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  1. The distance covered was over 2.5m, so that would class it as a pressure spray right?
  2. Lovely story. Can we ask for pictures?
  3. I have, on mine. After changing the fuel filter, wanted to remove the tank again (after priming the setup a bit) for some other work. The fountain of fuel (probably aided by an air pocket in the fuel filter) was quite considerable, and unexpected after sitting for about 60min between priming and tank removal.
  4. Soooo, my spacers are 60mm. Always found them long but never considered shortening them, but I have also only used the bag once in a weekend.
  5. Yeah well thanks for this. Now I don't like my own Rosso Mandello anymore This to me is almost perfection. Remove the white ribbons on the front wheel and it is perfect.
  6. Anyone who can confirm this? I have a set of re-made racks. The PO of these racks had them on for years so they corroded and he had them re-made by a local shop in stainless steel. However, I am fairly confident my top spacer is even longer, like 60 or 80mm. I'll measure tonight.
  7. Love all the responses! We indeed do drive on the right hand side and because of that, possibly left hand corners are longer, more visible and therefore faster/more throttle causing more tire wear. Thinking of it now, I think my dual compound front tire also wore unevenly, with the pointy "egg" shape not being in the middle but a bit more on the right (so more wear left). Wheel alignment can't be it on a V11 I would have thought, but I will check whether they are in a straight line behind eachother. The inner fender also looking crooked is visual by the way, but the uneven wear defin
  8. Did not get the multimeter out as I did not intend to remove these connectors, but I did follow them. The small one indeed goes to the unused button on my steering damper bracket, of which I took a picture for your entertainment: The other one goes into the loom as well as to either relay one or two. So it is fairly clear to me this indeed was a connection for an alarm, which has been disconnected. I suspect the two yellow wire bridges are the actual connections the alarm electronics would make when deactivated. I think I will leave it as is, since my bike is running fi
  9. Yeah these were in the back of the "pocket". Good to know maybe is that when I bought the bike, the actual pocket liner was missing. I installed that myself. So maybe something has been inside that tail. Nothing plugged into either connector. The yellow wire loops were indeed. Your questions are already telling me this is fairly special, so I may actually have to go and trace the wiring after all. Nope, I never got the owners manual with the bike, so no clue on the wiring harness. I don't know exactly how similar they are. My bike is a '01 with a short frame (red frame lengt
  10. Literally indeed. Because I removed the rear cover behind the gauges to solder diodes into my indicator idiot light for LED conversion.
  11. Today I started working in removing the Tupperware party Guzzi calls a rear fender. Without starting a discussion on whether this is the way to go or not, I am doing it in such a way it can always be restored to stock. Question: In my tail, I found these two. Out of curiosity and without extracting the entire wire loom to find out where they go, Anyone knows what these are?
  12. On my white face Veglia's on a 2001 Mandello Rosso (black frame, short frame) it spins cw to release. It is left-hand thread. I know this because I actually had to remove it yesterday
  13. Normally I'm like that as well, however that meant ordering parts in Netherlands, which was in a snowstorm and therefore would take at least a week, keeping me from rebuilding her and therefore working on my other bikes due to lack of space... As this bearing only sees minor movement, I'm fairly confident it will last another year or two (which usually is less than 5000km). If you are referring to the rose/heim joints, I'm less confident but they are easily checked once in a while as they are out in the open.
  14. Soooo, pushing some life back in this topic. Did my 2-yearly big maintenance including greasing of the driveshaft and checking the small needle bearing was on the list too. Findings: Bearing pre-cleaning Bearing inner race post-cleaning Bearing post-cleaning (flush with degrease & rag) I've considered cleaning up the inner race even more using scotchbrite/sandpaper, but voted against it for materials loss reasons. I've regreased and remounted the bearing for hopefully another 2years of service. Question: should I expect to ch
  15. My V11 had a Yuasa YTX14-BS in it when I bought her (2nd hand). This worked perfectly for 4 years (plus the time it was in there before I bought the bike) and then died. No leaks, nothing.... My bike is stored in a no-heated-non-insulated garage.... On the Ctek trickle charger once a month.
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