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  1. I've had this as well, the press-fit axle changed into a loose fit, causing the axle/shaft to rotate and leak oil. I've fixed it two years ago by extensively degreasing it and then glued it into place using a commercial two-component epoxy-based metal glue. Tried it before with liquid gasket sealant, did not hold as the shaft experiences some degree of torque when shifting, so the sealang broke again.
  2. I have actually seen it happen on a '99 bike (Japanese, with a steel tank) a few years ago.
  3. I'm not gonna say it has to be Phase Sensor, but I have had the experience where the bike would idle and rev up to ~2000rpm, but above that start sneezing/backfiring and die. Revving above 2krpm and then let go throttle, she would just pick up idle again. Culprit: a non-oil compatible o-ring underneath the phase sensor which had swollen enough to make the gap of the sensor way too large for a proper reading. So it IS possible. But I agree with Phil: go for the more straight forward stuff first!
  4. Interesting. I had cutouts/misfires and the strangest shit starting around 3k rpm once, even that bad that when I held the throttle WO, she would just die. What it was? Previous owner most likely placed a non-oil compatible and too large o-ring around the sensor, which pushed it away from the phonic wheel. When the o-ring was oil-saturated and the engine became properly hot (city traffic), going above 3k rpm caused her to die.... Was clearly visibly by the sensor mounting plate to be bent outwards.
  5. Seems to me this is the right place for a little introduction.... Alongside my V11, I used to own a Honda Transalp 650. For in town, bit of offroad etc. With my car ageing and starting to be troublesome, I decided I wanted to do my commute by bike as well. But my Transalp is no fun on the highway. I sold the Transalp and bought another Italian*: *Funny thing: the Honda was secretly also built in Italy, in the same year as my V11 was, 600km elsewhere...
  6. That lowest/most right corner is where my gearbox cracked...
  7. Nope, I did not dare to fix it in any way... Cuz if it fails again, it will probably be with a hot engine between my legs... I do still have the (perfectly fine) pump and broken off hose pillar.
  8. Dang! I've had the pump outlet pipe break off once when trying to move some wiring out of the way...
  9. Sometimes the wires from the stator break off inside the housing... If that would be the case a simple re-solder would do.
  10. Thanks for calling me a gentleman
  11. May I ask where you bought this 6speed input hub?:)
  12. Which mufflers are those? Quite like them high up like that (higher compared to my carbon Lafranconi's).
  13. I would suggest starting with checking the master cylinder and possibly rebuilding the caliper, not the other way around. Given history (WD40 exposure+long idle time) and behavior.
  14. I've had the same issue going up from 3rd gear I thought, but I misassembled my shifter linkage and it was hitting on the starter just barely. The shifter travel is different in different gears I would say...
  15. Don't forget you also need to close the butterfly valve completely, which means backing off the high idle mechanism and idle stop screw, as well as unlinking the connecting rod. Otherwise the butterfly valve is not closed, but in idle position. In that position it should be around 571mV.
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