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  1. I got 147 mph indicated on the final straight at Nurburgring. That’s apparently 137 true, or 220kph. ish.
  2. ferguzzi


  3. No issues with Ohio, it’s just I’ve been there before! I rode across the states back in the nineties, and have rented a few bikes since then on a few short trips, so I’m childishly ticking off the states I haven’t been to yet. It’s down to 5 now, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii. Not too bothered about the last two, to be honest.
  4. Hmmm. Maybe my camera was upside down. Or I was drunk.
  5. So, trips over and I’m home in Ireland again. 7800 miles in 17 days, 23 states 2 countries. Longest day was 530 miles. The bike ate both tyres, developed a fuel leak from one of the carbs towards the end, but otherwise performed perfectly. It’s an imperfect bike, the fairing isn’t very aerodynamic, so wind turbulence and noise was a factor,so I’m going to have to reconsider a better screen (and better earplugs). It now lives in Vancouver,which I visit every year so, Oregon, Montana etc will be in it’s future sometime. Highlights were the roads in Virginia, Tennessee, the scenery in South
  6. Not bad, it’s quiet and rural, the town’s nothing special. But when I’m visiting it’s a holiday, so beers and g+t’s can cheer anything up!
  7. All good ideas, I was thinking the ice fields towards the end of the trip. I guess it’ll depend at that stage on time available. The in laws live outside Duncan. I keep a ‘65 corvair there when I’m visiting, but I wouldn’t trust it for any longer trips, like Oregon or Montana. Should be fun on a bike though!
  8. Actually, the states I mentioned are pretty much where I’m going! I’ve ridden across the US before, and covered about 30 states. So I’ve done the carolinas, Deep South, and across to California. I know Montana and Wyoming are a real treat, but I’ll concentrate on them next year hopefully, on another trip. The bike will live with my wife’s family on Vancouver island, so I have scope for lots of trips over the next few years like Oregon, Yukon ,maybe even Alaska. So this trip is really about the states that wouldn’t normally get a foreign rider excited? I mean, I’m sure Nebraska is lovely,
  9. Hey folks, I’ve managed to get 3 weeks leave in June, and I’ve bought a bike in New Hampshire and am going to ride it to Vancouver, where the in laws live. It ain’t a Guzzi. Dammit, but the griso doesn’t come with a fairing, and I know a Norge or Stelvio would make more sense, but they just don’t light my fire. So I got a pristine 1995 triumph sprint. Now, I live in Ireland, but have ridden a lot in the states, so this is kind of a bucket list of states I haven’t seen, before I cross the border, in North Dakota, to Canada. New England I’ll pretty much do in a day. I’m going to head s
  10. Oh, for the love of God! This f**king starter issue is really getting on my tits. I was planning on doing a write up on how I fixed mine, but it's still not sorted. New starter, new regulator, new fuses, new relays, wiring bypassed from the relays to various parts, all the usual bits checked for corrosion etc. It still won't start every time. Next up is to bypass the clutch and side stand cutout lines. I've fixed/ replaced everything else at this stage, so how many other things can it be???? Pissed off in Ireland....
  11. Well, it's not that I used the wrong relays, then. Weird that the fuse would blow only when I replaced them all though. Weird too that the battery is suddenly flat. It's been flat twice in 2 years with all the charging issues, so it's not inconceivable that it would die now. It just seems a bit of a coincidence!
  12. So these issues are still on going. I thought it was sorted, but it seems not. I left the bike at a good dealer, and basically gave them permission to do whatever. So wires were replaced, as was the charger/rectifier. I rode it once, no problem, left it a week, and tried to start it up, and no tacho or battery light. It started ok, but it wasn't charging obviously. So I replaced one relay(the second one), and everything works fine. That was 3 weeks ago, I've since ordered the recommended ombon(?) relays, and just fitted the them. I presume I can replace all 5 relays with the same model
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