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  1. My V11 had a Yuasa YTX14-BS in it when I bought her (2nd hand). This worked perfectly for 4 years (plus the time it was in there before I bought the bike) and then died. No leaks, nothing.... My bike is stored in a no-heated-non-insulated garage.... On the Ctek trickle charger once a month.
  2. Have you read my edited post two posts up? My explanation was fairly complete, right?:)
  3. So the front fender is brushed aluminium, which I like. The rear one is rolled aluminium. Any idea how I can get the surface finish on the rear fender close to the front one?
  4. Already have a new one installed. The old one was damaged beyond the outer races of the bearings and I did not want to try and resque it with the risk of hairline cracks or anything like that...
  5. Yes indeed, the tank is big. I don't mind. Keep in mind the goal is a scrambler (less need to look fast compared to a cafe racer), it does not yet have shocks installed (yes to fotoguzzi, I will add shocks) and no fenders & exhausts yet. Also no carbs & filters. Adding all those will add to the body of the total bike and make the tank look smaller again. I'll update once I have those installed with another picture:). Thanks for the tip on ACF-50, I'll buy that. Also maybe nice to share: rate my u-joint. Discovered upon removal of the rear swingarm, did not notice anyth
  6. Hi all! I have been FAR too quiet here, apologies for this! I'm checking in with an update on the build, which I should have done more. Apologies. On the carbs, I will have them ultrasonic cleaned in the near future and have bought new choke plungers and a seal kit. I know some people may very much dislike what I have done to her so far, which is OK, but do remind yourself that this started life as a hideous white Florida, so anything is an improvement.... I also have a question. I was thinking about keeping both mudguards in bare/brushed aluminium. How do you keep t
  7. Me neither... The Motoplat have long gone and been exchanged for Carmo Electronic ones. PO did that.
  8. I JUST edited the initial post to clarify this indeed... Part on my V65 Florida. All it states on there are the letters "ART" and "083".
  9. Awesome... Anyone who can shine a light on which part this is and it's function? I can't locate it on the wiring diagram... Edit: it is a part on my V65 Florida, not the V11...
  10. Thanks for the answers! It is now clear to me that my know-how of low-voltage DC systems is far to limited to fully understand the mechanics behind this, but my question on fooling the system has been answered. I'm also not aware on how much the charging system on a V65 Florida (smallblock) is similar to that of the V11. I do have another question regarding the electric system on these bikes, but I need to take a picture tonight first before I can ask. Will update once done. If this topic needs to be moved to "older models" for any further, V65 Florida questions, please do so.
  11. Hey all, I'm asking this not specifically for a V11, but it does apply to one as well, hence I am still posting this in the Tech Topics section instead of the motorcycle-specific one (older models in this case). Please move the topic if my "bending of the rules is not appreciated". If I were to consider installing a Li-ion battery on my V11 (actually in my V65 Florida build), there is a chance the output of the regulator will be too high for the Li-ion battery. Where an AGM likes to charge at 14.5-14.8v, most Li-ions charge at a maximum of 14.5, preferably less then 14v. Norma
  12. Indeed, please support the engine on the front when you do this. It is doable by rotating the front subframe forward, BUT. I did this and snapped the inlet of the fuel pump right off. You don't really feel the resistance of the hose and it is very brittle.
  13. I did it on a 2001 RM with (soft) chinpad. I'll upload my pics and learnings tomorrow, now time for a beer first Edit: So yeah, I bought a SW Motech daypack and Aprilia tankring (don't know which one, but it originally fits a 2001 ETV 1000 Caponord). When installed directly, the chinpad prevents the bag from locking into place (as expected). So I made spacers (9mm) to raise the tank ring straight up. The bag fit perfectly! However the fuel filler cap would not open anymore, it hit the tank ring as it was now raised. I removed the rear spacers and cut down the front ones (made from 8
  14. I have managed to order these at https://www.schellen-shop.de/ for my Aprilia Caponord. Do not forget these normally come with NBR o-rings, which does not do well with (modern partly-ethanol) fuels. They sell replacement Viton o-rings, suggest to order these and replace prior to installation. I'm considering these for my V11 as well on the next tank removal, as my fuel tap is sh*t as well.
  15. Out of curiosity (I am not experiencing any netative effects from the exhaust system), do you connect up the crossover connections using a sealing paste/gun gum?
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