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  1. Is the gasket the spacer and O ring seals Right or wrong. Thanks Rob
  2. I installed pazzo levers and really don't like the friction point of the clutch now. I have adjusted the screw and it changed a little. Basically the clutch engages really far out but dies not slip. does it bleed like everything else. Squeeze lever open bleed shut bleed release. Don't let fluid is Res. suck air ect. Or is it better to push fluid from slave cylinder. Or pull with vacuum? Thanks Rob Bike is 04 Le mans.
  3. Colorobo


  4. Crossover or no crossover whats the difference. thinking of changing and getting rid of crossover. Help Thanks Rob bike is 03 Le mans
  5. Anybody use a fuel injector additive cleaner like BG 44?
  6. What are your marcozzi settings? I have pre load at 10.5 and the rebound all the way backed off. Just curios.
  7. Is the air gap measurement the same at 100 mm or add the oil specified and make them equal? Thanks Rob
  8. So is the diagram the same for the 40 mm forks as the 43? The manual for the 2001 describes 40mm, is it the same just bigger?
  9. Also any special tools and a good manual?
  10. So I noticed one of my fork seals is leaking. Opinions, Bike has 6500 miles , I think I should replace the seals only. What is the opinion on bushings? I think the seal just dried out or cracked. . Thanks again This site is a great wealth of information. Also fork oil weight and capacity or mods cartridges, springs, and suppliers.
  11. So what is in it long spline? Single plate double plate? Thanks .
  12. Where to get for 04 Lemans? Rear foot peg hangers, starter cover alt cover ect.
  13. So I need to replace a turn signal stock and guzzi make Right and left. I don't understand why you cant just flip it over but oh well. So looking at the bike the throttle is the right and clutch is left, Right ?
  14. There is enough travel in the stock linkage. adjusted last night and did a short spin. everything seem ok . At least it wont be hitting the starter cover on the up shift like it was. That and a MRA screen new wires replaced some evap hose under the tank that was rotted, Shock proof heavy in the tranny. All that is left is tires in FEB and Im ready for spring summer. I don't Ride in the cold anymore I have come to the conclusion that I am getting old. Happy NEW YEAR>
  15. So I installed The Knights design foot pegs and need to adjust the shifter linkage. Is the arm on the selector shaft splined. so I can just rotate it down or adjust the linkage. thanks Rob
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