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  1. Something like this is what is usually used. Universal-Fork-Spring-Compressor Or this, if you have extra hands or some tiedowns.
  2. I just realized why I haven't been able to sleep lately. Is the poor sick bike still banished to the corner?
  3. Do these bikes ever have a major failure of the oil line to the heads? I would hope the braided steel line would start to leak slowly rather than just let go. Then you could fix it at home rather than on the road.
  4. What I do is push 1 piston out at a time, just past where they normally extend. I use a small brass bristle brush to clean off the junk, and use a 90 degree snap ring plier inside the pistons to turn them so they can be cleaned all the way around. Be careful not to let the pistons come out too far.
  5. If the piston is pushed in enough to cover the fluid return hole, it creates a sealed system from the master cylinder down to the calipers. As the fluid heats and expands, it has nowhere to go and starts applying the brake, which creates lots more heat. You know what happens next. The fluid needs to escape through the small return hole in the MC as it expands. Pulling on your brake lever, you were trying to compress a column of already high-pressure brake fluid. You really need a dial indicator to check the rotors, but if you ride the bike and don't feel any brake pulsing, you should b
  6. You should probably take his email address down, not good to have that out on the interweb, especially if he doesn't know.
  7. ...but easily transferable to your next. I'll suffer through having them on my bike if you need to rid yourself of them.
  8. Probably the early 4.5" wheel, a good mod. I just did it, but I painted mine.
  9. Could you use a spring with a side hook and hook it to the existing spool thingy on the arm? Or would it not clear the selector wheel?
  10. Big difference. It would be nice to see the oil light if it happened to come on.
  11. This one? http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19827
  12. Don't forget to measure the depths of the pins before removing.
  13. Pretty easy to pull the swingarm from where you are now if you can't get to the fitting.
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