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  1. Only one left, better get in quick
  2. Andriani do a fork internal for stock forks or as phil said, get a front end off a suzuki gsxr or R1 or the like at probably the same price and you'll have a better front end and brakes. I did this to a TRX850 swapping to a R1 front end .. you would never go back.
  3. knumbnutz

    900ss vs V11

    I rode one back in 2000 when a friend swapped a ride on my cafe'd Mille GT. The first thing I noticed was how light it was in the ability to spin up the motor, like it had no flywheel and reasonably light handling too. My guzzi was pretty light too, but the duck seemed to hold the weight better. They had problems with the rear frame bolt being undersized and would stretch and loosen. As it was pinned to the gearbox, the frame would eventually either crack or break a section out of the gearbox if the bolt wasnt replaced or upgraded to 10mm. There were known cases of crashes and
  4. 118208708_3167792959941768_6839143783665973872_n by Neil Morgan, on Flickr 118191090_3167793186608412_5258434246063902414_n by Neil Morgan, on Flickr 118248262_3167793219941742_2554938741030981586_n by Neil Morgan, on Flickr 118168019_3167793106608420_3838692331055736594_n by Neil Morgan, on Flickr 118209602_3167793046608426_4586231201704335463_n by Neil Morgan, on Flickr 118204010_3167792949941769_829049669166855045_n by Neil Morgan, on Flickr
  5. knumbnutz

    TLM Guzzi

    Paul Lewis is happy to tell how fast he was He works down at the local Harley shop in Newstedt, Brisbane these days. I imagine his "confidence" may not have been overly popular at times but he could walk the walk from what I have seen. He had some interesting races over the years including a stouch at Daytona 86 where he and fellow competitor on a ducati clashed, Lewis fractured a foot and the other guy crashed off the track. Lewis rode to 2nd and then got carted off to hospital after giving his press conference from a stretcher
  6. knumbnutz

    TLM Guzzi

    Funny you should say that about the britten as I havent heard it before but, when I watch it go around I have always thought that it didnt look right, like they werent really trying to either protect the bike or they couldnt right it hard through the corners. It never seemed to want to lean. Of course I havent ridden it but I have seen plenty of footage and seen it live on the track. I am not completely convinced it its unworkable and sit on the fence, since I havent seen it run on a track. My knees are far wider than the heads and as seen in one of the pics with a full fairing, the heads
  7. knumbnutz

    TLM Guzzi

    Built by the technician Gattuso , with the collaboration of the brothers Gennari, of Verolanuova BS. On the valve cover there is a G with the tail. The meaning of this "logo" stands for G squared, or the two Gennari brothers, and the G's tail, to remember Gattuso's little dog. [
  8. knumbnutz

    TLM Guzzi

    Here is a PDF of a magazine article which shows the designers original BOTT bike - Pier Paolo Gattuso http://www.fastguzzi.nl/files/g&g.pdf The website has some unique Guzzis too http://www.fastguzzi.nl/
  9. knumbnutz

    TLM Guzzi

    and it makes better sense on a dirt bike because of the extra travel but I thought it would have been commonplace.
  10. knumbnutz

    TLM Guzzi

    Hence the reason I started this. The "No Words" parts.... Copy n paste
  11. knumbnutz

    TLM Guzzi

    Looks like this is Teo Lamers bike or at least he has something to do with it. Earlier engine pics - With Teo Next Generation head The Bike The Gearbox. Now this is something I have often thought of and couldnt understand why someone hasnt done it earlier. Running the sprocket at the pivot stops the chain from changing tension through the arc of travel. Reduces stretching and effects on suspension. It also allows for a longer
  12. knumbnutz

    TLM Guzzi

    ok, im not sure this is a V11... but I had to share with someone!!! so beautiful.. What do you guys think?
  13. Yeah, been running one for a few years now. I machined up the housing for it to replace out the old chrome one. Later I met a local entrepreneur who runs and owns Purpose built moto and he now makes them and sells them as part of of the Flashpoint series. He also has a couple of dealers around the world too. Have a look at his website.. https://purposebuiltmoto.com/ Sent from my ELE-L29 using Tapatalk
  14. I don't think too many modern motors designed and built in the last 20yrs are unreliable. The 90's saw leaps and bounds in quality of everything as manufacturing quality and materials improved. I think Guzzi would really need to redesign their engines - all of them - to truly have a new motor. Apart from the 1200's, all their engines are more of an evolution than a new design and even the 1200 is too similar to be completely new as such. That V10 water cooled engine would have a good start. I look at say the 92 Fireblade as a good ground breaking example of what they should be aiming for
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