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  1. What tires and pressures you guys runnin?
  2. So what is the best way to bleed off pressure?
  3. 11oo sport injection does not have quick connects under tank.
  4. How do you bleed off line pack on the fuel lines to remove tank? Specifically the line coming to the regulator on the right side of tank?
  5. Need to start on some winter stuff on the 97 sport. Is there a good way to dump the line pack on the fuel lines? Thanks
  6. What pressure are you running on pirelli Angel gt a spec?
  7. The voltage regulator on my 1100 sport get really hot. I mean that it idled for like 7-8 minutes in the garage and I could barley touch it for 10 seconds Opinions please. .
  8. Are they all the same value,for 1100 sport and v11. Get the omiron.
  9. Use same procedures as Lemans? I got a 97 and its running a little rough. runs strong just needs to be polished. I would. assume the values are the same. If this is in the wrong forum I apoligize.By rights it is a v11. Thanks Rob
  10. So is the 1100 sport engine the same as the v11. Except the trans and ecu ect.
  11. Got it It was a balance problem Twinmaxx, Techmate, or electronic balancers are shit, Got Carbmate or tune and it showed they were out. Dont waste your money on electronic buy ananalog they are much more accurate in my opinion. Running like a scalded dog.
  12. Twinmaxx sync tool 100 dollars us shipped lower 48. Brand new still have instructions.
  13. Do you have throttle bodies? If so how much?
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