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  1. I thought that a hammer was to be prominently displayed in workshop photos...🤔
  2. 2nd thin coat of JB Weld on the ignition switch barrel.
  3. The broken plastic on the Ebay item is worse than what I've done, but the Kawasaki clue is helpful.
  4. I'm going to add some more thin layers of the dental adhesive and sand it, then maybe add something like JB Weld to the outside of the barrel. I'm still kinda hoping to find another one somewhere...
  5. So I broke part of the black plastic barrel of my ignition switch. Zadi pl336. Anyone know where I can find one, or other bikes so equipped? I've taken to it with dental adhesive, but I'm pessimistic. I haven't tried to put it back together yet as I'm adding more thin layers of the adhesive and letting them dry thoroughly... I guess limits need to be pushed occasionally but more often adhered to.
  6. Yesterday I did exactly what I didn't want to happen; I cracked part of the black plastic barrel of the ignition switch. 🤯 Then I started to see if I could buy a new one: not available. The hunt for a Zadi pl336 begins...
  7. Also probably removed more things than I probably needed to see the switch bolts...
  8. Started the dreaded "startus interruptus" operation. Beginning to wish that my hands were small and strong rather than larger and usually tired. Got to the ignition switch and I'm going to replace the Phillips head bolts with hex bolts. My lock body plate is missing one of the mounting bolts and I don't know how to get there yet. Didn't try to take apart the ignition switch yet......
  9. I want to do this, but my brain fades and it all becomes "qvatch". I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.
  10. This year I've been fairly responsible; since I haven't had enough time to take any longer trips I've been able to go to the boat ramps and a certain co-op and put exclusively ethanol free gasoline in my beast and add a water dispersion additive for extra mojo.
  11. Looks cool, but if it is a shop stand, wouldn't a more conventional (Beckley chock, Pitbull or other lift) be more versatile and useful? It doesn't look like it would work on uneven surfaces out of the shop, or lift the wheel high enough for wheel work. Am I missing something here?
  12. I'd really like to demo (1)Svartpilen 401,(2)Royal Enfield 350; something smaller to just putz around on that also doesn't break the bank.
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