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  1. Since my body has been exhibiting "patina" for quite a few years, I don't seem to mind it on my motorcycles....
  2. Very cool. The VanGogh museum in Amsterdam is on the infernal list of " museums I've set the alarm off" in, much to the amusement of my brother...stuck my nose too close to see the thick paint layers and set off a space alarm. The guards laughed, I was mortified. Probably can't do that anymore....
  3. My siblings and I grew up halfway down a fairly good hill in a suburban neighborhood. I sped down that hill too many times to count and somehow rarely crashed! Mom was smart enough to forbid skateboarding though. And motorbikes of any kind, though my neighbor down the street had an amazing Rupp. Dad taught my brother and I clutch control by standing a pack of cigarettes on the dash and we had to start on the hill without knocking the cigs over. My first bike came after Mom & Dad had no say in it, followed by my father's stories of riding a war surplus Indian as a young man. The speed thing isn't too much of a thing anymore, but the feedback and interaction sensations are what keeps me in the game... Anyway open roads and good runs are part of the happiness distraction for me....
  4. Mine is just like that, bought with under 25 miles on it, and the exhaust cans also have that hue (along with some boot rubber smears on the pipe leading in). When I put the VIN # in with my insurance it said "rosso" for no reason and I just took it as ID "shotgunning" or some such...
  5. +1 on "if it is stupid but it works...."
  6. I had the privilege of chatting briefly with him at Mid-Ohio's vintage racing days the year MV Agusta hosted. Also demo-ed the new F41000. My autograph melted in my tank bag during the subsequent tour. Something in the man's eyes showed an awareness and grace.
  7. I've gotten so used to seeing my bike nestled in her Baxley Sport Chock that whenever I put her on the side stand I kinda hold my breath and pray even though the stand is solid ( just checked).
  8. Kinda like having a car painted a crap color. You're not gonna look at it while you're moving...
  9. "Might as well f@&I it up myself than pay someone else to do the same...."
  10. I thought that a hammer was to be prominently displayed in workshop photos...🤔
  11. 2nd thin coat of JB Weld on the ignition switch barrel.
  12. The broken plastic on the Ebay item is worse than what I've done, but the Kawasaki clue is helpful.
  13. I'm going to add some more thin layers of the dental adhesive and sand it, then maybe add something like JB Weld to the outside of the barrel. I'm still kinda hoping to find another one somewhere...
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