spin up the motor, like it had no flywheel and reasonably light handling too. My guzzi was pretty light too, but the duck seemed to hold the weight better. They had problems with the rear frame bolt being undersized and would stretch and loosen. As it was pinned to the gearbox, the frame would eventually either crack or break a section out of the gearbox if the bolt wasnt replaced or upgraded to 10mm. There were known cases of crashes and I remember reading an article discussing a class action. I think if they were in good upkeep then they'd be a cracker of a bike especially the Superlight which I liked best as it was very similar looking to the 888.
  15. 118208708_3167792959941768_6839143783665973872_n by Neil Morgan, on Flickr 118191090_3167793186608412_5258434246063902414_n by Neil Morgan, on Flickr 118248262_3167793219941742_2554938741030981586_n by Neil Morgan, on Flickr 118168019_3167793106608420_3838692331055736594_n by Neil Morgan, on Flickr 118209602_3167793046608426_4586231201704335463_n by Neil Morgan, on Flickr 118204010_3167792949941769_829049669166855045_n by Neil Morgan, on Flickr
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