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  1. I've had 2 x Deka ETX14 AGMs in the Le Mans. Each lasted 8 years so I got another one.
  2. It's closer to 1200 miles. Parts for lots of things are hard to come by Docc. It will hopefully be easier once the borders open. We have no active covid cases here.
  3. Acknowledge the prep, clamping and curing times. I used to follow the Australian Bush Pilot's group on Facebook. It would be great if they flew over here. A bit out of their range though
  4. Thanks all for your responses. the 3M stuff looks the duck's guts. I'll try and find something suitable and hopefully get the bike going again.
  5. Google is where i got the info for the BMW info. There's not a lot on there.
  6. Thanks Chuck. I thought about Metalset or J-B Weld. Not sure if they're available here. As I wrote before, I'd prefer to get a replacement but I'd like to ride again this year.
  7. Ah, so you understand the mail service. It's worse since the covid issue. We probably speak similar language. I've been a fixed and rotary wing maintainer, supervisor, logistician and engineer during my working life. Retired to Vila last year.
  8. Unfortunately Phil the mail here is practically non-existent and even if it does arrive in country, it has been known to 'go missing'. I've checked out eBay etc and would much prefer to get a replacement but waiting 6 months (typically) for mail is a bit beyond a joke, hence the post.
  9. My bike is a 2001 V11 Le Mans. Has anybody had any experience with re-gluing the magnets back into the Valeo starter motor? Specifically which adhesive to use. I've cleaned out the assembly and the magnets, I read on a BMW forum how to place and hold the magnets but getting a particular adhesive could be a problem. The BMW forum didn't specify the adhesive but I'm fairly sure it would be an epoxy. By the way, my nearest Guzzi dealer is Tom Newell in Brisbane, Australia and, as far as I know, there is only one other Moto Guzzi here in Vanuatu, a '93 Cali.
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